Mini Hotels in St. Petersburg: General Information

Currently, many tourists are looking for an inexpensiveway of accommodation during your stay in St. Petersburg. Therefore, it is not surprising that after the celebration of the city's 300th anniversary, a real boom in the hotel business began. As soon as many businessmen realized that the city does not have enough economy-class hotels, mini-hotels began to appear at once. Now the demand for hotels, which can provide comfortable accommodation for a small fee, is great. And this serves as the opening of more and more mini-hotels. Now opened mini-hotels in St. Petersburg, business-class hotels, exclusive private hotels, the level in which exceeds even 5 hotels, this diversity helps the city's guests choose the mini-hotel that best suits their requirements and taste. The interior of mini-hotels in St. Petersburg is very diverse, you can settle in an old mansion on Nevsky Prospect or in a new-fashioned hotel. The biggest advantage that unites all - is to create, as much as possible coziness and comfort.

If you need to book a room, thenthere are several very convenient options: order by phone or on the Internet. Most mini hotels in St. Petersburg can provide 10 to 40 rooms. And therefore, when arriving at hotels, you will realize that people with the same priorities and tastes live near you as you do. It does not happen that in one mini-hotel, for example, a team of sportsmen and families with children stop. The range of services is very diverse: breakfast, use the sauna, jacuzzi, gym and even have the opportunity to play bridge. All this says that the mini hotels of St. Petersburg are oriented towards the guests with different tastes. Located mini-hotels throughout the city. They can be found not only on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, but also in the city center, close to the most famous sights. Those hotels that are located in quiet areas are most suitable for people who came to the city on the Neva River not to inspect its cultural values, but to meet with business partners. There is no official clear graduation of mini-hotels, but they can be divided into business class, standard rooms and economy class, the cost of living depends on the location and the range of services provided to holidaymakers. The mini-hotel can accommodate several types of rooms that will differ in comfort. As in all countries of the world, prices for accommodation in mini-hotels during the holiday season, vacations are higher by 30%.

Let's look at the numbers that provide mini-hotels in St. Petersburg for their guests and what is their difference.

Economy room. Usually these are inexpensive mini-hotels in St. Petersburg, which provide rooms for 2 or 4 people. Hostels offer accommodation for up to 10 people, which is convenient if you travel a large company. The rooms can offer bunk beds, a telephone at the reception and TV only one, and he is in the lobby. Perhaps, a common kitchen will be offered.

Who is suitable for such placement. Only people who are indifferent to comfort, and they only need to have a place where you can spend the night and go next morning to view the sights of the city. The presence of the kitchen in the hotels significantly saves finances - you can cook yourself. Usually prices in hotels of this class are about 300 rubles for one place.

The rooms of the standard class are among the mostrooms in the mini-hotels. There is an opportunity to live for one or three people. Rooms are equipped with everything you need. The bathroom is in the room, there is a TV and telephone. The hotel also offers breakfast. In the lobby you can access the Internet. Most of these rooms stop tourists who need minimal comfort, as well as such rooms are suitable for business travelers to relax in silence after a day's work. The cost is several times higher than in economy class hotels - about 1800 rubles per person per day.

But business class numbers are strikingly differentfrom the above listed numbers. They are offered mini-hotels with increased comfort. The most exquisite guests of St. Petersburg can stay in the rooms. Beautiful furniture, spacious rooms, a TV and, naturally, there is an access to the room in the room to the telephone and the Internet. Air conditioning in the room is common for rooms of this type. The price for accommodation of one person from 3000 rubles. Reviews about mini hotels in St. Petersburg are available on each site of the hotel.

Consider a few popular mini hotels.

Mini-Hotel Allyria

In the heart of the city is a mini-hotelAllure. Only 15 minutes walk from the metro station. Ploschad Vosstaniya and Nevsky Prospekt. The total number of standard rooms is 16. Each room is presented in classic style and light tone. The room features all the amenities. The price includes breakfast. The price of the room is 400 rubles. per day. This is an economy-class hotel, the only negative is that the staff is not very friendly.

Hotel Ermitage

This is a small hotel, nevertheless, refers toclass business class. On the ground floor there is a comfortable lounge, a fireplace and a study. The rooms are equipped according to the latest fashion squeak. Very cozy and comfortable. Everything is there to feel at home. The only downside is the availability of only 4 rooms, which you must book immediately and all. That is, the hotel is designed primarily for a small family. As for pricing policy - the cost is 5300 rubles. per day.

Mini-hotel Alexander House

Each room is made in an individual style. This is a business class hotel. A total of 16 rooms. Every room is a pleasure. Here everything is for maximum comfort. The hotel is located 15 minutes from m. Sadovaya. The only negative - this is a fairly large price of the room - 7000r.

Graffiti Hostel

This is an economy hotel. There are 156 rooms in total. Located in the city center. Bathrooms are on each floor. Shower cabins - on the first floor. Yes, it is not very convenient, but the price is 350 rubles.

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