Permanent lip makeup: reviews, description of the procedure, photo

In the modern world, when a huge amount of new technologies are available, and women tend to look beautiful at any time of the day, such a cosmetic procedure like permanent makeup is very popular. You can make it on the eyes, eyebrows or lips. What is permanent makeup, how it happens, what are the features of this procedure - all of this below.

What is permanent makeup

The word "permanently" is now widely used in our speech. It came from the English language ("permanent") and translated as "permanent." Accordingly, permanent makeup means permanent makeup, persistent, one that does not require daily application. Another name is tattooing. This cosmetic procedure is really reminiscent of tattoo stuffing in that dyes are injected into the skin. The difference from a tattoo of such makeup is that, firstly, it is not for life, but - at best - for several years, and secondly, the substances are “killed” to a much smaller depth (between the dermis and the epidermis).

permanent lip makeup reviewsAs mentioned above, tattooing is possible for ever - it makes the eyelashes thicker, it gives shape to eyebrows, for lips it emphasizes volume and color. According to reviews, permanent makeup of the lips, as a rule (if made by a high-quality professional master) looks very natural, and it is impossible even to assume that cosmetology is involved. And to do such a procedure is permissible at absolutely any age - both young girls and adult women.

It is very important in this case that permanent makeup should be carried out by a competent specialist with medical education, since this process is rather serious and the consequences of incorrectly performed work can be extremely sad.

When the permanent makeup appeared

The history of permanent makeup in our country dates back to the distant nineties. The definition itself nevertheless appeared a decade earlier: then this procedure was done only by individual craftsmen-tattooists. And then, as a rule, not for everyone, but for their acquaintances, girls, who aspired to become even more beautiful. It was then that the idea of ​​turning “tattoo make-up” (“tattoo makeup”), as they said, into a separately developing direction, appeared.Began to develop special tools and paints that would not harm the body.

As a result of various studies, two technologies emerged, one of which promised to preserve the effect of the procedure for ten years, and the other for a period of half as long. At first, they both “entered” the market, but after a short time, it became clear that the second one was much more popular, and therefore the first one was ousted and successfully forgotten. At the same time, the first schools and permanent makeup shops began to open.

permanent lip makeup with shadingThe products with the help of which it became possible to conduct such a procedure were first launched not anywhere, but, of course, in the United States — in California. Already after the Americans, other countries also “pulled themselves up”. Now dyes and devices for permanent make-up are produced in such states as Italy, Spain, Germany - well, of course, America!

What is required permanent makeup

The reasons why women resort to permanent makeup is enough. Among them, perhaps, in the first place is the opportunity to look good at any time of the day or night, going to bed and just getting out of bed.Permanent makeup is not washed off, does not spread, and in general does not change shape in any way. His lines always remain beautiful and clear.

In addition, the application of permanent makeup can significantly reduce the time spent on the daily “drawing” of the face. Theoretically, you can not use cosmetics at all - or do it at a minimum, because, of course, a decorative “plaster” doesn’t replace a tattoo completely. By the way, if you are allergic to ordinary cosmetics - permanent makeup in general becomes an indispensable thing. In addition, with the help of tattooing lips, you can hide unpleasant scars, visually enlarge the lips, make their color richer and richer, emphasize their contour.


It goes without saying that in some cases, permanent makeup is not recommended. The 100% cases of exclusion of this procedure are: diabetes mellitus, kidney and liver failure, psoriasis, HIV infection, hemophilia, epilepsy, mental disorders, fever. With caution and compliance with specific recommendations should be treated to the procedure for poor health, use of antibiotics, malignant tumors, moles, allergies, hypertension, herpes, conjunctivitis.As for pregnant and lactating women, of course, tests for them were not carried out for obvious reasons, so there is no reason to speak with confidence about the harmful or harmless effect on their bodies of the substances used in tattooing.

How is the procedure

Regardless of which part of the face you are wearing permanent makeup, at the very beginning of this cosmetic procedure, the master must treat the skin with a special antiseptic solution, and then draw a sketch, which will be refined until the client is completely satisfied.

permanent makeup lips photoWhen an agreement is reached, anesthetic cream is applied to the skin or an injection is given with anesthesia. After the beginning of its action, the work itself begins: the master injects the necessary substances under the skin with a special apparatus. As a rule, the process takes several hours, since it is rather laborious and laborious. However, in some cases, the session ends in thirty to forty minutes, while in others, on the contrary, it stretches over several visits.

How long does permanent lip makeup

Once again, you need to make a reservation that the tattoo is not a tattoo.Accordingly, it is not necessary to hope for its lifelong preservation. On average, according to reviews, permanent lip makeup lasts approximately two to five years, in some cases - and longer. How quickly the permanent turns pale is very individual and depends on the characteristics of each particular organism. However, you can always make a correction!


The healing of permanent lip makeup takes about a week — sometimes a little faster. A couple of days, as a rule, swelling, the color seems unnatural, too bright. Gradually, he will begin to return to normal, and the desired shade will reach somewhere in a month.

Leaving after permanent lip makeup involves the following activities: soaking the lips on the first day with a napkin with Miramistin solution, then smearing the lips (with dryness) with Bepanten cream (not an ointment!), Avoiding exposure to wind and cold. It is important to note that in the first days a crust will appear on the lips, which you do not need to strip off in any case. It will fall off by itself in a fairly quick time. While she keeps, lipstick, glitter, or any other cosmetics can not be used.If the procedure was done in the summer, then three weeks after it, going outside, you need to put lipstick on your lips with lipstick.

Also during the entire healing process, it is worthwhile to limit yourself to a hot drink, and cold drink only through a straw. Two weeks do not need to sunbathe and swim.

Permanent Makeup Correction

Correction is needed quite often - in almost all cases, but this does not mean that the procedures are going badly. The fact is that it helps to “bring to the mind” certain details, to make the lips color more saturated, to eliminate the resulting flaws. Even if the client is completely satisfied with how the procedure went, experts still recommend that after a while they come to the consultation so that the master with an experienced eye will see if correction is needed. To the professional from the outside, everything seems completely different than to the happy owner of updated sponges.

It must be remembered, however, that it is unacceptable to carry out a correction earlier than in a month - but it is also not necessary to delay too. It is advisable to visit the master before it takes three months from the time the lips are tattooed.

permanent lip makeup in watercolor techniqueAll the above refers to the primary correction - “finishing” and improving the work done. But there are other types of correction. For example refresh - in other words, an update. It makes sense to make it only a few years later, when the colors faded, the contours were erased. However, if the latter have disappeared altogether, then this procedure will already be considered not a refresh, but a new tattoo.

The last type of correction is the so-called wiping, that is, the correction of other people's mistakes. Technically, this procedure is often much more complex than any other correction, and even then the primary session of permanent makeup.

Types of permanent lip makeup

There are several techniques of lip tattoo. This is a contour tattoo, tattoo with a shading, the use of watercolor techniques or the technique of "three-d", as well as the use of permanent lipstick. About each of the types of makeup - in more detail below.

Makeup with shading

Permanent make-up of lips with a shading is good because it corrects the shape of the lips, gives them volume and rich color. The specificity of this technique is that the contour of the lips is shaded and gradually turns into their natural color.This type of tattoo is able to give customers the most natural result.

It is possible to shade a make-up both on all surface of lips, and on their parts. However, we must remember that the permanent makeup of lips with shading does not suit the owners of thin lips - it hides their volume.

Contour tattoo

The contour of permanent lip makeup is a bit like using a contour pencil. It eliminates the blurring of the contour of the lips, making it more clear and bright. Such dyes are specially selected for this technique so that they most closely match the natural color of the lips, and the contour is thus not strongly highlighted.

tattooing lipsThis type of permanent makeup is good for those whose lips are in almost perfect shape and you only need to emphasize the contour. This is often required if the lips are too pale - or, conversely, too bright. The main plus and the main difference of this technique of permanent make-up of lips in the minimum intervention in an organism - the surface which is used in the course of work is extremely small.

Watercolor technique

Permanent make-up of lips in watercolor technique is directly opposite to the above method.If, with a contour tattoo, the emphasis is on a clearly traced contour, when using watercolor techniques, on the contrary, on the rest of the lips. In this case, the contour is not affected at all, that is, it remains in a certain sense blurred, with no definite, clearly defined boundaries. The permanent is distributed evenly over all the lips, while the master takes dyes with sufficiently muted tones - especially in order to achieve the most natural and natural effect.

After the procedure of permanent lip makeup in watercolor technique, the lips look shiny, as if tinted with glitter or balm. This technique is chosen quite often - and not only young girls, but also older women.

Permanent lipstick

Permanent make-up of lips (in the photo) with the use of bright dyes across the entire surface of the lips - this is what the technique called “permanent lipstick” is. It differs from the above described technique only in the color saturation of the dyes: in watercolors they are not bright, and here it is the other way around. As a rule, those women and girls who are unhappy with their natural lip color and want to change it choose this type of tattoo.

This permanent makeup gives the lips a much larger volume than any other, as a result of which they also look quite sexy - and this is also not the last reason why the client chooses permanent lipstick. After the procedure, the lips shine, and the use of lipstick or gloss will no longer be required for as long as the permanent lasts.

Three-D effect

Permanent lip makeup in the 3d-effect involves the use of several colors at the same time, some of which are brighter, more saturated, others - more calm, neutral. The middle of the lips is painted in light colors with glare. The edges, on the contrary, are made dark - compared to the middle, of course. Between the different shades beautiful transitions are preserved - it is they who give the lips that volume, for which this permanent lip makeup (in the photo) is called the “three-d effect”.

cosmetic procedureThis technique is also good because it not only makes the lips expressive, but also “rejuvenates” the entire face as a whole, refreshing it. And the shades that can be used during the procedure are the most diverse: from dark saturated to almost translucent.

Important Tips

  1. Many people occasionally suffer from herpes - a rash on the lips.Even if this unpleasant sore is not permanent, before going to the salon to conduct permanent makeup, it is imperative to carry out the prevention of herpes. Make it easy with the help of special drugs that are sold in any pharmacy - for example, Zovirax. However, in no case do you need to engage in self-designation: what is good for one may turn out to be bad for another. You should go for a consultation to a specialist who will select the necessary tool.
  2. In case herpes has worsened, it is possible to do permanent makeup no less than a month after that.
  3. It is advisable to schedule the procedure in such a way that you can lie down for a day or two at home - before the weekend, for example, or take care of time off in advance.
  4. In order for the master to understand exactly what they want from him, it’s best to take your favorite lipstick or shine with you to the procedure in order to explain with the help of cosmetics what result you expect.
  5. Before you decide on the procedure, you should carefully list all the contraindications.
  6. On the day on which the procedure is scheduled, you can not play sports, and coffee and spirits should be excluded from the diet.
  7. When menstruation to do permanent makeup is highly undesirable.The best time for this procedure is the middle of the cycle.
  8. Within a month after tattooing lips is not recommended to be exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, you should not plan trips to warm countries, if you decide to apply permanent makeup. You should also refrain from sunburn - both natural and in the solarium.
  9. If in the coming days there are some activities that need to look stunning, permanent makeup is better to postpone: within a few days there will be a healing that does not allow being beauty in the full sense of the word.
  10. If there is a possible allergic reaction, you should try to put the dye in a less noticeable place - behind the ear or under the hair, and then watch the reaction, before making a tattoo on the lips.
  11. If you plan to plastic lips, you first need to do it, and after that - apply permanent makeup (not vice versa!).types of permanent lip makeup
  12. Before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to inform the master about the presence of all possible contraindications, including listing all chronic diseases.
  13. Correction of permanent makeup (if, of course, this is not a correction of the previous work) is best carried out by the same master, who went to the first session. He has a record of what substances he used in your case and what technique he used.
  14. Needles for the procedure must be disposable, and the master must open the packaging in the presence and in front of the client.
  15. The dyes used in the permanent makeup procedure should not contain any organohalogen compounds (for example, iodine, bromine, chlorine), since they are very toxic and can easily lead to poisoning.
  16. If before holding a permanent make-up you feel a strong nervous tension, it is best to drink a sedative.
  17. In alcoholic and drug intoxication, visiting such salons is strictly prohibited.

Reviews of the procedure

There is a lot of reviews about permanent make-up of lips. This is now quite a popular procedure. All passed through it, of course, mark both pluses and minuses. The advantages include beautiful, neat contour, color saturation, organic and natural lips.The disadvantages are severe edema in the first days and a great dependence on the master: in this, this procedure resembles “Russian roulette”. If a professional was lucky and got caught, the result will please; if the master is not very competent, then the matter is much sadder.

In reviews of permanent lip makeup, women who have made it are advised to drink acyclovir every few hours a week before the procedure. They note that on the first day after the tattoo you cannot brush your teeth, and then for another three days you can only use rinse. From the dry lips, according to the recommendations of "experienced", ordinary cosmetic petroleum jelly helps well.

In general, reviews on permanent lip makeup are favorable. The girls agree that thanks to this procedure, their lips began to look better, bigger, richer. Some recommend applying a tattoo to your friends, some plan to repeat it themselves after a while.

Whether to do permanent lip makeup, every woman should decide for herself on her own. It is important to weigh the pros and cons and make a well-considered decision. And remember: in the pursuit of beauty, the main thing is not to overdo it.

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