Pear Jam: Cooking Recipes

Pear jam, the recipe of which can be found in every family, is valued for its aroma and taste. A treat from juicy fruits in winter is a pleasure for both adults and children to eat. Experienced housewives add different spices, lemons, oranges and even nuts to pears. Depending on the resulting set of ingredients, the taste of jam acquires a new shade, sometimes quite unexpected. Below are a few options for recipes of this fragrant delicacy.

Pear Jam (classic recipe): ingredients

simple recipe for pear jam

The delicacy variant without additives is most often made with the preservation of whole pieces of fruit. Pear jam slices, the recipe of which is described below, is better to make from hard fruits. Soft fruits can lose their shape: they can be left for jam. At the same time, it is not worth taking under-ripe pears, as they have a less pronounced taste and aroma.

Recipes are often asked to peel pears. It is convenient to do it after blanching.The whole fruit is first immersed in boiling water for a few seconds, and then in ice water. After this procedure, the peel is very easily removed.

The amount of sugar varies depending on the sweetness of the fruit. As a rule, take from 0.5 to 1.5 kg per kilogram of pears. If the jam is supposed to be stored in the refrigerator or basement, then the sugar mass can be reduced to the specified minimum. In order for the preform not to disappear at room temperature, it is better to take at least 1 kg of sugar.

Classic recipe: cooking

A simple recipe for pear jam involves one kilogram of fruit with the same amount of sugar and another 150 ml of water. Fruits must be washed, peeled, if desired, and then freed from seeds and cut into slices. It is better to make the slices not too thin - about 1-2 cm. In this case, they will retain their shape in the cooking process.Delicious Pear Jam Recipe

Separately cooked syrup from water and sugar. The mixture is heated until all the grains have dissolved. In the process you need to remove the foam. Then the prepared slices are lowered into the water. Pears are cooked in syrup until they become transparent. The finished jam is laid out in sterilized jars and covered with lids. Keep it better in a cool place.

This is how fast pear jam is cooked in slices.The recipe can be and somewhat changed. Slices should be covered with sugar and left overnight. During this time, pears will give enough juice and do not need to use water. As in the previous case, the treat is considered ready when the slices become transparent.

Pear + apple

pear apple jam recipe

One of the most popular options for mixed jams is made from apples and pears. For the delicacy you will need:

  • pears - one kilogram;
  • apples - one kilogram;
  • sugar - one kilogram.

Fruits are cleared of leaves and twigs, washed and, if necessary, exempt from the peel. Seeds also need to be removed. Apples and pears are cut, optionally, coarsely or finely, covered with sugar. It is best to prepare the ingredients in the evening, so that during the night the fruit could give juice.


Pear-apple jam - a recipe that involves cooking in one of two ways. The first allows you to complete the process in one go. In this case, the treat is brewed for 40 minutes. It is considered ready if the drop does not spread over the surface of the saucer. In the second variant, the delicacy is cooked three times approximately 5-7 minutes after boiling. Between approaches, it should cool down completely.It is usually left to do this for eight or ten hours.

The finished jam is laid out in sterilized jars. Store it at room temperature. In winter, the dainty is good to use as a stand-alone dessert or as a filling for pies, pancakes and buns.

With aromatic additives

The recipe for pear jam with lemon is no less popular. Sometimes only juice of a fragrant citrus is added to a delicacy, often also zest and pulp are used. Lemon in combination with cinnamon is a great companion for mixed jams from apples and pears. Citrus pulp is added just before putting the mixture on the stove. recipe for pear jam with lemon

If jam is prepared in several stages, it is better to pour cinnamon before the last one. Moreover, the ideal option is to grind the spice right before use. So cinnamon will be more visible, not lost for pears and lemon. Ready-made ground spices from the store lose most of their flavor during the cooking process. This applies not only to cinnamon. In the pear jam, the recipe of which is given above, you can add ginger, vanilla and even pepper.

With orange and nuts

 pear jam with orange recipe

What other ingredients can be added to a tasty pear jam? The recipe suggested below has an unusual set of products.In addition to pears, sugar and lemon, it uses orange and nuts, as well as raisins. This flavor combination will delight everyone who has time to get tired of traditional dishes during the winter.

Per kilogram of pears will need:

  • lemon - 1 pc .;
  • orange - 2 pieces;
  • sugar - about 1 kg or slightly more (the exact amount will be clear after preparing the main ingredients);
  • nuts (almonds or walnut kernels) - 200 g;
  • raisins - 200 g (best to take light).

Cooking jam with nuts

Pears need to be washed, peeled and coarsely chopped. Lemon and oranges should first be doused with boiling water. It will make them more fragrant. Citrus fruits are also cut into rather large chunks, and then all the bones are removed. Prepared ingredients must be minced or minced with a blender.

The resulting mixture is weighed. Then measure the same amount of sugar. It must be mixed with mashed potatoes and leave everything overnight.

The next morning you need to prepare the raisins. It is poured boiling water and left for some time. Prepared raisins are added to mashed potatoes and put everything on fire. The jam is stirred and brought to a boil.Then the fire is reduced and continue to prepare a treat for about forty minutes. Jam should not be left unattended. From time to time it is necessary to stir, remove the foam from its surface.

Nuts must be crushed to the desired state. The larger the size of the pieces, the more noticeable their presence will be. Add nuts to the jam for three minutes until cooked. Hot delicacy laid out on sterilized jars and closed.

Pear jam for the winter: a recipe with poppy seeds

pear jam slices recipe for winter

Not less interesting and unusual taste gets a treat when adding poppy. Per pound of pears is taken:

  • about 125 g of sugar;
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice;
  • 1 tablespoon with a hill of poppies.

If pears have thick and rough skin, it is better to peel it. Fruits are cut into cubes or slices. In the process of cooking, half the pears are ground into mashed potatoes, and half remain in the form of larger pieces.

Cooking jam with poppy seeds

The pears are covered with sugar, one spoon of lemon juice is added to them and left to give juice. Then put the mixture on the fire. At this point, you can put half a vanilla pod in a delicacy: it will make the taste even more interesting.

Poppy before adding to fry in a dry pan. He will be ready in about three minutes. During this time, the poppy must be stirred.

After 20 minutes, half of the pears are ground in a convenient way (using a blender or meat grinder). The resulting mashed potatoes with poppy seeds and another spoonful of lemon juice are returned to the pan. Another 10 minutes on the fire and you can pour ready-made pearl jam into prepared cans. The recipe, like all previous ones, is quite simple and does not require much effort.

Basis for sauces

Pears can be the main ingredient of not only sweet dishes. Like apples, they are perfectly combined with meat dishes. Pear mashed potatoes are used as a base for sauces. Their taste, flavored with spices, makes the familiar entrees sound new.pear jam slices recipe

One of the options for the preparation, which in winter can be the basis for the sauce, involves adding pepper to the pears. It is prepared in the same way as pear jam slices (recipe for winter). The amount of sugar can be reduced to 0.5 kg or even to 0.3-0.2 kg per kilogram of fruit. Store the workpiece in this case will need to be in the refrigerator.

Per pound of pears will need one tablespoon of spice. It is better to use pink pepper or a mixture of white, pink and black.Grind the spices you need just before adding - so they will retain their properties in the cooking process. Pepper pour a few minutes until done.

The resulting jam can be crushed to a state of mashed potatoes. In winter, based on it, you can prepare seasonings for meat or spicy desserts with an unusual taste.


Many hostesses prefer not to cut pears of small size. Whole fruit jam is prepared in almost the same way as from ground. In order for pears to become soft and give away some of their flavor and taste to the syrup, they should be punctured in several places with a knife, toothpick or fork.

For such preserves, sugar is taken in the same amount as the main ingredient. To prevent sticking, water is added to the pot (about 0.5-1 glass per kilogram of fruit). For flavor in a delicacy, you can add spices. Very well with pears combined cloves (enough to add two or three buds).

Jam can be prepared both at one time and at three. It is important to remember that fruits should not be too actively interfered, because from this they can lose their shape. Whole pears in the winter can be not only a separate dessert, but also an excellent decoration for cakes or pastries.pear jam for the winter recipe

Pear jam with orange, a recipe for a delicious delicacy with lemon, mixed preparations with the addition of apples - a lot of options. You can add melon, peaches or bananas to the classic composition. Among the spices, pears “love”, in addition to cinnamon, vanilla and pepper, also saffron, turmeric, ginger and anise. An interesting flavor combination is obtained by adding mint to the jam. There are even recipes for milk-based pear blanks. In short, almost nothing limits imagination here. However, you can do otherwise: prepare classic jam for the winter, and add other ingredients to it already in the process of eating. In this way, you can discover new flavors and next summer, stock up on jam according to your own recipes.

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