Muslim holidays in 2018: calendar

When it came from the season. In each of the 12 months of the Muslim calendar, an average of 29 days. However, since the beginning of the month, it has been the case. In total, it is 11 hours shorter than the sun. It is why every year the calendar shifts by 11

Quran and rosary

Holidays 2018 of the Muslim world

In total, the Muslim calendar has 36 holidays. The Islamic World.

The main distinguishing feature of the calendar is that of the other religions. Muhammad forbid his followers to celebrate the events of other faiths.

In february

  • February 19 - Suffering of Fatima.

Fatima is the youngest daughter of the Prophet Mohammed. For Muslims, it is an example of good moral moral qualities. Died a few months after the death of her father. Believers consider the death of their memory.

In March

Several events are celebrated in the first month of spring.

In some countries, called Nooruz, Navry. It marks the renewal of life. Accepted prepares for it in advance, for 2 weeks. Believers germinate wheat and lentils, which later decorate the festive table. Be sure to clean up the house. There is a belief that in Navruz Allah forgives sins and debts.

Muslim mosque

  • March 22 - Night Ragaib.
  • March 25 - Hijra to Ethiopia.
  • March 31 - the birthday of Imam Ali.

In april

  • April 14 - Isra and Miraj.

It is a mosque located in the Mosque of Heaven (Miraj).

  • May 1 - Night Baraat.

Bellavers are sure to be able to make peace.

  • May 2 is the birthday of Imam Mahdi.
  • May 17 - the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan (in some countries they call Orozo, Ramazan) is the most respected post in Islamic culture. Duration - a month. At this time, believers are forbidden to eat. It is important for you to continue.

Pilgrimage, Umrah.

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In June

  • June 2 - Battle of Badr.
  • June 5 - Fatah Mecca Day.
  • June 6 - Imam Ali Suffering.
  • June 9th is the Night of Power and Predestination.

Another big religious holiday. The Quran were sent down to the Prophet Mohammed.

  • June 15 - Ramadan.

Different Muslim countries call the event differently - Uraza Bayram, Ramadan Bayram or Orozo Ayt. It is a distant meeting table.

  • June 15 - Battle of the Moat.
  • June 17th - Battle of Uhud.
  • June 24 - Battle of the Hunane.

In july

  • July 9 - The suffering of Imam Jafar.
  • July 15 - Treaty of Khudaybiya.


In August

  • August 13 - the beginning of the month Zul Hija.
  • August 21 - Day Arafat.

Marks the Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise. Believers are 100 times after death.

  • August 22 - the feast of the sacrifice.

It marks the end of the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). In some countries they call Kurban Bayram, in others (for example, in Kyrgyzstan) - Kurman Ait. It is a table and bring lamb as a sacrifice. It is divided into 3 parts.

  • August 23 - At-Tashrik.
  • August 30 - Gadir Hum.

In september

  • September 5 - Eid al-Mubahil.
  • September 11 - New Year Hijra.

It is from this day that the Lunar calendar starts counting. It is also the case of the European and Western. No peace, no peace, no peace, no peace, no peace, no peace, no peace.

Hijra new year

  • September 17 - trekking on Khybar.
  • September 19 - Tashua Imam Hussein.
  • September 20 is the day of the Messengers of Allah.

The first man on earth. But for believers, it’s not a festive event, but it’s a public spirit.

In October

  • October 11 - the beginning of the month Safar.
  • October 30 - Arbain.

In November

  • November 5 - Night Hijri.
  • November 7 - The Day of the Prophet
  • November 20 - the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed.

In most Muslim countries, this date is the official holiday. The event is celebrated on a large scale.

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