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Biography of Olga Golodets

Olga Yuryevna Golodets - Deputy Chairman of the Government (until May 2018, she was responsible for social issues, was responsible for implementing decisions in the areas of health, education, pensions, labor, health insurance, demography, science, culture. Since May 2018, she is responsible for culture and sports ). Previously, she held the posts of vice mayor of the capital of Russia, deputy general director of Norilsk Nickel, deputy governor of the Taimyr Autonomous Region, head of the Insurance Company Consent.
Golodets Olga YuryevnaGolodets Olga Yuryevna
According to Ekho Moskvy station, in the list of the most influential ladies of Russia, in 2015 she took the 3rd place, behind only the chairman of the SovFed Valentina Matvienko and the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina.
Being the author of about three dozen scientific studies, the Deputy Prime Minister deserved a high assessment of her professional work in the field of personnel management among colleagues, representatives of academic, business, public and political circles.She was the laureate of the “Aristos” award, was among the best members of the Russian Association of Managers, and was honored with other industry awards. She was one of the initiators of a large-scale campaign to combat the state with alcoholism and smoking.
Olga Golodets is one of the most influential women politicians in RussiaOlga Golodets is one of the most influential women politicians in Russia
She is considered an excellent performer, always doing an excellent job with her tasks, surprisingly energetic and goal-oriented. However, it is noted that she, ostensibly, is an overly firm and strict manager who views subordinates as a faceless category, a kind of tool with which you can achieve results with maximum efficiency. It is absolutely uncomfortable to work under her authority.

Childhood and family of Olga Golodets

Olga Golodets was born in Moscow on June 1, 1962, and became the first-born son in the family of a teacher at the Institute of National Economy. G. Plekhanov Yury Solomonovich and the head of the restaurant "Cheryomushki" near the Profsoyuznaya metro station Valentina Grigorievna. Her father's brother, Adamas, was also a public figure, was a famous football player and coach of the Dynamo football club.After 7 years, in 1969, she had a younger sister, Tatiana, who later became the vice-president of the Bank of Moscow.
Olga Golodets as a childOlga Golodets as a child
At school, Olya studied with dignity, was an excellent student, so she could immediately enter economics at Moscow State University immediately after graduation. Her performance at the university was also high.

Career in business

In 1984, Olga graduated with honors and became a certified specialist in the field of population economics. Then for about 10 years she studied various fields of economics and in 1990 she graduated from the postgraduate school at the Research Institute of Labor of the USSR. Her dissertation was devoted to the efficiency of labor in production on the example of the KAMAZ plant. After successful defense, the woman received her PhD in economics.
Olga Golodets studied economicsOlga Golodets studied economics
In 1997, she became director of the social programs of the Reformolgol Foundation, which was called upon to resolve issues related to the employment of miners who lost their jobs after the closure of mines, reorientation, and organizing new jobs for them. Before being a “desk worker,”the woman actively traveled to the mining towns, talked to ordinary workers and management, met with the head of the Kemerovo region, Aman Tuleyev, trying to thoroughly delve into every detail.
In 1999, the foundation was liquidated, and Olga Yuryevna was hired as the head of human resources and social policy at Norilsk Nickel, headed at that time by Alexander Khloponin. After his appointment as head of the Taimyr Autonomous Okrug in 2001, Golodets worked as his deputy for about a year.
Then she returned from the official’s chair to Norilsk Nickel, but already to the post of overseeing human resources issues, Deputy Prokhorov, the new CEO. She was his “right hand” until they left the company in 2008.
Olga Golodets was Mikhail Prokhorov’s right handOlga Golodets was Mikhail Prokhorov’s right hand
Later, Golodets became the executive head of the ONEXIM group and remained in charge of managing the Norilsk Nickel pension fund. Moreover, according to the accepted conditions in this non-governmental organization, she and her other managers had the right to lifetime pension contributions each month in the amount of 200,000 rubles.In addition, she headed the collective management of the insurance company “Consent”, until 2010 she was a member of the board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP), as well as the head of the Association of Precious Metals and Nickel Producers.

Political activity

At the end of 2010, thanks to the influence of Prokhorov, his “right hand” became deputy mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin and was responsible for the “social sphere”. Chairman of the Moscow Duma, Vladimir Platonov, called her an energetic and productive professional, with whom it was interesting to work.
Vice Prime Minister Olga Golodets about pensions in 2015
The income of the official in 2010 was about 57 million rubles, which made her the leader among the most wealthy women civil servants in the executive office of Moscow. In addition, according to published data, she owned real estate abroad. But the next year, she declared a five-fold decrease in income, namely, a little more than 11 million rubles.
Olga Golodets, Vladimir Putin and Sergey Sobyanin at schoolOlga Golodets, Vladimir Putin and Sergey Sobyanin at school
In the spring of 2012, a successful civil servant took a higher position — she received the vice-premier's portfolio.Her area of ​​responsibility was a wide range of key social issues. She led the implementation of measures to ensure the reliability of the pension system, the protection of orphans, the reorganization of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the introduction of high-tech medical equipment, labor issues and so on. In 2013, she became the head of the advisory body “The Council on the Russian Language”, and a year later she created the Internet resource “Education in Russian”.
Olga Golodets on the rejection of the funded part of the pension
In 2014, the deputy chairman earned 14.9 million rubles. She still enjoys one and is the owner of two apartments (114 and 155 "squares") in Russia, a house in Italy and part of a summer residence (1/2) in Switzerland, whose areas in square meters are 250 and 220, respectively.
In the spring of 2016, Olga Golodets announced that the government did not intend to raise the retirement age of Russian citizens in the near future. The politician also oversaw the United State Exam for high school graduates.

Olga Golodets's personal life

While studying at Moscow State University, Olga met her future husband, Mrdulyashey Pavel Brunovich.He is the head of the Center for Training at the Ministry of Economic Development, a graduate of Moscow State University, a mathematician, one of the country's best igrotechnists, specialists in the field of mathematical modeling, held various senior positions in Commercial Banks (Imperial, International Financial Club). In 2003, the couple divorced.
Olga Golodets was married to Mrdulyashem Pavel BrunovichOlga Golodets was married to Mrdulyashem Pavel Brunovich
The couple raised two twin daughters, Anna and Tatiana, born January 2, 1986. Anna deals with Oriental and African studies. Like her parents, she graduated from Moscow State University. It is known that the girl was a member of the protest "belolentochnogo movement" for fair elections and was a supporter of opposition views.
Tatiana is also a graduate of Moscow State University, but she is a faculty of management She is a lawyer, lives permanently in Geneva and shares the views of Ani on the existing regime. Tatyana is the founder of LLC MFK-Capital.
Olga Golodets has two daughtersOlga Golodets has two daughters
Olga Golodets likes to spend time with her three grandchildren, she likes ballet and opera. Despite being busy, the vice-premier pays attention to sports - prefers swimming, swimming in the hole, tennis, attending classes in choreographic art. In the new government, formed in May 2018, Olga Golodets retained the post of deputy prime minister. From this point on, the official is responsible for matters of culture and sports.

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