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We recently bought a small house with a plot in a holiday village near the Resurrection. The village itself is quiet, the neighbors are good. The only negative is a bad road to summer houses, we want to make it together. Tell me where it is better to buy crushed stone and which one to choose?
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Answered on May 16 17:03
In general, there are several types of rubble, you need to choose based on the type of soil and relief of the site. Granite rubble has proven itself very well, which gives the road surface an anti-slip effect, but it costs more than other species.
Answered on May 16 17:07
Maybe you are not in a hurry to make your own way? Contact the leadership of the village, they may be able to allocate money for the road. Although, as practice shows, no one wants to do this.
Answered on May 16, 17:13
My company is engaged in the construction of small houses, now I am looking for a company that sells and delivers building materials. It is very important for me that the delivery time is respected, the product is of high quality and there are permits.I found a company where you can buy rubble in Voskresensk. Look at the prices, maybe they will suit you.
Answered on September 29, 16:19
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