Natural blood thinning products

There may be several reasons for blockage of blood vessels. One of them is the tendency to thrombosis, which is associated with increased blood clotting. If you know that you have such a problem, you should definitely use blood thinning products: lemon, cherry, onion, garlic, etc. Too thick blood, characterized by increased viscosity, tends to form clots that can clog the blood vessels and lead to thrombosis.blood thinning products

Natural medicine

Blood thinning products have long been known. Many herbs, willow bark, chestnut, sweet clover, birch, and onions are real natural medicines. Some plants contain coumarin, which prevents rapid blood clotting. An example is black currant. It must be included in the diet of people who have had a heart attack or suffering from varicose veins. In addition to the fact that you need to know blood thinning products, you should pay attention to the fact that there are opposites that contribute to blood clotting. These are cilantro, basil, nettle and others.Be sure to eat foods that include unsaturated fatty acids (seafood, fish). Eat baked potatoes and rice more often. Lemon juice is very useful for blood, as well as unsalted tomato, rich in potassium and magnesium.blood thinners


Has the property of blood thinning alcohol. It reduces the adhesion of blood platelets in half. Therefore, to drink some wine during lunch is really useful, because the risk of deposition of harmful fats on the walls of blood vessels is significantly reduced. In addition, alcohol lowers the level of fibrinogen, which triggers the formation of blood clots, and increases the level of tissue plasminogen activator, which facilitates the dissolution of such clots. Useful in this aspect is the ability of alcohol to expand the diameter of the arteries.


Listing products for blood thinning, it is also worthwhile to dwell on the fact that water in large quantities is also very useful if it can get into the cell. Liquid helps reduce the risk of blood clots. Best of all, if it is simple clean water or decoctions of herbs (chamomile, St. John's wort, succession), you can also drink juices and compotes.But soda, strong coffee and tea is better to drink at a minimum. Olive oil has a beneficial effect on the human bloodstream by thinning the blood.blood thinning products during pregnancy


It is known that blood coagulability is as high as possible in the morning. With elevated cholesterol or the tendency to clumping of erythrocytes into lumps, the likelihood of a blood clot increases. At the same time, morning is the period of the day when the body's sensitivity to aspirin is also maximal. This drug, like natural products that thin the blood, is very important in the prevention of thrombosis. Therefore, cores and it is recommended to take it in the morning.

Blood thinners during pregnancy

It is necessary to use only the safest for the health of the child.

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