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The early years of Matt Smith: the collapse of the dream of football

Matt Smith (full name of Matthew Robert Smith / Matthew Robert Smith) was born in a fairly wealthy family, where his daughter Laura was already growing up. The father of the family, David, once a professional football player, left the sport, and his wife, Lynn, went into business.
The Smith family business is a small plastic processing company that makes profit today. Matt was still a little fascinated by football and, becoming older, played in the junior teams of Northampton. However, his dreams of a professional sports career did not come true - a 16-year-old teenager had a serious spinal injury.
David insisted on a break in sports and made every effort to cure his son. He drove Matt to Leicester for physiotherapeutic procedures, as a result of which the young man began to feel much better, but he did not manage to completely restore his former physical form.
Matt Smith - Star Doctor WhoMatt Smith - Star Doctor Who
For Matt, the rejection of his sports career was a hard blow, but the active, cheerful guy couldn’t indulge in despair for a long time. A born leader, he was still at school carried away by theatrical art and music.The boy didn’t take his hobbies seriously before: occasionally he took part in school plays, and only at the insistence of the teacher.
Now the star path of big football was closed to him forever, and Matt had to think about the future. After graduating from school, he set out to enter the University of Cambridge, but succumbed to the persuasion of his teacher and joined the troupe of the London National Youth Theater. A little later, Smith became a student at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, where he studied literature and acting.

Matt Smith in theater and television, filmography

The theater completely swallowed the young student. The beginning was the role of Thomas Beckett in the play "Murder in the Cathedral" and Fagot in the Bulgakov Master and Margarita. The teacher was not mistaken - Matt was really talented, and very soon he had confidence in his own abilities, as well as an awareness of the correctness of his choice.
Smith could already pay for the services of an agent who found interesting and lucrative offers for him. Matt received roles in the performances of “Fresh Kills” at the Royal Court Theater and On the Shore of theWide World Theater at the Royal Ichcience in Manchester and Royal Court in London.
Matt Smith - the best video
Working on the play "On the Shore of the Immense World", the young actor received an invitation from the Royal National Theater in London to take part in the play "The History Boys" based on the play by Alan Bennett. In 2007, the young actor made his debut on the stage of the Vanderville Theater in London’s West End in the play “Among the Sharks” (Swimming With Sharks).
Henry's role in the play “That Face” (That Face) in 2008 was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for outstanding achievements in the field of theatrical art. At the same time, Smith won the award for the Evening Standard "Best Novice Actor". Matt's partners in the performances were Lindsey Duncan, Felicity Jones, Hannah Murray.
In parallel with the theater, Smith worked in television. His first work was the role of Jim Taylor in the TV version of the works of Philip Pullman "Ruby in the Mist" (The Ruby in the Smoke, 2006) and The Shadow of the North Star (The Shadow in the North, 2007). A year later, Smith took part in large-scale BBC television project "Animal Party" (Party Animals), which tells about the backstage of the British Parliament.

Matt Smith on Doctor Who

In 2008, when Smith turned 26, he became the youngest actor to take part in the casting for the leading role of the Doctor in the popular British television program in the fantasy genre "Doctor Who".After an intense three-week selection, the new role of Matt Smith was the most amazing news for fans of the cult series.
Matt Smith at the 2013 Imagine Cup
“Doctor Who,” first launched from 1963 to 1989, has long been considered part of British culture and is listed in the Guinness Book as the world's longest-running fantastic TV show. The candidacy of the young actor did not arouse any particular admiration for the public - Smith was not as famous as the other applicants for the role.
However, with the beginning of the new season, everything changed. Smith immediately gained immense popularity. Traveling through England, the USA and other countries, where “Doctor Who” is shown, the youngest in the history of the TV show.
One day in 2012, when asked by the London newspaper Telegraph if the actor was tired of the fans, Smith replied that they daily put him out of his mind, but his job was to entertain people, for which he was ready to tolerate anything.

Matt Smith today

In 2013, the Doctor Who series turned 50, and the popularity of the show has increased even more. However, in June it became known that Matt Smith was leaving the project, and Peter Capaldi would play the role of the Doctor in the eighth season.
In an interview with journalists, Smith explains his decision to quit due to many circumstances, but he admits that it was not easy for him, and his main fan, his mother, even asked Matt to stay. "She really really would like me to remain the Time Lord," says the actor.

Personal life Matt Smith

Matt Smith has not had time to marry so far.Matt Smith has not had time to marry so far.
The life full of filming and theater rarely made the actor think about creating a family. While working on Ruby in the Mist, Smith had the most romantic relationship with colleague Billie Piper, but soon the couple broke up. Three years later, the brazilian singer and actress Mayana Mora conquered the heart of a young actor for a short time. Then for a year and a half Matt met with the British model Daisy Lowe, but this alliance didn’t lead to anything serious ...
In the meantime, the actor remains a loving son and brother. The elder sister Laura Jane Smith, a professional dancer, also devoted herself to art. Smith has long been fond of English and foreign literature, photography, music - he plays the piano.

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