"Poor Sasha": the actors of the crime comedy

If you are a fan of interesting action films, be sure to watch a movie called “Poor Sasha”. Actors of the Russian crime comedy could not fail to please the viewer. And the director Keosayan Tigran, and the artists themselves did a great job working on the film. In short, a very good New Year's picture was “Poor Sasha”. Actors showed people in dire need of love. For this, the heroes are ready for much, even for a bank robbery.

"Poor Sasha": actors

Consider what the plot of the film is based on. What happens in the film "Poor Sasha"? The actors offered the viewer an incredibly exciting story. The twelve-year-old girl, more than anything else in the world, wants her mother to be with her more often. But mother spends a lot of time at work. Lack of maternal attention pushes the baby on a serious plan. She decides to rob the bank where her mother works. Thus the woman will remain without work.Before the New Year, the heroine finds herself a partner. They became a handsome male electronics engineer, who once made a bad hack and was imprisoned.

poor Sasha actors


Who played in the film "Poor Sasha"? The actors who took part in the shooting are well known and very talented. Their game could not fail to attract the attention of fans of cinema. The film played:

  • Chernova Julia (Sasha);
  • Zbruev Alexander (Berezkin Volodya);
  • Glagoleva Vera (Sasha's mother Olga Vasilievna);
  • Volkova Olga (governess Sasha Amalia Arkadyevna);
  • Boris Sichkin (homeless Aristarkh Lvovich);
  • Valery Garkalin (Nikolay Kryshkin);
  • Armen Dzhigarkhanyan (head of the colony);
  • Mishulin Spartak (Grumpy Thief in Law);
  • Ruslanova Nina (wife of Berozkina Galya);
  • Zhuravlev Anatoly (bandit guard Sokhaty);
  • Vorobyov Igor (thug security guard Sledgehammer);
  • Martirosyan George (Poluyakonin);
  • Gabrielyan Sergey (bandit guard Kostogryz);
  • Dolinsky Vladimir (chief engineer);
  • Vladimir Granov (Vanya);
  • Prokhorov Vladimir (general);
  • Nevrev Andrey (taxi driver);
  • Smirnov Fedor (guard);
  • Vershinin Oleg (guard);
  • Madyanov Roman (ensign);
  • Pavel Sirotin (director);
  • Nenashev Valery (lieutenant in prison);
  • Leonid Gromov (senior police lieutenant);
  • Nikitin Valentin (Father Frost number 1);
  • Shishkov Gennady (Father Frost №2);
  • Borodin Ilya (little thief);
  • Kuzin Alexey (Makarov).

In short, wonderful famous artists.film poor Sasha actors

the main role

Thus, the film “Poor Sasha” turned out to be incredibly interesting. Actors tried their best. But most of all attention attracts precisely the heroine named Sasha. The role of the girl went to Julia Chernova. It was the debut of the actress in the cinema. Born actress in 1985. At the age of four she began to study dance and English, at the age of six - in the Studio of artistic expression. In 2006 she graduated from GITIS.film poor Sasha

Impressions of Julia Chernova

In general, the film “Poor Sasha” pleasantly surprised the viewers with the acting. The shooting artists themselves also could not help being remembered and disliked. Naturally, the greatest number of emotions received debuted in the film Chernov.

The girl dreamed of becoming an actress from a very early age, and the invitation to play the main role in Keosayan’s film brought great joy. Julia claims that she would not be in the cinema without the participation of Rimma Timofeevna, a teacher in ballroom dancing.After all, these activities have hardened her character and patience. Starting to act in films, she saw that the work is not easy. In short, many things she needed.

In the film, the heroine Yulia is a lonely girl. In real life, the actress, too, has repeatedly felt exactly the same way: she was offended by others, sat by the window and thought that no one needed her. However, after some time I realized that at home she was still very much loved. Perhaps that is why Julia's parents were able to reveal in her a real talent!

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