Rapid disabling of Beeline services

To attract the mostusers, many cellular operators offer to purchase a variety of services, in which, often, there is simply no need. Beeline is also one of such operators. The question of how to disable the services on the Beeline becomes relevant when the user connects a function by mistake, or the previously needed service becomes already unnecessary.

disabling Beeline services

In order to find out the list of connected you(or you) services, you need to dial alternately * 110 * 09 #, and then press the call send key. Within a few minutes you will receive an SMS-notification, in which the requested data will be registered. Disabling Beeline services is also possible after a set of the following combinations:

  • service "AntiAnion" - a combination of * 110 * 070 and a call key;
  • service "Chameleon" - dial * 110 * 20 #, then call;
  • service "Sms-motion" - enter * 110 * 2010 # and press the send call;
  • the service "Chat" - a combination of numbers * 110 * 410 # and then the call forward;
  • "Be in the Beeline" service - dial * 110 * 400 # and press the call key;
  • "Be in the know + Beeline" service - enter * 110 * 1062 # and press the call;
  • the service "Voice Mail" - a combination of * 110 * 010 # and a call;
  • service "There is a contact" - * 110 * 4020 #, call forwarding;
  • the service "Favorite number" - * 139 * 880 # and a call.

In recent years, Beeline subscribers are subject tothe risk of losing money from the phone account due to the virus or due to the connection of paid services. Money can be lost, and trusting scammers offering to send a message to the provided number, which in turn is paid as a result, and the subscriber is deprived of a large sum of money.

To avoid such situations, Beeline offersservice "black-and-white lists". With its help the subscriber has the ability to block voice calls, receive and send paid sms, as well as messages to paid short numbers. This service, although it does not save from spam completely, but significantly reduces the risk of undesirable waste of money.

how to disable services on Beeline

Often, about how to disable the paid services of Beeline, subscribers begin to be interested after they are bored to give every day a certain amount from the account of their mobile phone.

Disabling Beeline's services "Gudok" and "Lottery"

Deactivation of Beeline's services "Gudok" and "Lottery"it is possible only by sending sms, or making a call to the operator's service center. To disable the "Dial tone" function, dial the service number 0770 and then follow the instructions of the answering machine. To disable the "Lottery 1010", send an empty SMS to number 3003.

how to disable paid services

Disabling of other paid services

Deactivation of Beeline's "Hi" and "Internet withunconfigured phone "is possible either when typing certain combinations of numbers, or when calling a service number. To disable the "Hi" function, you can dial the number 067409770 or enter a combination of * 111 # digits, then press the call send key. After that, select "My Beeline" in the menu, then "Services" - "Hello", and finally the "Disconnect" item. You can cancel the "Internet from an unconfigured phone" service by dialing the number 0622. It should be noted that this service is not displayed in the list of connected via the * 110 * 09 # combination.

Canceling the "Follow" service is possible when you selectwhich appeared after the combination * 566 # of the menu item "Disconnect". Deactivation of Beeline services is also possible through your personal account, which you can enter by clicking on the link. When registering in your account, enter the digits of your phone number in the "login" line, and in order to receive a password, dial * 110 * 9 # and press the call forward.

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