Biography of Kim Jong-un

The origin of Kim Jong-un

According to official data, Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, was born in Pyongyang on January 8, 1982. Other sources, including special services of the USA and South Korea, cite other years of birth of the present leader of the DPRK - 1983, and sometimes 1984. Kim Jong-un's mother was her father's favorite — a Korean woman from Japan, Koh Young Hee. The girl was Kim Jong-il's favorite ballerina, whom he preferred during the so-called “pleasure parties”, during which nude dancers delighted the eyes of the North Korean leader with American music banned in the country. Ko Yong Hee died in unclear circumstances in 2003 or 2004.
Biography of Kim Jong-un is shrouded in legendsBiography of Kim Jong-un is shrouded in legends
The official press of the DPRK claims that the woman died of breast cancer, the special services, again, have their own version - the death in a car accident. In 2003, the North Korean army conducted a kind of advertising campaign dedicated to Ko Yong Hee. The slogans that were dazzled by the DPRK at that time were called the dancer “a respected mother”.Taking into account the peculiarities of the Korean government, this with a high probability indicated that it was precisely one of Ko Yong Hee's sons - Kim Jong-un or his elder brother Kim Jong-Cher - that would become the future leader of the blessed country.
Before Koh Yong Hee, Kim Jong Il's favorite was actress Son Hye Rim, who gave birth to the great leader of the firstborn, Kim Jong Nam.

Education Kim Jong-un

The life of North Korean politicians and their families is the biggest secret of the DPRK. Therefore, there is practically no reliable information about the life of Kim Jong-un, as well as about the life of his brothers, mother and father. One has to be content with the meager reports of the official North Korean press and unverified reports leaking from sources in the special services of the USA, South Korea and Japan. The only thing that these sources are unanimous with respect to UN is that he received a European education. Among the possible educational institutions most often called the Swiss International School in Bern. If this is true, then Kim Jong-un did not show up at school.
Korean prince comrade Kim
According to the official press of the DPRK, the genius teenager was engaged at home.He always dined at the most luxurious restaurants in Bern, always accompanied by North Korea’s ambassador to Switzerland, Re Chola, who was considered the secretary in charge of the treasury during the reign of Kim Jong Il. While in Europe, Kim Jong-un was allegedly fond of basketball, however, given the build-up of the heir to the throne, many experts find it difficult to believe it. Until he turned twenty, Kim Jong-un returned to North Korea. It is not known whether he graduated from the International School or not.
Kim Jong-un with his spouse Lee Sol Zhu
After returning to Korea, his life was kept in the strictest secret - there was not a single photograph of Kim Jong-un in free access, unlike his brothers, who occasionally flashed into the view of the press. Regarding the younger son Kim Jong-il, the media possessed only his photofit. He did not hold posts in the leadership of the country (or held under a pseudonym). Sources in the foreign press suggested that he is the favorite son of Kim Chem Il.
Kim Jong-un - "King of the morning star"Kim Jong-un - "King of the morning star"

"King of the morning star"

At the end of 2008, the world community was agitated by rumors about a serious illness (according to another version - death) Kim Jong Il.The official press of the DPRK was limited to a brief report that the leader of the people suffered a stroke. This led many experts in the field of geopolitics to raise the question of who should be considered the most likely candidate for the North Korean “throne”. The press was full of reports that Kim Jong Il considered Kim Jong-cher too weak for state government, and Kim Jong Nam - too corrupted by gambling establishments and Western culture. Kim Jong Un, on the contrary, his father considered strong and intelligent, but experts did not seriously consider his candidacy because of their age - at that time he was 26 (25 or 24) years old.
In addition to the information that Kim Jong-un is the favorite son of the DPRK leader, he’s successor as head of the country, he also said that Kim Jong-un’s 2003 advertising campaign was organized among mother. Then Ko Yong Hee ordered all the officials to call him “the king of the morning star,” and this order was unquestioningly executed.

Appointment of successor to Kim Jong-il

On January 15, 2009, the world press reported that Kim Jong Il officially proclaimed Kim Jong Un to be his heir.Analysts agreed that the decision of the leader was a surprise even for many of his associates. Advisor to Kim Jong-un, the country's leader appointed his sister's husband, Hour Son Thaek. By that time, Taek was an extremely influential figure in the North Korean governing apparatus, and during the illness of the leader, he was actually in control of the DPRK. The Western press published the same day a message saying that the most likely ruler of North Korea would be Kim Jong Nam.
Kim Jong-un - successor to the dynastyKim Jong-un - successor to the dynasty
In February 2009, the official procedure for appointing Kim Jong-un as the successor of the ruling leader began in DPRK. The North Korean press reported that UN was registered as a candidate for the elections to the Supreme Assembly of the DPRK. The elections were held in March 2009, and despite the fact that the press did not find any of the sons of Kim Jong Il in the lists, in June 2010 it was reported that Eun was still elected under the pseudonym Kim Jong. Soon a source in the South Korean National Intelligence Service told the press that Kim Jong-un was officially introduced to the DPRK leadership and diplomatic corps as successor to Kim Jong Il.At the same time, UN was appointed head of the North Korean State Security Service.

"Brilliant Comrade"

The title "Brilliant Comrade" Kim Jong-un received in 2011, shortly before the death of his father and the official entry into the post of the ruler of the DPRK. Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack on December 17, 2011, but reports appeared in the press only after 2 days. December 24, 2011, Kim Jong-un was first officially named the Supreme Commander of the Korean Peoples Army. In the position of Chairman of the Central Committee of the Labor Army of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un was approved on December 29, 2011. After being appointed head of the North Korean people, Kim Jong-un did not appear in public until April 15, 2012, when he first addressed the people during a parade dedicated to the centenary of Kim Il Sung’s birth.

Kim Jong-un foreign policy

The policy of the new North Korean leader is distinguished by daring and uncompromising. The hopes of Western experts on the liberalization of Korean society and the warming of foreign policy did not materialize. At the end of 2012, the DPRK, in violation of several resolutions of the UN Security Council, announced it was joining the “club of space powers”, triggering a surge of criticism from the world community.
Who is Kim Jong Un? Opinion of little experts!
February 2013 was marked by the third nuclear test state in the history of North Korea. The aggressive actions of Kim Jong-un have led to a tightening of sanctions against the DPRK by the UN Security Council. Kim Jong-un responded with the threat of a preemptive nuclear strike on the United States of America, putting the world on the threshold of nuclear war. On March 8, 2013, Kim Jong-un broke up unilaterally a non-aggression pact with South Korea, signed in 1953 as part of the end of the Korean War.

Personal life and health of Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un has health problems, suffering from overweight, hypertension and diabetes. Like his father, Eun enjoys Western pop culture, loves movies with Mel Gibson and watches the games of the American Basketball League (NBA). Some sources claim that the leader has two children, but the date and time of birth of the older child varies greatly - from autumn 2010 to winter 2011. The second child was allegedly born at the end of December 2012.
Kim Jong-un with his wifeKim Jong-un with his wife
In July 2012, the North Korean press announced that Kim Jong-un had been married for several years.Presumably, the marriage took place in 2009. The chief's wife is dancer Lee Sol Zhu. Lee Sol graduated from Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang, her father is a teacher, and her mother is a doctor. They most likely got acquainted in 2008, when Kim Jong Il enjoyed the performance of the ensemble with the national orchestra with his son. Lee Sol Zhu was also on stage during the performance. The official announcement of the marriage of the North Korean leader is a rarity. The father of the current leader was married several times, but all his heirs gave birth to his mistresses, who had a much greater influence on the political and social life of the country.

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