Recipes for lean baking. Fast pastry in a hurry

Why is lean baking so relevant? The first reason is the pathological shortage of time among working women. Therefore, each kitchen requires simple and highly accurate recipes that give consistently good results. But there are a number of reasons. Lean baking recipes are needed by those who watch their figure. After all, a diet diet, but households require tasty. And to refuse a fragrant dessert can be very difficult. Finally, there are people who keep posts. During such periods, recipes of lean pastries become a real lifesaver and a way to diversify the table.lean recipes

What is a lean pastry?

This is a whole direction in cooking, which for centuries has been used by mistresses of various nations. In general, this cooking without the use of baking (butter, eggs, milk). At first glance - the task is not feasible. How to bake a delicious cake, cookie, cupcake or make muffins without baking? But in fact, everything is simple.Lean baking recipes help out vegetarians, healthy food supporters, fasting people, or people suffering from chronic diseases, who suppose a number of products. Show imagination, and such tasty smells will float from your kitchen that you don’t have to call anyone - they will come running themselves.

Delicious, fragrant cakes

Typically, the cake is associated with a large number of butter additives in the dough. The hostesses diligently put more butter, eggs, milk and sour cream into it, and then they have to increase the amount of yeast, because baking makes the dough more heavy and increases the time required for proofing. The resulting products should be eaten immediately, on the same day. Baking makes the dessert tasty, but shortens its life, it dries up (especially baked in the oven) simply incredibly quickly. Try lean baking recipes - the products are not much different in taste, they are cooked faster, easier and cheaper. There are two options for making dough for the cake: yeast and yeast-free. If you have children in your family, it is better to do without yeast, as they cause bloating.lean pastries in a slow cooker

Classic yeast dough can be prepared according to your favorite recipe, only replace milk with potato broth or water. You can add soy milk. Eggs can not be added, and butter or margarine, replace sunflower. Otherwise, everything is as usual. You will need to dissolve the yeast in warm water (1 teaspoon to 2 cups of liquid). After 15 minutes, add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 0.5 tsp. salt. Pour a glass of flour, mix, add 50 g of vegetable oil and, gradually adding flour, mix elastic, moist, but not sticky dough.

If you do not like lush yeast dough, then offers you another very tasty recipe for pies. They are quite crumbly, crispy on the sides and tender in the middle. You will need 500 grams of flour, 100 ml of water, 50 ml of vegetable oil, ½ teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of vinegar 9%. Pour the flour on the table on the table, make a hole, pour in water with vinegar, pour in salt and knead the dough. Cover it with foil and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes. You can take any filling. It can be dried fruits, cabbage with mushrooms, potatoes with fried onions. If you prefer a sweet filling (jam), then it is better to form small products.

Delicious cakes

If you are interested in fast pastries in a hurry, then knead the simplest dough. To do this, take the potato broth, add salt, sugar and flour. It should be a cool but elastic dough. For the filling of pies, mashed potatoes made from boiled potatoes are well suited. Fry them in butter until done - and you can enjoy. If baked pies are preferable, then this dough will not work - the products will be too hard.

Yeast dough comes out softer and more lush. Take a glass of warm water, pour into a large bowl, add 7 g of dry yeast, 3 tsp of sugar, 1.5 tsp of salt, 5 spoons of vegetable oil. Now add 3 (+0.5) cups of flour one by one. Knead the dough and remove to increase the volume. It turns out very large-pore and rubbery (when squeezed, it quickly takes on its original shape). Compared with the dough, mixed with milk and eggs, products made from such a lightweight version are more lush, do not get stale for a long time. Like other fast pastries in a hurry, such cakes will not take much time to cook. About 30 minutes will be spent on the rise of the dough and preheating the oven, and then about 15 minutes to bake pastry

Stuffing for pies

She can be any.This is buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, potatoes with onions, cabbage, pea porridge, carrots, fried spicy or sweet (with dried apricots) beets. From the novelties you can try the eggplant chickpea filling, beans with garlic, salted mushrooms and onions. Sweet cakes also give room for imagination. As a filling can be apples with carrots and nuts, dried apricots with apples and raisins, bananas with raisins, any berries. Each of these options can be a real find.

Lent pastries in a slow cooker

This wonderful device is created to prepare tasty and healthy dishes without oil. Baking it turns out somewhat unusual, you need to get used to it. She will not have a crisp, but nevertheless it will still be very tasty. Best of all are different biscuits, muffins and charlottes. "What kind of cupcake without butter and eggs?" - you ask. It can be very tasty and harmless enough for body shape and health. Below we give the recipes that make the best pastry.


lean sweet pastries

Lean pastries in a slow cooker come out very lush and tasty. You will never refuse an additional piece.You will need 2 apples - they need to be peeled and cut into small cubes. To these should be added 150 g of sugar and 50 g of oil. If desired, add weight to 2 tablespoons of thick jam and 0.5 cups of nuts (just do not use peanuts - it will smash). Next, add 120 g of strong tea and 320 g of wheat flour. Do not forget to pour a packet of baking powder to the flour. Without it, baking will not be so lush. Then you need to knead the dough, lubricate the slow cooker with oil and sprinkle with flour so that the charlotte does not stick. It remains to set the mode "Baking" for about 65-85 minutes. Put the finished cake on a plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Lean sweet pastries

The variety here is huge, it is firewood, and tortillas, and pancakes, and potato zrazy and much more. But for now we will focus on the simplest recipes that will allow you to pamper your loved ones with tasty and healthy sweets. The easiest way to make a cupcake is grace for imagination, and a minimum of effort is required.

tasty lean pastries

A whole world of cupcakes for tea

We will consider the basic recipe, which can be modified by yourself, as it pleases. You will need 1 cup of flour, 100 g of sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.All this will need to mix in a bowl, add 100 ml of water and 4 tablespoons of odorless vegetable oil. The resulting mixture and will be the basis for our sweets. You can add anything you want: chocolate pieces, cocoa, nuts, finely grated carrots, raisins, chopped dried apricots or prunes, berries, seeds, bananas, various syrups, jam. It depends only on your taste preferences and what is in the refrigerator. Crushed fruits also complement this cupcake well. If lean sweet pastries take root on your table, then you do not want to move on to the usual recipes, in which margarine is necessarily present.

Gorgeous strudel

pastry pastry

This is truly delicious lean pastries. At the same time, apple and pear strudel is considered an exquisite delicacy and is highly valued in many countries of the world. It's time for you to learn how to cook it at home. You will need to knead a simple dough of 240 g of flour, 120 g of water, 40 g of vegetable oil and a pinch of salt. You should get a very elastic mass - put it in the fridge for at least an hour. The filling is going to be very simple: wash and soak 30 g of raisins, cut 150 g of walnuts into slices, peel 500 g of pears and cut into cubes, pour with lemon juice. Pour 40 g of sugar into the frying pan, add a few tablespoons of water and lightly caramelize.Now lay out pears, raisins, add vanilla and cinnamon, do not turn off the heat until all the liquid has evaporated. When cool, add the nuts. The most difficult thing remains - you need to very thinly roll out and stretch the dough. To do this, grease it abundantly with oil. Now spread the filling over the entire surface and roll it up. Bake 30 minutes at 220 degrees. See for yourself that pastry is a delicious, quick and easy.lean pastry without yeast

Delicious Buns

Lean pastries without yeast are somehow not at all associated with fluffy and fragrant buns. Believe that it is not. Buns are cooked quickly, they can add dried fruits, poppy seeds, raisins and sesame seeds, make them sweet or bland. In general, an option for all occasions. You will need 350 grams of flour, 300 grams of unsweetened yogurt, half a teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of sugar. Please note that if you make a sweet version, then you need 2 times more sugar. In addition, baking powder (2 teaspoons) and a tablespoon of vegetable oil are required. You need to mix all the ingredients, knead the dough. It must be divided into 10 parts and put on a work surface sprinkled with flour.Then shift to a baking sheet, covered with baking paper, and put in a preheated oven. Oven for 15-20 minutes at 220 degrees until golden brown.

Now you have enough reasons to try the Lenten dishes. Recipes (baking turns out excellent) are checked by many housewives, and each added them to the section of their favorites. This allows you to save time in the kitchen, pamper your family with goodies and regulate the consumption of fatty and unhealthy foods.

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Recipes for lean baking. Fast pastry in a hurry 28

Recipes for lean baking. Fast pastry in a hurry 7

Recipes for lean baking. Fast pastry in a hurry 99

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Recipes for lean baking. Fast pastry in a hurry 86

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