Original dish for the holiday: salad "Snake"

Many mistresses try to think in advancea festive menu, trying not only to deliciously feed the guests, but also to surprise them by cooking something original. Such dishes include the salad "Snake", the original design of which immediately attracts interested views to it. And given that it is prepared fairly simply and used, for the most part, affordable products, he can become a frequent guest at festive events.

So, for cooking you need a bankcanned pink salmon. Oil is drained from it, after which the fish is kneaded by a fork. Eggs and potatoes are boiled, cleaned and rubbed on a fine grater. The processed cheese is crushed. All the ingredients are mixed, they put the mayonnaise, the garlic passed through the press, a little salt. On a flat dish, the resulting mass fits in the shape of a snake. Marinated cucumber is cut into thin slices. They are laid out on top of the remaining ingredients in the form of "scales". You can decorate the salad "Snake" "herb", in the role of which will act fresh greens. For the eyes of the figure obtained, green peas or halves of olives are used. The mouth is made from boiled or fresh carrots.

Salad "Snake" recipe can have and the next,for which you will need chicken and fresh champignons. Mushrooms are cut into small pieces and fried in butter. Two boiled chicken breasts are sorted into fibers. To them are added chopped eggs, champignons, fresh cucumbers, diced. Rubbed on a fine grater smoked sausage cheese, put to the rest of the ingredients. Weight is filled with mayonnaise. Depending on taste preferences, salt is added. On a wide flat dish, lettuce leaves are laid out, on them the resulting mixture, which is given the shape of a snake. On top of a dense layer of rings of pickled cucumber. For eyes, the black olive is cut in half. You can use a small circle of carrots on your back to lay a small strip.

Often men, wanting to make women a surprise,They are considering what salads they can do by themselves on March 8. This dish is quite suitable, because being simple in cooking, it looks spectacular on the festive table.

There is also the following modification of the recipe. 3 medium-sized potatoes and 3 eggs are boiled, cleaned and rubbed on a large grater. 300-400 grams of fish (salted salmon or pink salmon) are cut into small pieces. Cheese (of any solid grade) is rubbed. Fresh tomatoes (2 large or several small "cherry") are cut into cubes. All ingredients are mixed, dressed with mayonnaise. Lettuce leaves are placed in a salad bowl, a mixture is placed on them, giving a slightly curved shape, like the tail of a snake. To decorate the scales, you can take halves of green olives. To do this, they are placed tightly together around the perimeter, leaving only a part for the "head." Here the eyes are made of black olives and a tongue of a piece of boiled carrots.

Salad "Snake" can be prepared with pumpkinseeds that are not only delicious, but also useful, and also contribute to a better body cleansing. For this, several carrots, potatoes and eggs are boiled. All this is cleaned and rubbed on a grater. Canned liver cod or sprats (they are removed from the head, tails, large bones) kneaded with a fork. The resulting ingredients are mixed, seasoned with mayonnaise. On an amateur, you can put a few diced bulbs here. The resulting mass is laid out on a dish, it is given a shape, thanks to which the salad "Snake" and got its name. Topped rows of peeled pumpkin seeds. For the eyes, you can take the medium-sized berries of black grapes, and make the tongue of red pepper. This salad has an original design, and also diversifies the usual table for a holiday or on weekdays.

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Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake Original dish for the holiday: salad Snake