Motobloki "Favorite": characteristics, reviews of owners

In recent years, machinery that can solve many problems in the public sector, agriculture and transportation are in special demand. These machines are capable of aggregating with a great variety of attachments. In this article we will look at the Favorite tillers, examine their features, parameters and models.

General information about the manufacturer

To begin with, these multifunctional devices are manufactured by one of the oldest enterprises in Russia. Each modern Favorit tiller block (ZiD) leaves the assembly line of the Degtyarev plant, which was founded during the First World War.

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The company specializes in the production of military equipment, but there are also civilian equipment in its product range, which also includes motorized units. But, as it is easy to guess, the military specialization of the plant clearly provides a guarantee thatthat all products without exception will be of the highest quality.

Brief description of the mechanism

Motoblock "Favorite" MB is built on the classical layout scheme. The main elements of the machine are:

  • Gear type gearbox.
  • Transmission.
  • Belting.
  • Engine with a horizontal crankshaft.
  • Pulley power takeoff, which is separate from the gearbox.

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We also note that the pulleys of the available belt drive can be turned over if necessary, that is, one of the drive belts can be fully rotated 180 degrees. The gearbox housing is equipped with a gear shift knob. The remaining elements of the control system are equipped with a cable drive. To ensure that all Favorit tillers are stable during parking, they are equipped with a special folding stand.

Special features

The wheel of the car without special difficulties is regulated in the horizontal direction by the angle of rotation, as well as by the height. Special handles, damping vibration, significantly reduce the extremely negative impact of vibrations on the hands of the operator, which ultimately facilitates his work. In this case, the handles are made of high-strength plastic that protects a person from injury during operation.In addition to all of the above, the Favorit tillers have excellent balancing to guarantee optimal maneuverability and stability during the operation of the machine.

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Standard assembly of the unit provides for the presence of basic cutters, allowing to handle various types of soil. Each tiller has pneumatic tires that provide clearance of 150 millimeters. These tires improve the overall functionality of the car during its ride. "Favorite" is able to change the width of a one-time tillage, which in turn provides an excellent opportunity to use the device in areas of various sizes and shapes.

Outer coating

Painting of the motoblock is made using a special technology, which involves the use of a special powder dye that can reliably adhere to the treated surface. Due to this, the appearance of the unit over a long period of time is maintained without significant changes.

Auxiliary equipment

The Favorit motor-block, reviews of which are often always positive, is able to interact with the following types of attachments:

  • Special lugs.They are used to work on heavy soils and virgin soil.
  • Milling hiller. It is mounted in place of the side mills. The device is used for processing row crops. After cultivation, the soil becomes the most suitable for planting a variety of crops.
  • Double row hiller. It guarantees high-quality and very fast processing of light soil. The device is subject to adjustment taking into account what type of soil will be processed, and also depending on the parameters of the motoblock.
  • Single row hiller. With its help light ground is cultivated. The unit is mounted using a hitch. The depth of the possible processing is about 250 millimeters.
  • Hinged potato digger. It helps to extract a variety of roots from the ground.
  • Digger It is used on all types of soil. The device is configured depending on the wishes of the user.

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  • Plow. It is used for processing different types of light and medium soil types.
  • Rotary mowers. They have different processing widths and a performance indicator (on average, it is equal to 0.18 ha / hour).
  • Carts with an armchair whose carrying capacity is no more than 500 kilograms.
  • Dump for leveling the soil and clearing snow. The ejection range of snow mass is about 5 meters, and the width of the capture is 560 millimeters.
  • Adapter with seat. It enables the operator not to go near the machine while it is working, but to ride on it. This is very convenient in cases where the walk-behind tractor is used with a trailer that allows you to carry not too large loads.

It is worth noting that spare parts for the Favorit motoblock are purchased without problems and as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that they are sold in our country in large quantities and at an affordable price.

Features running

The described tillers themselves are very reliable and durable, but require proper operation. Running in is done in the first few hours of using the machine and is done for the purpose of maximum lapping and running-in of all units of the unit. In this regard, marginal momentum is strongly discouraged during this period.

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Initially, the run-in begins with a visual inspection of the motoblock. If no flaws are identified, then you can start the engine. He should idle for about 30 minutes.After that, it is allowed to slightly increase the speed and work on all available programs, analyze all the nuances and identify potential problems.

Run-in is performed within 30–50% of the capacity of the tillers. For example, cultivation is carried out at a depth of 100 mm, and cargoes are transported weighing no more than 200 kilograms. In general, running in takes at least 20 hours. After that, be sure to change the oil.

Overview of the main models

Characteristics of the Favorit motor-block depend directly on its modification. It is important to note that this brand has one of the widest lines. All models differ among themselves by engines and separately taken parameters. For example, a walk-behind tractor equipped with a Robin-Subaru EX17 motor is ideal for working on land plots of medium size. Impressive weight of the unit allows him to easily drive through the long plowed plot. This “Favorite” can be used with all additional types of equipment. Among its main characteristics are:

  • The length is 0.925 meters.
  • Width - 0.66 meters.
  • Height - 0.94 meters.
  • Weight - 73 kilograms.
  • Load capacity indicator - 400 kg.
  • The maximum possible speed is 11 km / h.
  • Cultivation depth - 250 mm.
  • Motor - gasoline, four-stroke, air-cooled and up to 5,000 hours of service life.
  • Tank capacity - 3.6 liters.
  • Fuel consumption - 1.1 liters per hour.

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The motor-block with the Robin-Subaru EX21D motor

The machine is designed for the cultivation of large areas, including virgin. There are two speeds available - forward and one back, which provides good maneuverability. The parameters are as follows:

  • Length - 0.925 m.
  • Width - 0.66 m.
  • Height - 0.94 m.
  • Weight - 74 kg.
  • Engine capacity - 169 cu. cm.
  • Power - 7 liters. from.
  • The number of cylinders - 1 pc.
  • Gasoline consumption - 1.4 liters per hour.

Motoblock with engine B & S Vanguard 6.0

This is an entry-level machine with a very reliable power plant. In the presence of a system called Oil-Guard, which turns off the engine with a low level of oil in the crankcase. Also increased muffler. The linear dimensions of the motoblock are identical to the above models, but the volume of the motor is already 198 cubic meters. cm, which allows you to generate power of 6 horsepower.

The motor-block with the ZID 173F motor

This device belongs to the budget series, which is completed with a diesel power plant. The machine consumes very little fuel and is capable of working in medium areas, plowing the ground to a depth of 250 mm. Engine capacity is 284 cu. cm, and fuel consumption - 1 liter per hour.

User Opinion

Consider what is good, and what is not very Favorite walker. Reviews of the owners generally signal to the potential buyer that this equipment is very reliable, ergonomic, economical, unpretentious to maintain and does not require large investments for repairs.

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However, at the same time, the owners of the car noted that some models have a low engine fit and, accordingly, a low suction air inlet, which leads to abundant suction of dust.


As practice has shown, in the overwhelming majority of Favorit tillers excellently showed themselves in practice and perfectly match their price. These machines are able to serve their owner for a long time, clearly performing their functions. The user is only required to periodically carry out a minimum set of maintenance measures.

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