Politician Vishnevsky Boris Lazarevich: biography, activities and interesting facts

Recently, Russia has paid special attention to opposition statesmen. This is due, most likely, with a certain stagnation in political circles. This article will be told about the famous politician and public figure Boris Vishnevsky.

Life before restructuring

Our hero was brought up in a Jewish family. His father, Lazar Abelevich Rabbit, was an engineer. Mother, Rimma Borisovna Vishnevskaya, taught at the Radio Engineering College. Boris himself was born on October 15, 1955 in Leningrad. By 1972, he graduated from the Mathematical School of Moscow, after which he entered the Lenin Leningrad Institute in Management Theory. After graduation, Boris Vishnevsky was engaged in the processing of mathematical information and the management of complex systems. By 2002, Boris Lazarevich received a second higher education - now in the specialty "State and local self-government".

In the late 1980s, Vishnevsky took an active part in the democratic Leningrad movement, worked in the famous Perestroika club. From 1990 to 1993, he was fortunate enough to be a deputy to the district council of Moscow.

After adjustment

At the beginning of the 2990s, Moscow’s deputy Boris Vishnevsky was “noticed”. He succeeded in becoming an assistant to the head of the Leningrad Legislative Assembly. A little later, Boris grew up as advisor to the first vice-governor of St. Petersburg, who at that time was Igor Artemyev. By the way, it was Artemyev who was a member of the Yabloko political group. It is possible that this person advised Vishnevsky to register in this game.Vishnevsky Boris

By the beginning of the 2000s, Boris Vishnevsky became the leader of the expert group of the Yabloko faction, and a little later, the chief assistant to the deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Mikhail Amosov. In 2007, Boris Lazarevich began his journalistic activities. He becomes a columnist for the Novaya Gazeta. Having achieved some success, Vishnevsky holds the post of associate professor in the department of journalism at the Institute of Television and Business, and a little later - the post of vice president of the Center for Political Studies.


More should be told about the education of Boris Lazarevich. After graduating from Lenin LETI in 1978, Vishnevsky began working on complex mathematical systems. In 1988 he received the status of candidate of technical sciences. The reason for this was the numerous inventions and scientific works developed by Vishnevsky. By the beginning of the 2000s, he was the author of six technical inventions and more than 100 scientific works.

Boris Vishnevsky decided not to stop educational activities, and therefore entered the Leningrad Institute of Economics and Management. A little later, he graduated from the Moscow School of Political Studies - the so-called school of Lena Nemirovskaya. In 2007, Boris Lazarevich took the post of vice president at this school.

Cultural achievements

A person with such a stock of knowledge as Boris Vishnevsky, greatly influenced the entire cultural sphere of Russia. In 1990 he became a member of the Russian Union of Journalists. To date, Vishnevsky has been issued about 6 thousand of the most diverse articles. In 2003, Boris received the award of the Union of Journalists for Professional Excellence.Since 2010, the politician is included in the “Golden Pen of Russia” - a popular journalistic association. Vishnevsky is trying to maintain relations with the society for the protection of cultural monuments. As an active public figure, Boris Lazarevich participates in a variety of socially oriented groups in the country.Boris Vishnevsky deputy

The first policy book was published in 1999. She received the name "APPLE in Petersburg". It is easy to guess that this work is dedicated to the activities of the famous party in the territory of the Leningrad region. By 2000, Boris released the scandalous book "Russian elite". In this work, the politician described life in the political circles of Russia. Then a biographical book about the Strugatskys was published, as well as analytical works about democracy and the Russian social system.

Legislative Assembly Deputy Boris Vishnevsky is trying to maintain warm relations with the Russian opposition. So, in 2010, the politician signed an appeal to the political leaders in the framework of the "Putin Must Leave’ action. In 2014, Vishnevsky opposed the annexation of the Crimea by Russia.

Scientific activity

The presence of two higher education entities allowed Boris Lazarevich to hold various posts, both in public and in political sphere.One of them is the post of an expert of the State Duma during 1996-2003. This fact from Boris Vishnevsky’s biography had a positive effect on him: the doors to the most diverse spheres of politics were open for him.Boris Vishnevsky Legislative Assembly Member

From 1999 to 2000 Vishnevsky was the director of the political programs of the Epicenter Foundation. From 2008 to 2012, Boris Lazarevich served as assistant professor at the journalistic department at ITD. Since 2013, the politician is a professor in the department of political science at the Herzen State Pedagogical University.

To date, Boris Lazarevich has written many scientific publications in the field of electoral law, political science, local government, state organization, etc.

Political activity

Since September 22, 2016, Vishnevsky has been the head of the Yabloko faction in the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly. By the way, his predecessor was the current chairman of Yabloko, Grigory Alekseevich Yavlinsky.

What does Boris Lazarevich do today? Leads quite successful political and social activities. From 2006 to the present day, Vishnevsky has been writing articles against the construction of the Gazprom tower in St. Petersburg. Currently, Sachs deputy Boris Vishnevsky is a member of the international community for the protection of freedoms and human rights.The politician takes an active part in the work of the PEN Club - a global non-governmental organization that brings together writers and publicists for human rights activities.Legislative Deputy of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky

As one of the leaders of the Yabloko faction, Boris Vishnevsky, a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, is sympathetic to the people. So, in 2011, the politician promised the residents of St. Petersburg to abandon official cars in the party. Such a measure has saved almost a million rubles from the city budget every month.

The politician tries to fight with people who, in his opinion, denigrate the history of the country. So, in 2014, Boris Lazarevich secured the dismissal of Alexander Parkhomenko, head of the Leningrad Committee on Youth Policy. The reason is simple: Alexander went to the parade on May 9 with a portrait of Stalin. In the same year, Vishnevsky had trials with Andranik Migranyan, a political scientist who allegedly praised Hitler.

Vishnevsky in the 1990s

The biography of the deputy Boris Vishnevsky seems almost perfect. Perhaps it would have been so if the media had not collected a file for him. Boris Lazarevich is an active statesman, and for every politician in Russia they try to collect dirt.Some controversial or simply interesting facts from the life of Vishnevsky will be described below.deputy of the legislative assembly of petersburg boris vishnevsky

From 1995 to 1996, Boris Lazarevich was an assistant to the head of the St. Petersburg Zaks Yury Kravtsov. In April 1996, a criminal case was opened on Kravtsov. The reason is malpractice. In September 2011, Yury Anatolyevich was found guilty of embezzlement and received two years in prison. Due to the statute of limitations, Kravtsov did not go to jail. It is worth noting that in 1998, a statement against Kravtsov was signed by a member of the St. Petersburg administration, Igor Artemyev, whose adviser was then Boris Vishnevsky.

The situation with gubernatorial elections

From 1996 to 1999, Vishnevsky was an adviser to Igor Artemyev, the first vice-governor of St. Petersburg. According to media publications, Artemyev prevented Anatoly Sobchak from winning the election for the post of governor in St. Petersburg. Artemyev acted in the interests of Vladimir Yakovlev. However, already in 1999, Artemyev and Vishnevsky turned into opposition to Yakovlev. A little later, the St. Petersburg vice-governor was removed from office.Boris Vishnevsky biography deputy

Another interesting point is related to the relationship of Vladimir Yakovlev and Putin.In 1996, after losing the election Sobchak, the new governor of St. Petersburg allegedly rudely refused to dialogue with Putin. Vishnevsky told about it himself. It was then that a large number of media began to publish a variety of data about this case.

Political activity today

In May 2012, a minor scandal with United Russia member Vitaly Milonov broke out at the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky. The latter accused Boris Lazarevich in disclosing information about the meeting, at which the candidacies of the "Honorary Citizens of the City" were discussed. Vishnevsky himself played for director Alexander Sokurov. Milonov was against it, as he considered the director to be an "anti-churchman" and a "blasphemer." Meanwhile, Sokurov was chosen as no honorary citizen.Boris Vishnev biography

Vishnevsky periodically "exposes" his colleagues. Boris Lazarevich delivered a lot of trouble to Georgy Poltavchenko, the current St. Petersburg governor. For example, in June 2012, Vishnevsky called the reconstructed Kamennoostrovsky Palace "new governor's" residence. Poltavchenko demanded an apology. Boris Lazarevich periodically conflicts with United Russia.There are cases of scandals when discussing amendments to the budget, attempts to dismiss one of the deputies for using foul language, etc.

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