Modern architecture in Russia and Europe

Let's talk about architecture. The first thing that surprises in Lithuania or Poland is the modern architecture. It is for the most part quite high-quality, very organically coexists with historical buildings and does not argue with it. In Russia, good architecture is a rare event. It is necessary to search. And if in Moscow or St. Petersburg there are some good projects, then in the regions there is absolutely longing. And the Kaliningrad region is no exception.
Modern Russian architecture has several distinctive features.
Attempt to stylize. This is generally our big trouble. In Russia, they believe that if historical buildings from around the 19th century are around, then new buildings must be built in a similar style. But since no one knows how to build in this style, various monsters appear. This approach is wrong. Architecture is not just a building box with a certain style of decor. Architecture, like any other art, reflects the cultural features of our time, technology, events taking place.Gothic, modern or constructivism did not appear for a reason, they appeared as a reaction to a specific time, to concrete events taking place in the society of that time. When someone tries to build today with reference to the past, most likely it turns out absurd and indifferent crap.
Fear of materials and colors. In Russia, they are very afraid to do, for example, black buildings. For some reason people associate black with the crematorium. Although black buildings look beautiful and stylish. In addition, we, for example, rarely use rusty metal and other unusual materials. They also cause negative associations in people.
Inattention to detail. It used to be the architect designed not only the house, but even the door handles, as every detail in the building matters. In modern Russian architecture, attention to detail has been completely lost. What are the door handles? We don’t even think about doors and windows. It's scary to get close to the building.
Let's look at the provincial architecture of Lithuania and Poland and compare it all with the Kaliningrad region.
01. The center of Lithuanian Kaunas ... It is a black house, no one bothers.

02. At the same time it stands right in the center of the old city, among historical buildings.And in my opinion, it looks very organic.

03. In Lithuania, in general, black houses are often built. How do you like it?

04. This is the Lithuanian resort of Palanga. They built a lot of housing here, and everything is pretty stylish.


06. Restaurant on the pedestrian street (by the way, not bad).

07. The most simple housing.

08. It seems to be simple, but pay attention to the details and materials. The building does not look the way it would have turned out with us.

09. Residential house

10. I would not make the egg glossy. It would be good to use wood here, it would be quite cool.


12. And this is Gdansk. As you know, after the war they restored what could be restored. And what can not be built again. Nobody tried to make parodies of the old architecture, instead they made modern buildings. And they look good. How do you like it?

13. Or here.

14. New housing. Of course, there are references to historical heritage. But it is rather a tribute to the existing buildings, and not an attempt to copy it.

15. New and old architecture.

16. These are the houses now being built by the Poles in Gdansk.

17. Details

18. Ground floors. Everything is done very well.


20. Residential buildings

21. Hotel

22. And this is again the Lithuanian Kaunas. Here the old barracks were reconstructed, turned into housing.

23. Looks great.

24We would have demolished all this and slapped multi-storey anthills, and then carefully updated, retaining the facades and replacing the stuffing.

25. Kindergarten of concrete. We would be scared.


27. Details! How nice to approach such a building and view it! Every little thing is thought out.

28. This is Sovetsk, Kaliningrad region. As usual, the ugliest building at Sberbank.

29. In each city, Sberbank is building an incredibly ugly building.

30. The general level of modern buildings is approximately the same.

31. Attempts to make parodies of German buildings.

32. What is this horror?

33. How did we come to this?


35. Kaliningrad

36. And any other city of Russia.

Someday all this will be demolished.

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