New items in our garden: sumah.

What kind of plant is this - Sumy deer andwhy is it so called? This plant is a decorative tree or shrub about five meters high, which is difficult to meet in our region.Sumy deerThe shape of its crown is round, with stiff, thickbranches, covered, in addition to leaves, an unusual abundance of "woolen" brown or reddish brown. In appearance, lies the secret of the name of the tree - its branches, especially in autumn, when they are devoid of foliage, are very similar to the horns of a deer, so the sumac is fluffy and has such a strange name. Especially it attracts attention in the autumn, when the green foliage turns into orange. In the spring buds swell, the branches of the tree begin to acquire a pinkish hue, and at the beginning of summer the entire crown of the sumac is covered with saturated green leaves, which suddenly become orange, yellow and red in the fall. Female individuals of this plant also blossom. Towards the end of the summer on the tree appear brushes of its fruits, covered with red fluff, which can be observed for quite some time. However, the fruits of the plant are cones - you should not taste, as they are, alas, poisonous, although very attractive to us. Therefore, even if you took them in hand, it is better not to forget the handles after this meeting to wash.

sumac fluffyAlso this plant is called still vinegartree. Why? According to the history, the Sumy deer was brought from North America, where the Indians determined one of its curious properties: from its fruits, they extracted a seasoning, to taste and specificity reminiscent of vinegar, as in this representative of the flora there are tanning tannins that give a sour smack of sour taste.

Sumy tree is used in landscape design,grows well in small gardens and tubs. What is especially nice, is that it is frost-resistant, to the soil is not very demanding. Cropping it is not recommended, because as a result, additional offspring may appear.

But what else is useful Sumy deer? As we have already mentioned, it is appreciated thanks to the content of tannins, which are necessary for the treatment of the skin.tree sumacIt is worth mentioning separately that the content of thisthe substance in it is quite high, accordingly, sumac is in demand in the technical sphere. From this plant make dyes for silk fabrics, wax from fruit is used to make a valuable varnish. From wood sumac it is good to make decorative articles of various kinds. Why from this wood? First, it is dense, and secondly, multi-colored - can be both yellow and orange. Also sumac is a possessor of another interesting substance - tartaric acid, used, respectively, in winemaking.

If you decide to purchase for yoursuburban area such a "horned" plant, then, of course, you will be interested in its price. Despite the fact that the plant is decorative and unusual for our edges, you can safely order it in specialized stores. And after that you will become a happy owner of an exotic bright tree.

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New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah New items in our garden: sumah