Review LCD "Fili Grad" from the developer MR Group

About the area:

A new residential complex was erected in the historic district in the west of Moscow, where a refined park, cultural monuments (the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, the Naryshkin estate) are located, and the pride of Muscovites is the Pyotr Fomenko Theater.

In addition, Filevsky Park is considered to be prestigious and prosperous: it has a good social component, developed infrastructure and excellent transport links.

But life in this area is not everyone can afford. The average cost per square meter of housing is higher than 210 thousand rubles.

The residential complex was conceived as part of a new projected quarter - “Big City”. RC “Fili Grad” was the first project implemented under this plan for the development of the territory. While the nearest environment is not impressive - in the neighborhood industrial enterprises, high-rise buildings built in the post-war time. But in the near future, according to the authorities, the situation will change radically.Overshadow the appearance of the new quarter will not be anything. On the contrary, from the windows of local houses only scenic views will open up - on the city (business center “Moscow-City”) and the Moscow River.


While the environmental situation in the area can not be called definitely positive. The project was implemented on the territory of the former industrial zone, as part of a plan for the reorganization of the territory. Nearby remained the existing industrial enterprises (plants), which still spoil the view and negatively affect the ecological situation.

The situation is smoothed by the presence of a vast area of ​​“Filyovsky Park” (5 km long) and the Moscow River. More than a third of the territory is occupied by green areas.

Taking into account the prospects for the development of territories allocated for the implementation of the “Big City” megaproject (another name is “Moscow-City 2”), this area will be favorable for living in the near future.

But now, from the windows of some apartments, LCDs offer panoramic views of the city and the river. And in the largest park in Moscow, which is also a natural cultural monument of the 17th and 19th centuries, the locals have access to a lot of entertainment - a landscaped area, a beach, a boat station.

Also, the developer, according to the LCD project, took measures to green the development area, which included planting trees and shrubs, arranging flower gardens and recreation areas.

Given the proximity to the center of Moscow, the ecological situation in the residential complex “Fili Grad” is more prosperous than that of other similar complexes.

Educational institutions:

There are several educational institutions operating in the district of Filevsky Park:

  • public and private kindergartens;
  • secondary schools, including those with in-depth study of the exact sciences;
  • School of Art, Music and Olympic Reserve;
  • universities;
  • educational centers.

Small residents of the residential complex “Fili grad” will be able to attend the local kindergarten №806 (15 minutes walk), school №1497 (7 minutes), educational center “Proton” (15 minutes). And, of course, the new private kindergarten in the territory of the residential complex (already running, accommodates up to 210 children aged 1-7 years).

Also within walking distance are higher education institutions:

Institute of Contemporary Art and Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University.


On the territory of the district there are several medical institutions: polyclinics, a city hospital with departments, a children's clinic, as well as medical centers and clinics.

The nearest medical institution to the residential institution is the city clinical hospital for adults No. 51. 2.5 km from the new houses there is a whole medical city (several departments). You can reach it in 19 minutes by public transport and in 7 minutes on your own.

As we see on the map, there are several private medical centers with different specializations (gynecology, dentistry and others) in the vicinity of the LCD.

Children's Department of polyclinic №199 is also 2.5 km away from the residential complex. In 3.2 km there is a children's polyclinic №32.

Trading infrastructure:

The shopping and entertainment infrastructure of the district includes pharmacies, grocery stores, boutiques, fitness centers, cafes, cinemas, a sports complex, attractions in the Fili children's park and private enterprises that provide various services to the public. Own infrastructure facilities will appear on the first floors of residential complexes (boutiques, minimarket, fitness club, cafe), as well as in buildings of the second construction phase (BC and shopping center). In one of the buildings of the second stage, “Crossroads” is already working,in the case of the first stage - “Pyaterochka”. And at some distance from the LCD - “Magnet” and many grocery stores.

In the LCD conditions created for a comfortable life of the modern city dweller, as well as the opportunity to work near the house.

Transport infrastructure:

About the transport accessibility of the object can be judged by the distance from the largest highways of the capital, metro stations and public transport:

  • TTK - 2.5 km, Zvenigorodskoe Highway - 5.3, Kutuzovsky Prospect - 6.4 km;

  • m. “Fili” (1.2 km) and “Shelepiha” (1.4 km) - 15-17 minutes on foot or 4 minutes by bus number 653;

  • railway station “Fili” (Byelorussian direction) - 17 minutes drive;

  • stop "Coastal travel" - 3 minutes walk from new buildings (buses and minibuses go).

Thanks to the developed transport infrastructure, the city center can be reached in 19 minutes by private car. From the railway station without direct connections you can reach the settlements of Borodino, Zvenigorod, Usovo (in the west direction), Serpukhov, Dubna (in the east).

The residential complex is located at some distance from major highways, which allowed providing residents of Fili Grad with a sufficient level of silence.But at the same time, each owner of a personal car can quickly leave the complex on one of the major highways of Moscow. The busiest part of the road is a fork in the TTR with Shmitovsky passage.


According to the project declaration, the developer of the residential complex “Fili Grad” is Fili-Development LLC. The commercial designation of MR Group, like many other construction companies, which is the largest developer of the same name. The company has been operating since 2003, today there are 31 projects not on its account, including those under construction (about 5 million square meters in the Moscow Region and in Sochi). In addition, the developer occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most reliable developers of the capital and is the owner of prestigious awards.

Recently, MR Group has been implementing comfort and business class projects in the territory of the former industrial zones, within the framework of the plans of the Moscow authorities for the reorganization of territories. The developer manages to draw attention to his projects, despite the presence of nearby operating industrial enterprises.

The developer LLC Fili-Development, in addition to the current other projects do not. But the buildings of the residential complex “Fili Grad” are completed and commissioned,and the project itself has already become the winner of prestigious awards and awards in real estate (“The Best Residential Comfort-Class Residential Complex” according to Move Realty Awards in 2017). Leading companies of various fields of activity worked on its creation:

  • architectural bureau Speech, under the strict guidance of experienced architects S. Choban and S. Kuznetsov,
  • foreign general contractor Renaissance,
  • Turkish construction company Ant Yapi,
  • interior designer - Italian company Co-Progetti, which offers interior solutions for future residents of the MFC “Fili Grad” for a fee,
  • real estate agencies for the sale of commercial (Adwill) and residential areas (“Metrium Group”, “Best Novostroy”).

A reliable developer and a strong team that was assembled to design and implement the LCD project “Fili Grad” are strong arguments in favor of buying property in a new multi-functional complex.

Mystery shopper:

The secret buyer, after conducting a personal study of the object, in addition to the officially submitted information about the new LCD, made some conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of Fili Grad.

From his point of view, there is a constructive failure in the architectural project, which is associated with the views from the windows.Most will go out to the courtyard and because of the rounded shape (2nd phase of construction), visitors and residents will be forced to look into the windows of their neighbors. Specific apartments, about which the developer speaks so much, can be counted on the fingers - only owners of one of the seven penthouses will be able to contemplate pleasant landscapes.

And another constructive failure, in the opinion of the secret buyer, is associated with the forced narrowing of external passages (made in favor of increasing the interior courtyard).

The second point, to which the “researcher” drew attention, concerned “rooms of the hotel type with the purpose of residence”, i.e. apartments. The author of the study recalled that they are not suitable for registration, utility payments are 15% more expensive than for apartment owners. And in general, apartments are more suitable as a “spare aerodrome” (as a second or even third apartment).

As for the positive moments - the secret buyer noticed that the cost of real estate in the residential complex for the first 2.5 years that have passed since the start of the project has increased by 40%. A good income was received by the first of the co-investors who invested in Fili Grad.In addition to the undoubted advantages inherent in comfort-class residential complexes, the MFC “Fili Grad” became famous in the market due to the investment component.

Also from the gaze of the “researcher” did not hide the fact that young Muscovites buy premises in Fili Grad and take them for themselves, for personal needs. This means that the project attracts buyers with its prestige, the opportunity to realize their “healthy ambitions”.

Referring to reviews of potential buyers, we note that the negative points in them expressed much less. Most Internet users praise the project and envy those who have already settled in new buildings.

Alternative sellers:

On popular bulletin boards there are offers both from the developer, and from owners, and real estate agencies, in particular Century 21 Street Realty, Diamant Estate, Bon Ton, Mezon, Metrium Group, Best Real Estate and others . Of these, only “Metrium Group” and “Best Novostroy” are officially announced sellers of apartments in the residential complex “Fili Grad” (according to information from the official site).

Adwill is entrusted with the sale and rental of commercial space.

Construction progress:

The official site of the residential complex “Fili Grad” of the project reflects the progress of construction of new houses in the news feed and in the form of a monthly photo report in the section with the corresponding name. The developer has publicly announced the completion of the project and delivery of objects. The project site has posted permissions for commissioning buildings, there is an online broadcast from the webcams at the facility and there are photos of the completed buildings from December 1, 2017.

Photo from a video camera, shooting date 01/14/2018

Apartment renovation:

Apartments and apartments are rented without finishing. Builders will install high-quality windows (two-chamber package with aluminum profile), radiators. And in addition to repairs, future tenants will also have to make all communications at their own expense.

However, the Italian company Co-Progetti has developed exclusive offers for future residents of Fili Grada and offers (for a fee) to implement ready-made design projects in the styles of Roma Style and Italian Style. Within these styles, there are several options for interior solutions.

Examples of design of apartments in the residential complex “Fili Grad” from Co-Progetti

Italian style

Roma style

Apartment prices:

Prices for apartments and apartments are quite affordable, despite the completion of construction.Apartments are sold cheaper, an average of 2.8 million rubles.

* Prices for apartments in the residential complex “Fili Grad”, the table is current as of 13.01.2018.

Purchase terms:

For the purchase of apartments in the residential complex "Fili Grad" mortgages provide the following banks:

  • Sberbank,
  • VTB
  • Renaissance
  • TransCapital
  • Absolute,
  • SovcomBank
  • DeltaCredit,
  • Zenith,
  • UralSib
  • Roskap,
  • Gazprom

The rate is from 7.75 to 11.5% per annum.

Mortgages for apartments are provided by the same banks, as well as the Agricultural Bank and Surgutneftegazbank. The rate of 7.5-11.65%.

New Year discounts up to 15% were provided until December 31. New shares developer has not yet announced.

Possible risks:

The project is completed, so the risk of unfinished construction and bankruptcy of the developer is out of the question. The fact that the residential complex is located in a prestigious area, no one in doubt. Respectable high-rise buildings were erected in the area provided for by the new business center “Moscow-City 2”. Developed infrastructure, good transport links, various options for premises and layouts, the largest park and proximity to the Moscow River - all this speaks in favor of the LCD. The only significant disadvantage is that a multifunctional complex was erected on the territory of the former industrial zone and near the existing plants.Plans for the reorganization of the territory inspire hope for a bright prospect, but the reality remains a reality - the new buildings are equally surrounded by industrial enterprises and green zones.

Results: Pros and cons

To draw final conclusions, to summarize all of the above, we turn to user feedback. Among the mentioned characteristics of the LCD “Fili Grad” there are a lot of pluses and a few minuses.


  • prestigious area;
  • transport accessibility (proximity to the center of the capital and the TTR, metro within walking distance);
  • developed infrastructure of the district and its own (shopping and business center, a development center for children, as well as a kindergarten that is already running);
  • well-planned territory (the project of arrangement was developed by WowHaus);
  • near the largest park - “Filevsky”;
  • pleasant social environment (apartments and apartments are designed for wealthy, business people);
  • many different planning solutions;
  • underground parking with many parking places (more than 2 thousand);
  • an architectural project from the Speech Bureau (one of the leading companies in its field of activity);
  • panoramic views of the river and cityscapes (“Moscow City”);
  • the prospect of development of territories (land for a new business center “Moscow-City 2”).


  • industrial enterprises in the immediate vicinity (spoil the view, worsen the ecological situation);
  • nondescript surroundings - 50% of the land around the residential complex is occupied by construction sites and high-rise military buildings;
  • No installments.

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