Once at school

Please post my letter. I have been reading you for a long time, all the letters that you publish too. Now I really need to look at everything that happened from the side, the topic is painful for me. My daughter is in 6th grade. Once, last year, I drove her to school and saw her classmates smoking and cursing. I called my daughter loudly and we left. The girls noticed me. In the evening I called the parents of one girl. So, I did it in vain.
I was brought up: do not be indifferent, help if the problem. So I decided to help - to warn parents that their child is poisoning themselves. First, this girl is almost an excellent student. In the eyes of her mother, she is close to the ideal.
My girl was never an excellent student, although she studied very well then. My girl is tall, slim, thin, but with very poor eyesight - lenses, glasses.
So, the mother of this classmate told me that all this is a lie, her Masha does not smoke, and I envy her pupil with a ripe figure with excellent eyesight. I disconnected and spat, it's a shame, of course, but I don’t want to admit the reality - no.
And then the nightmare began.My daughter began to poison in school. They kick her in the back, they laugh at her and call her blind hen. I learned this far from immediately. She just somehow went out, began to study without enthusiasm, began to shirk from school activities every time. Husband went to school to find out what is happening and just saw how they mocked the girl.
We tried to talk to the teachers, so they told us: Did? Is it really?
They did not notice anything like it. Yes, yes, of course, they will take action, but you need to work with your girl, she is not like everyone else, and children do not like it.
After these very measures it became even worse. Here's what to do, just do not know. There is a chance that if it is transferred to another school, the persecution will not reach for it? Maybe talk to each girl separately? But after this incident with cigarettes, I am already afraid that the result will be the direct opposite.

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