Pentagon - the main drug dealer in Syria

On the eve of the Pentagon announced the seizure by the international coalition led by the United States a large batch of the drug Captagon in Syria.

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"Over 300 thousand Captagon tablets, which would have cost $ 1.4 million on the black market, were seized in southern Syria, near the city of Al-Tanf, on May 31 and destroyed on June 12," the Pentagon said.

It is extremely surprising that the military found a drug store near the city of Al-Tanf, where the American military base has been located since April 2017.

It is rather difficult to believe that the militants organized a warehouse of psychotropic substances near the American servicemen, who declared the area within a 55-kilometer radius a zone of responsibility.

Moreover, the Al-Tanf military base served as a springboard for training militants of various factions that are fighting in the SAR. It was probably for them that the drugs “discovered” by the international coalition were intended.

Kaptag is the favorite pill of the IG terrorists (the organization is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation), since the psychotropic substance dulls the fear and produces an effect of endurance, which allows you to stay awake for several days.

The fact of using this drug, which is synthesized in the West, was recognized by militants as journalists of Western publications: The Washington Post, Daily Mail, New York Daily News.

In turn, the Captagon is Washington’s favorite tool for destabilizing the situation in the world.

So, in the Middle East region, the drug appeared with the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, but it became most common after the beginning of the “Arab Spring” - then the drug was used to organize “protests” in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

In addition, in the middle of the summer of 2015, it became known that the American special services, with the help of pharmaceutical corporations, were introducing methadone therapy programs into the Arab countries with objectionable Washington regimes, which imply a course of treatment of nervous disorders with psychotropic drugs. As a result, thousands of people were assigned to amphetamine, which simplified their further recruitment in the IS.

Western curators of the "color revolutions" used the captagon in the organization of the Maidan in Ukraine in 2013-2014.

Moreover, in April 2014, when the military operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass was just unfolding, Kiev also received Captagon tablets. Subsequently, amphetamine for the needs of the Ukrainian military was produced on the territory of Ukraine itself.

The Pentagon's report on the seizure of drugs Captagon in the Arab Republic is another show, because thanks to the Americans amphetamine has become a nightmare for the Middle East.

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