Biography of Candace Accola

Candice Accola is a famous American actress who became famous after the role of Carolline Forbes in the popular youth TV series The Vampire Diaries. Today her name is well known in all corners of the Earth. Eastern Europe is no exception.
That is why our today's story is dedicated to this very charming blonde “vampire”. After all, the story of her fate and career achievements, certainly, will not leave indifferent the readers of our portal.

The Early Years, Childhood, and the Candice Accola Family

Candace Accola was born on May 13, 1987 in the large Texas city of Houston. In this place, however, our today's heroine did not live very long. When the future celebrity was not even five years old, her parents moved to the town of Edgewood in the southern state of Florida.
At this point, Father Candace began to practice medicine and soon became known as a successful heart surgeon.In turn, the mother of our today's heroine began to work as an environmental engineer. Both parents of the actress were ardent supporters of the US Republican Party, and therefore often acted also as its activists.
Candace Accola is today one of the most popular American actresses.Candace Accola is today one of the most popular American actresses.
Concluding the conversation about the stellar beauty family, we note that in addition to herself, there is also another child in the Accola family - the younger son of Cree.
As for creative hobbies, at an early age, Candace was a big fan of music. The girl dreamed of becoming a singer, and therefore already in her childhood formed the group “Girl Zone”, with whom she arranged improvised concerts, and also performed in nursing homes, as well as at some youth festivals. In parallel with this, our today's heroine often worked as a model, and sometimes even participated in fashion shows.

Star Trek actress Candice Accola, filmography

After graduating from high school, blonde beauty moved to live in Los Angeles, where she immediately caught the eye of local producers. She began performing in clubs, and some time later she managed to present her first singles to the public. For a while Candace
Accola also worked as a backing vocalist at Miley Cyrus concerts.From time to time, our today's heroine also appeared on her warm-up speeches.
Behind the scenes "The Vampire Diaries" (Candice Accola)
In 2008, the artist released her solo album “It’s Always the Innocent Ones”. After that, the girl began to act again as a solo singer. Having collected the required number of songs, Candice Accola made her own program and went on a tour of US cities. She was a success, but to call the artist's songs to these hits is still quite difficult.
As for the cinematic career, she has long remained in the shadow of the musical success of the beauty. In 2007, Candace made her debut on the screen in the little-known film Pirate Camp. After that, our today's heroine began acting in American TV shows.
So, she appeared in one of the series of the project “How I Met Your Mother”, and later starred in the TV series “Supernatural”, “It Is Beautiful Before Death” and in some lesser-known films. Some time later, full-length films also began to appear in our today's heroine’s career. For example, Candice has performed small roles in the comedy “Juno,” the melodrama “Formula S.Е........А.”, as well as in several other films.Her first major role was played by the actress in the “horror film” of “Dead Girl”, which, however, received rather low ratings and did not become very successful at the box office.
This state of affairs little upset the actress. She organically combined her musical career with work in the cinema, and also waited for her chance.
Kendis Accola - Interview - The Vampire Diaries Season 5 (Russian subtitles)
And very soon, fate smiled at her. The young actress got a role in the youth series "The Vampire Diaries", and therefore very soon became a real star. It is noteworthy that her heroine, Caroline Forbes, according to the original idea of ​​the producers, should not have stayed in the project for a long time. However, the blonde beauty so fond of the audience, that very soon her character was expanded.
Thus, Candace Accola, along with Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev became one of the main stars of the entire project. She began to learn on the streets. And she herself had the opportunity to feel like a real star.
It is quite remarkable that even after an unexpected success, our today's heroine did not abandon her musical career. She still often works in the studio.Some of her songs can be heard in the Vampire Diaries. It is noteworthy that the actress herself clearly shares her musical creativity and film career. On stage, she appears under the pseudonym "Candice", and in the movie is shot under his full name.
Commenting on this state of affairs, the American beauty repeatedly said that she did not want to identify her music and her films. In two industries - it wants to be self-sufficient and organic. That is why the duality of names becomes fully justified.
Concluding the speech about the cinematic career of our heroine, we note that in several films the actress played after unexpected glory. So, in particular, Candice Accola appeared in the historical films “Love Wounds” and “Royal Throne”, and also played one of the minor characters in the drama “Truth about Angels”. However, these films did not become very popular.
Another thing is the youth series “Dating Rules from the Future,” in which Candice Accola once again won one of the central roles. Thus, at present, the actress is removed at once in two well-known TV shows.As you can see, this state of affairs will continue in the near future.

Personal life of Candace Accola and activities outside show business

At the moment, it is known at least about one bright novel in the life of our today's heroine. For a long time, the actress met with her filmmaker partner, Stephen R. McQueen, who is known to viewers by the role of Jeremy Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries. However, the pair subsequently broke up.
Candice Accola and Steven McQueenCandice Accola and Steven McQueen
For a while, rumors also linked Candice with actor Joseph Morgan. But these messages have not found their confirmation. At the level of rumors also remain the relationship of the actress with the musician Joe King. However, in this case, everything is not so obvious and clear. Messages about the novel lovers are very similar to the truth.
In everyday life, Candace is known as an ardent activist of the rights movement for the rights of sexual minorities. To this day, the girl often performs with charity campaigns designed to reduce the level of suicides among adolescents with non-traditional sexual orientation.

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Personal life of Candace Accola and activities outside show business 43

Personal life of Candace Accola and activities outside show business 69

Personal life of Candace Accola and activities outside show business 90

Personal life of Candace Accola and activities outside show business 14

Personal life of Candace Accola and activities outside show business 99

Personal life of Candace Accola and activities outside show business 7