Biography of Alexey Barabash

Alexey Barabash is a talented young actor who, during his short career, managed to take part in several bright cinema projects at once. His filmography has a special versatility - there is a place in it for both little-known films and real blockbusters.
One of these is the acclaimed tape "Stalingrad", which today is successfully broadcast in many cinemas in the world. Perhaps it was this circumstance that caused a special stir about the personality of our today's hero, which has been observed in recent months.

The early years, childhood and the family of Alexei Barabash

Alexey Igorevich Barabash was born in the city of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) on ​​June 12, 1977. His family was very ordinary, however, and in it there was a place for one really bright personality. Such, without exaggeration, can be called the grandmother of our today's hero - Galina Frantsevna Rusetskaya.
Actor Alexei Barabash in the film Peter FMActor Alexei Barabash in the film Peter FM
Throughout her life, this illustrious actress gave Leningrad Comedy Theater. For many years, she became a real star of the theatrical scene, and therefore little Alexei could always attend all performances without hindrance. Galina Frantsevna also had good acquaintances at the Theater of the Young Spectator (Leningrad), who was always especially close to little Leshka. He knew by heart almost all the local repertoire there, and therefore theater from an early childhood was an important part of his life and destiny.
After graduation, Alexei Barabash entered the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions, where he studied acting craft at the studio of Zinovy ​​Korogodsky. Thanks to his talent, the young actor has always stood out among other students, and therefore, finding a suitable job after receiving a diploma was not difficult for him. Many theaters wanted to see him in their line-up, however, Barabash himself ultimately preferred the much-loved Theater of the Young Spectator.
To someone such a choice may seem frivolous, but our today's hero always thought otherwise.In the theater troupe of Anatoly Praudin, Alexey Barabash performed several bright and remarkable roles. The most famous among them today are the children's performances of “The Little Humpbacked Horse” and “Bonjour, Monsieur Pierrot”.
Alexey Barabash: “Our cinema needs its own“ Bruce Willis ”
Our today's hero is always favored by the audience. However, in the children's theater actor stayed for a while. Already in 1998, the talented guy moved to the Baltic House Theater, where he later performed for two years. During this time, the actor took part in three interesting productions - “Sisyphus and the Stone”, “Crocodile”, “First Lesson. Sunday". For two years, Alexei became a real star of the experimental scene, but later decided on a steep career turn, left the theater and went looking for himself in the world of Russian cinema.

Film actor Alexei Barabash's career, best films

At the new stage of his career, the actor mainly played small roles in television projects. So, in particular, he appeared in the musical film “Old songs about the main thing: Postscript”, and also took part in the shooting of separate episodes of the TV series “Streets of Broken Lanterns” and “Deadly Force”. However, already in 2002 and 2003, he began to be invited to more ambitious projects.The most striking works of these years were the historical films “Poor, Poor Pavel” and “Russian Ark”, shown at the Cannes Film Festival.
STALINGRAD - TRAILER | Dmitry Lysenkov, Alexey Barabash, Sergey Bondarchuk
From this point on, our today's hero has become a prominent character in the world of Russian cinema. He often starred in various television series, among which historical and detective films once again prevailed. The most notable acting works of the mid-2000s were the paintings “The Emperor's Love”, “The True Story of Lieutenant Rzhevsky”, “The Realtor”, “A Pen and a Sword” and some others.
During this period, full-length cinematographic films were encountered in the actor's filmography quite rarely, however, despite this, some of these works also deserve mention. These include Peter FM, White Night, Tender Night, as well as the scandalous historical picture We Are From the Future-2. Alexey worked on a film set with such actors as Vladimir Mashkov, Alexander Bashirov, Andrei Krasko, Yevgeny Tsyganov and others.
Speaking about the work of Alexei Barabash, it is impossible not to note the curious fact that throughout his career, our today's hero quite often played negative characters. Noteworthy is also the fact that in the actor's filmography can be found pictures of almost all genres, stuffed with historical fighters and ending with eccentric comedies.

Alexey Barabash today

In recent years, Alexei Barabash still continues to frequently appear in Russian TV shows of various kinds. The most striking works of the last decade in his filmography are the television tapes “I cancel death”, “Short course of a happy life”, “The irony of luck” and some others.
Alexey Barabash is now married for the fourth time. He has a daughter, BarbaraAlexey Barabash is now married for the fourth time. He has a daughter, Barbara
In 2013, four new films with the participation of our today's hero were released. Of course, one of the most popular tapes of this period was the painting “Stalingrad”, which is currently being broadcast in many countries of the world. Time will show whether this work will be the apogee of Alexei’s acting career.Currently, there are six new films in production with an actor, whose release is scheduled for 2014. One of the most striking tapes promises to be the painting “Vasilisa”, in which Barabash will play the role of Alexander I.

Personal life of Alexei Barabash

In the past, an impressive actor can find three unsuccessful marriages at once. Over the years, his wives were actresses Olga Belinskaya and Natalya Burmistrova, as well as a less well-known girl named Julia. From the first and third wife, the actor has sons - Arseny and Matthew.
Currently, our today's hero is married to Kazakh actress Anna Zdor. As part of this marriage, a joint daughter of celebrities, Barbara, was born.

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