Pulkovo International Airport: description and infrastructure

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg is the only and largest transport hub of passenger aviation in the city. A few years ago, a new terminal was commissioned, which fully meets the modern requirements of comfort and safety of passengers traveling both domestically and abroad.

Today, Pulkovo Airport is one of the most modern and comfortable air terminals in Russia. He occupies a leading position in the annual rankings. Airport Pulkovo scoreboards broadcast information in several languages.

Arrival at the airport

You can get to this place from St. Petersburg on a personal vehicle, as well as by calling a car from a taxi service. It is also possible to get to the airport by public transport.

The surrounding area is equipped with parking,which allow to leave cars for the short-term or long-term period. Airport staff advised to use the services of "Pulkovo Taxi". The official carrier guarantees safety and high service. You can order a taxi through the official number of the order service, as well as through the racks located in the departure and arrival areas.

You can pay for the trip either in cash or using a bank card. Airport staff warned that you should not agree to travel with unregistered drivers who are not related to the official taxi service.

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg

Those who decide to get to Pulkovo Airport by public transport should know that the bus departs from the stop located near the Moskovskaya metro station. Numbers of buses: 39, 39e, and also K39.

The road to the airport takes from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the time of day and the situation on the road.


You can check in for a flight in several ways. To do this, eat:

  • the reception;
  • self-service kiosks;
  • online check-in through the airport’s official website.

The latter method is the most popular.Online registration, at the moment, the fastest in time, takes no more than 5 minutes. Its advantage is the ability to independently choose a seat in the plane. Also check-in can be done through the official website of the airline making the flight.

Pulkovo Airport today

If the passenger has checked in for the flight on his own, but is not able to print the received boarding pass, he can apply for him at the airport check-in counter. The employee will ask the passenger to show the passport and issue a boarding pass.

Departure and arrival board

On the entire territory of the airport there are boards displaying the schedule of departure and arrival of flights.

Scoreboard at Pulkovo Airport

The scoreboards at Pulkovo Airport have information in Russian, English and Chinese. This is due to the large number of tourists from the Middle Kingdom who visit the northern capital.

Also, the scoreboard of the Pulkovo airport departure is also on the official website of the St. Petersburg airport. Data is updated every minute. Passengers can also get information about their flight through the information desks.

Those who meet have the opportunity to learn the latest information on the arrivals board of Pulkovo Airport.

Security at the terminal and in the air

The security service warns that absolutely all passengers traveling from Pulkovo airport should pass the preflight inspection.

Inside the airport

People who fly inside the country need only pass a preflight inspection. Those traveling outside the Russian Federation are also required to go through migration, passport and border control.

It is worth remembering that there is a list of items and substances that are not allowed to be carried in carry-on baggage, they must be checked in.

The security service provides some tips for quickly passing a pre-flight inspection:

  • in order not to delay the queue, it is necessary to prepare a passport and boarding pass in advance;
  • it is necessary to take off hats, belts;
  • it is necessary to free the pockets, in particular from all metal objects;
  • You need to remove your shoes if it is thick enough or has a high heel.

Also, airport security officers will be asked to show all technical devices. If laptops, tablets and other equipment are packed in hand luggage, you will need to get it.The aircraft will not be allowed to carry piercing objects, as well as liquids, the volume of which exceeds 100 ml. In addition, security personnel will ask for additional verification of soft toys.


There are several departure lounges. The departure lounge at Pulkovo Airport has been prepared for domestic passengers. There is also a waiting room for passengers departing abroad.

Pulkovo Airport

In addition, for all passengers in the business class, 2 separate waiting rooms have been prepared. But that is not all. Paid visits to improved waiting rooms are also possible. The cost of the service is 2500 rubles per passenger. Price may rise. It all depends on the time of day.

Business lounges have several advantages, namely:

  • They are equipped with office equipment, including fax, printer and copy machine;
  • In the business halls there is an opportunity to have a snack both hot and cold dishes, and also to choose drinks.

Free entry to business lounges is available for members of bonus programs that most Russian airlines have. For example, members of the Aeroflot-Bonus program of the gold and platinum level can stay for free inlounges, as well as carry with 1 extra passenger.

Pulkovo Airport Arrival Area

Arriving in St. Petersburg, passengers enter the baggage claim hall. The improved system allows passengers to get their suitcase in minutes.

Departure from Pulkovo Airport

In the main hall, where passengers can be met by relatives, friends and colleagues, there are several eating places, including the famous Starbucks coffee shop, as well as a pharmacy, car rental service, a flower shop and a gift shop.

Arrivals for today at Pulkovo airport can be seen on the information boards.

Passengers wishing to rent a car should order the service in advance through the official website of the airport.

VIP service

All passengers have the opportunity to order a VIP service. To do this, leave a request on the official website of the airport. Today, Pulkovo Airport offers the highest level of VIP service. The premium lounge has a private entrance. But that is not all! There is even the possibility of the entrance of vehicles directly to the entrance to the VIP-hall.

The cost of service in it is 16,000 rubles, the price of a child’s seat is 8000 rubles.If the seat is booked less than 24 hours prior to arrival, an extra charge for urgency in the amount of 1180 r will be charged. 1000 rubles - the cost of pre-booking a specific place in the cabin.

Today, the Pulkovo airport board is also installed in the superior rooms.

Also, passengers have the opportunity to book meeting rooms. Hall up to 8 people is 6000 rubles. The cost of accommodating up to 6 persons is 5,000 rubles. A room of increased comfort will cost 12 000 r. Prices are per hour.

Also available to book a children's room. Passengers can request a transfer from the VIP lounge to the ramp. And also go through all the pre-flight events on an individual basis.

Airport Services

The new terminal of Pulkovo Airport includes a huge number of services that allow you to make the stay of passengers on its territory comfortable.

Arrival at Pulkovo Airport

Throughout the airport there is free Wi-Fi, passengers also have the opportunity to charge their technical devices through special machines installed in the waiting rooms. You can use luggage carts or porter services.There is another option - to hand over things in the storage room.

ATMs of most Russian banks are installed throughout the airport, through which passengers can deposit or withdraw cash through. Also on the territory there is a currency exchange area.

For adults who travel with children, special “mother-and-child” rooms have been prepared, as well as changing rooms, children's areas and a medical center in case of need.

Passengers can also visit the ticket offices and offices of most airlines, banks and post offices.

Health care

On the 2nd floor of the terminal there is a medical assistance point. Mode of operation around the clock. Any passenger or visitor to Pulkovo Airport may require assistance.

Also, to provide it, you can call a doctor by phone number. The doctor will fit anywhere in the airport. You can call the doctor through the reception of information.

People with disabilities

It is necessary for 48 hours to notify the airline about the need for special assistance. It is the airlines that can book it for passengers at the airport.Also on the 3rd floor there is a special button to call an employee who can provide all necessary assistance.

Cafes and restaurants, located up to control

Prior to passing control at Pulkovo Airport, you can visit 5 places of public catering: Starbucks and Puro Gusto, Italian restaurant Il Patio, Irish pub, and McDonalds fast food restaurant.

In general, the places here - for every taste and color. The Italian restaurant Il Patio offers a large menu. It consists of a variety of hot and cold dishes, including pizza, pasta, salads, roasts, etc. The children's menu of the American restaurant “McDonald’s” presents a comprehensive lunch for children, “Happy Mille”, including a toy of your choice.

The PMI Sky Bar is located in the business lounge. There, passengers will be offered a large map of hot and soft drinks, as well as a large number of desserts. In all places of public catering both cash and bank cards of all payment systems are accepted for payment.

Post-control cafes and restaurants

After passing through pre-flight control, all passengers can also visit cafes and catering restaurants.

In the departure area there are several restaurants with American cuisine:

  • T.G.I. Friday’s;
  • Burger King;
  • American bar and grill.

There are also restaurants with Italian cuisine:

  • Il Patio;
  • Puro Gusto.

In addition, passengers can visit the restaurant "Kamchatka" or "Teremok", drop in at the famous coffee shop Costa Coffee or enjoy it in the establishment "Planet Sushi". In each of the listed places a good menu is offered.

In the fast food restaurant "Teremok" passengers can enjoy a large number of dishes of Russian cuisine.

The shops

In addition to the Duty Free zones, there are many boutiques of clothing, accessories, souvenirs, as well as a flower shop at Pulkovo Airport. You can also visit the pastry shop. Florists florist will gladly collect any composition in a few minutes.

For passengers, the store of the St. Petersburg hockey team SKA is open. The store presents the official attributes of the club. For football fans of the team Zenith also opened a shop with official paraphernalia. Passengers and greeters can order personalized T-shirts, they will be made in 10-15 minutes.

Also in various shops and shops the opportunity to purchase souvenirs with the symbols of St. Petersburg.

Tax free

Passengers have the opportunity to issue a tax refund at the territory of Pulkovo airport. The tax refund desk is located immediately after passing through customs control.

All completed documents with a mark of the customs authority, passengers should be released in a special container Tax Free. However, the tax payment in cash is not made today at Pulkovo Airport.

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