Primer on wood for painting: instructions for use, features, types and reviews

Wood is quite a capricious material. It requires proper handling. To give the wood the necessary performance characteristics, various primers are used. They protect the material from various adverse effects.

Available in differentprimer on wood for painting.It is characterized by a number of features. When choosing, you must take into account the advice of experts. They will tell you what primer is better to buy for repair work.

Primer properties

Primer on wood for paintingIt is a special construction compound. It is sold in various containers. When applied to the surface leaves a thin film. It prevents the processes of decay of wood, the appearance of fungi and bacteria on it.Primer on wood for painting

It should be noted that wood is a natural material that is characterized by high moisture absorption. This means that when applied to its surface of different compositions, their consumption increases significantly. Primer can prevent this negative phenomenon. It significantly reduces the moisture absorption of wood.

In some cases, new paint is applied to the old layer. This is permissible to do only if the same composition of material is used as that which is on wood. For example, you can immediately apply the same coating on an old oil paint. However, the shade of the new layer may change somewhat. To avoid this, apply a special primer.

Primer properties

Primer for wood for painting with acrylic paints,oil and other compounds have a number of major effects. It disinfects natural material. At the same time, even with high humidity, mold and fungus do not appear on the surface.Primer on wood for painting instructions

Also primer is used to strengthen the surface of the material. This is especially important for wood that has been in use for many years and needs restoration.The base is impregnated with special resins. At the same time its moisture absorption is significantly reduced. Consumption of finishing materials, as well as the cost of repairs, are significantly reduced.

Wood contains a special coloring pigment - tannin. He can tread on the surface of the paint. In this case, the finish looks untidy. Priming compositions retain tannin inside the wood, preventing it from entering the paint.

The functional properties of the primer

Presented in the sale of primer can be divided into several categories. According to the functionality of the tool can be of three main types. The first category includes reinforcing compositions. They are calleda primer of deep penetration for a tree under painting.These are universal impregnations which allow to strengthen wood before the subsequent finishing. Similar compositions are used not only for wood, but also for concrete, brick surfaces.Primer on wood for painting price

The second large group includes antiseptic compositions. They eliminate the unwanted microflora that already exists in the wood. In the future, fungi and bacteria will also not be able to develop on surfaces treated with antiseptic.

The third category of funds include hydrophobic primer. They protect the texture of the material from excessive moisture. Such primers are used for wooden facades, various objects (for example, benches), which for a long time are outdoors.


Depending on the components that make up the product, there are different types of primers. They differ in performance. suitable not only for wood, but also for metal. Well absorbed. They are suitable for any type of paint. Acrylic primers dry quickly (1-4 hours) and do not have an unpleasant smell.Acrylic primer on wood for painting

Silicone-acrylic primers significantly reduce the water absorption of the material. The surface after treatment is characterized by a stable level of humidity.

Alkyd primers are used before applying paint on a similar basis. In this composition a lot of solvent, so the surface dries quickly. Such compositions are well suited for surfaces with an old layer of paint.

The polyvinyl acetate primer dries quickly. It is treated on top with white glue.

Also on sale are polyurethane products. They are used for impregnation of parquet.If you need to smooth the surface of the wood, you need to use shellac primer.

Cost of

The price of primer on wood for paintingmay vary significantly depending on its type and manufacturer. So, universal compositions of deep penetration can be purchased at a price of 600-800 rubles. for 10 l. At the same time, funds on water dispersion basis of this category are much cheaper. Canister 10 liters can be purchased at a price of 200 rubles. It is used for interior work.Primer on wood for painting with acrylic paints

Oil formulations that belong to the universal category can be purchased for 800-900 rubles. (capacity 0.9 l). This means, presented in the form of paint with a large amount of solvent.

Adhesive primers cost about 850-950 rubles. for the capacity of 0.9 liters. They are made on alkyd basis. Suitable for applying primer on a layer of old paint.

Deep penetration primers cost a bit less. A capacity of 10 liters can be purchased for 1100-1200 rubles. The cost may vary significantly among different brands.

Main characteristics

In order to choose the right primer composition in accordance with the needs of the material, it is necessary to consider the basic qualities of each product. Acrylic varieties are suitable not only for wood, but also for chipboard, fiberboard, brick and plaster.They dry in 2-4 hours.Primer on wood for painting with oil paint

Alkyd primer for wood for paintingdries within 10-14 hours. It is also suitable for metal surfaces.

Polyurethane varieties have a long drying period. They need a day to become ready for further decoration. Such compositions are suitable for both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. Even if you have to work in very dusty conditions, polyurethane primers provide high-quality adhesion of paint to the substrate.

Silicone compounds are suitable in addition to wood and for concrete, plaster, limestone. Such soils dry up in 4-5 hours.

Expert reviews

To choose the right composition for wood processing, it is necessary to consider several factors. First of all, this is the location of the object. Different grounds are used for wood inside and outside the room. Also take into account the climatic conditions. If the street is often damp, you should choose the most hydrophobic agent.Alkyd primer on wood for painting

Primer on wood for painting with oil paintshould be applied in several layers, so its consumption will be higher. Acrylic varieties dry quickly.They should process wood in the morning or afternoon on a hot summer day.

Also, when choosing, it is necessary to take into account how the wood will be subsequently processed. If you want to preserve the natural texture of the material, you must select the appropriate compositions. The film will be thin, will be able to repeat the natural pattern of wood.

Primer application on old paint

For material that already has an old top coat applied, you can applyprimer on wood for painting. Instructioncarrying out this process suggests the need for proper surface preparation.

The primer in this case is chosen with the same paint composition. It does not need to completely clean the surface. It should only be cleaned with sandpaper. The surface should be rough.

If the color of the new and old paint does not match, you will need to apply a special separating layer of soil. When the impregnation is dry, you can proceed to further work.

If new and old paint differ in composition (for example, alkyd and oil), it is necessary to remove the material from the wood surface completely. To do this, use a building dryerFirst, the wood is treated with antiseptic, and then with a finishing primer.

New wood

Primer on wood for paintingmay be applied to a new building, structure or other newly created object. In this case, no synthetic composition has been applied to the material.

The surface of such wood will need to be sanded. If there are cracks or other defects, they should be carefully sealed with acrylic putty. This is an elastic material. It does not have a sharp smell. At change of the sizes of wood such hard putty prevents further cracking.

Before priming, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned from dust and other debris. The tool is applied with a brush, roller. You can use the spray if the surface has a large area. When choosing acrylic putty will need to apply several layers of tools.

Before applying the primer should be familiar with the manufacturer's instructions. In this case, the processing will be of high quality.

Having considered what constituteswood primer for painting,what are its varieties, you can choose and apply the composition of their own. This will prepare the surface for further finishing work.

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