Olga Kabo: interesting facts from the life of a beautiful woman

In the career of actors there are ups and downs. As a rule, the emergence of new interesting projects provoke some external events. Olga Kabo, a beautiful Russian actress, at the same time found family happiness, gave birth to a son and successfully performed in a literary and musical performance with her colleague Nina Shatskaya. So, luck touched all aspects of her life, although she had been waiting for her for quite some time.

In the theater of the Moscow Soviet Cabo plays the role of beauties and adventurers. The audience enthusiastically greets the beloved actress who is good in both classical plays and avant-garde productions. Olga continues to be shot and pleases fans with participation in iconic films. The only thing she categorically refuses from now is dangerous stunts, although the actress is in the Stuntmen Association of Russia. Husband and two children against the risk on the set, because Olga - the center of their family.

Children and youth

Children and youth

Olga Cabo was born in Moscow on January 28, 1968.Her grandfather held a key position in the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Ukraine and in 1937 was repressed. His future wife he met on Kolyma. After rehabilitation, the couple arrived in Moscow, where their son Igor, the father of Olga Kabo was born.

She and her mother chose the profession of an engineer, but from childhood they developed a daughter's ability to dance and music. The girl was very slim and flexible, so at school she was selected into a group of rhythmic gymnastics and a class of ballroom dancing.

In her graduation classes, Olga worked in the theatrical circle of the Moscow Palace of Pioneers, which became a springboard for admission to VGIK. However, at first she transferred to a school with a theatrical bias at the school named after Shchukin and graduated from it.

In VGIK, she went immediately, choosing this educational institution, because in it teachers did not interfere with the participation of students in the filming. The future actress had many similar offers.

The beginning of a creative way

The beginning of a creative way

As a student of the school at the Shchukin School, she appeared in an episode of the film “Anna Pavlova” about a famous Russian ballerina. After another pair of secondary roles, Olga played a romantic heroine in the movie "A Million in a Wedding Basket", where her partners were Alexander Shirvindt and Sofiko Chiaureli.

The film was shot at the Odessa Film Studio in just 17 days, the film was directed by Vsevolod Shilovsky.The atmosphere at the site was festive and filled with jokes of famous actors. After this work, Olga finally confirmed in the thought that she was right about her choice of profession.

Studying at VGIK in the workshop of Irina Skobtseva and Sergey Bondarchuk, she was constantly shot. The directors mainly relied on the spectacular appearance of the actress, but she introduced personality and depth into each role.

Famous movie roles

Cabo glorified roles in the historical paintings “Knight's Castle”, “Queen Margot”, “The Adventures of Quentin Dorward” and “Two Arrows”, where Olga played the beloved main characters. The audience wanted to see the actress in romantic roles and gorgeous dresses that were to her face. Olga gladly went along this path, thanks to which her most notable works in cinema appeared.

During the shooting of the movie “Crusader”, the actress herself performed all the dangerous numbers and was injured when she fell off a motorcycle. Alexander Inshakov, President of the Association of Stuntmen of Russia, who also participated in the work on the film, highly appreciated the physical training of the young actress. At the end of filming, he included it in the lists of members of the Association.

Olga Kabo is often invited to films based on fairy tales. It is precisely created for the roles of fairies and good sorceresses. Together with her daughter, she played in the movie "Thumbelina", which received praise from critics and several awards.

Loud theatrical works

Loud theatrical works

Work in the theater is important for the actress. She likes to feel the response of the audience and cause them to laugh or tense expectation of an outcome of the action. Sometimes she improvises slightly to show her role in a new key.

After graduating from VGIK, she settled in two theaters at once: the Soviet army and the Modern Opera. She immediately got the main roles in them and combined rehearsals with the shooting. Among the most famous works of Nina in "Masquerade", Desdemona in "Othello" and Beatrice in "A lot of noise from nothing."

Since 2002, Olga joined the troupe of the Mossovet Theater. Her Marquis de Mertey in “Dangerous Liaisons” sparked heated discussions due to outright outfits. In the first season, getting tickets for the performance was almost impossible.

At the Moscow Independent Theater, Cabo appeared in the role of Margarita staged in The Master and Margarita. With this performance, actors often tour in Russia and abroad.

Recognition and rewards

  1. In 2002, Olga Kabo was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.
  2. In 1991, the actress was awarded the Prize of journalists at the Seoul Film Festival for his role in the movie "Nutty".
  3. In 1992, at the Women's World Film Festival in Naberezhnye Chelny, Cabo was awarded the Prize for the best female role in the movie “It's Not Afraid to Die.”
  4. In 1997 she received the First Prize of the Moscow Theater Festival named after I.M. Smoktunovsky for the role of Vera Filippovna in the play “Heart is not a stone”.

In the winter of 2018, on the stage of the House of Cinema, the actress solemnly celebrated a half-century anniversary in the circle of her relatives and colleagues. Not only compliments and praises were spoken to her, but songs and concert performances were performed in her honor.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Olga has good vocal abilities. During performances and creative meetings, she often performs songs. In the play “I was looking for you ...” she sings romances written on poems by Marina Tsvetaeva. Soon the actress will release the first music album, which includes songs to the music of M. Dunaevsky, D. Kharatyan and other famous authors.

She played the role of Conchita in the performance “Juno and Avos” in Seoul in Korean. Olga learned the role in transcription and pronounced it very purely, which caused delight from local theater-goers.

In the early 90s, when films in Russia were produced a little, Cabo went to the USA.There she played in two films: "Running on Ice" and "The Funeral of Rats." In the last tape she played the role of the villain. She also starred in Poland and South Korea. The actress noted a high level of filming abroad, but did not continue to cooperate with foreign directors.

In 2007, the actress got on the ice in the show "Ice Age" in conjunction with figure skater Maxim Marinin. Unfortunately, due to injury, she quickly dropped out of the fight.

Personal life, family, children

Personal life, family, children

The beauty of Olga and her demand in the theater and cinema confused the fans and did not allow them to take the decisive step - to offer the girl a hand and heart. Kabo married at 29 years old. The brave man turned out to be a businessman Edward Vasilishin, who provided his wife with a stable and secure life.

He was opposed to the further development of her career, and for several years Olga was engaged in home and raised a child. Daughter Tatiana was born to a couple in 1998. For a long time Olga could not be in the “golden cage”. She returned to work in the theater, despite her husband's opposition. Soon they divorced.

For the second time Cabo entered into marriage in 2009. Her chosen one again became a man of no creative profession - entrepreneur Nikolay Razgulyaev. He fell in love with an actress at first sight, met by chance on the street.This was followed by a trip to Rome, and during the long romantic holidays Nikolay confessed to Olga in his feelings.

The wedding was played in two weeks, as both realized that they could become one family. In 2012, the couple had a heir, son Victor. Kabo considers him an ideal child: kind, caring and cheerful.

Olga’s daughter Tatyana did not immediately accept her stepfather, they had disagreements. Now the girl is quite adult. She did not connect her life with ballet, although for many years she studied it. Now she is looking for herself and, perhaps, will soon take part in the shooting of the film. As a child, she performed the role of Thumbelina in the picture of Andersen's fairy tale.

Olga Kabo now - the latest news

Unlike the first spouse, Nikolay Razgulyaev is not against his wife's creative experiments. He is proud of her and always becomes the first audience of new programs and roles.

At the moment, with a colleague and friend Nina Shatskaya Kabo, she is finalizing the preparation of the second joint play “The Fifth Season ... Love”. It can be seen this fall in Moscow in the Great Concert Hall. It will feature romances and poems by Pushkin, Yesenin, Pasternak and other legendary poets. The actresses will go on a journey through the past epochs and read to the audience the touching essays about love.

Olga Cabo does not stop working in the theater of the Moscow City Council. She is engaged in the performances of “Moral of Mrs. Dulskaya”, “Dangerous Liaisons” and “Silver Age”. Some productions go on stage not one year, but still popular with the public. She puts photos from tours and performances on Instagram, where she has several hundred thousand subscribers.


The actress plays a lot in the theater, but has time to devote enough time and family. She travels with her husband and son and teaches Victor to ride a horse. This is her old passion, thanks to which she won roles in historical films.

For example, Yungvald-Khilkevich in Musketeers 20 years later. As her colleague, actress Alena Yakovleva, noted, Olga is a family man and it is natural for her to be married. It seems that Cabo has found a man, next to whom she may feel weak and put some of his worries on his shoulders. For a person of the creative profession it is very important.

The actress continues to embody ideas about new programs and rehearses roles in the theater. She is completely immersed in the profession, because now she has a strong family, ready to support in any situation and admire a youthful and talented mother andwife With such helpers any vertices are surmountable.

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