Pure Moscow garbage

So, again the notes came in.
This garbage notice only in Moscow.
Neither in St. Petersburg, nor in Minsk, nor in Baku, Amsterdam, Kharkov, Kiev or other European cities did not see people on the subway going up the escalator strictly from the right.
In Moscow, in front of the entrance to the escalator there will be a giant traffic jam, but all the same, everyone will become just to the right. By and large, loading the escalator is far from complete.
I still understand, short descents-ascents, there really are those who are in a hurry to the left. But on long climbs only a few units rise. Still, everyone is on the right.
Moreover, the speakerphone will be asked to occupy the entire escalator, and at the entrance to it there will be a traffic jam.
People anyway, obeying some kind of herd instinct, will become only on one side.
Muscovites, explain to me where you got this instinct from? What a strange habit?
Pitertsy, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, you, too, so? I just did not pay attention?

P.S. By the way, those who walk on foot, even on long climbs, really wins 20 seconds, not more.Given that they, too, have to stand in a traffic jam in front of the escalator, waiting for everyone to meekly line up to the right.
And to the left often go, because they did not fit into the right densely standing mass and are afraid, God forbid, to become left.

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