Sample receipt of receipt of money

Today we have to figure out what the example of the receipt looks like. What kind of document is this? Why is it needed? What rules and recommendations will help to make and issue a paper? By answering all these questions, every citizen will be able to protect themselves from fraudsters. After all, receipts themselves are very important documentation.


The first step is to understand what kind of paper will be discussed. What can be called a receipt?example receipts

This document is a paper that confirms the fact of the transfer of a citizen or organization of something. Most often it is about money. Therefore, a little later will be an example of receipts in the receipt of funds.

An incorrectly drafted document will bring a lot of problems to the parties that have entered into an agreement of this or that type. After all, a receipt is a means of protecting citizens. She often confirms the transfer of money to the seller or lender. This should not be forgotten.

Presentation form

It is important to understand that any evidence must have a specific form. It has one written receipt. It is in this interpretation that the seller / lender issues paper. The oral form of the receipt has no place.

With the development of information technology began to issue a document in print. By law, it is not prohibited. But the paper being studied in electronic form is not provided. Only in exceptional cases - in the presence of a digital signature. Otherwise, the receipt can not be considered reliable.

It follows that the document will have to either independently write, or use a computer with a printer for printing. The one who issues the receipt must independently sign it.

Legal force

Many are interested in whether the document being studied is legally binding. The example of receipts suggested below is a small template that every citizen can rely on. Is such a paper can be called legally significant?example of cash receipt

Yes. To do this, simply refer to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Article 808 states that the receipt serves as confirmation of the loan agreement concluded between the parties.The presence of this paper agreement does not replace. But this is enough to endow the receipt with legal force.

Document design

You should pay attention to the fact that the document being studied must be properly executed. Any wrong action leads to the fact that the paper loses its validity. And to prove its reality becomes problematic.

By law, receipts must be in writing. But in order to protect themselves, it is necessary to seek the help of a notary. He will be able to give a 100% guarantee of security and reliability of the paper. What might look like an example of a cash receipt? This will be discussed later. First you need to understand the procedure for processing the document.

Every citizen must:

  1. Collect a small set of documents. Usually, the identification of the parties and the contract according to which the transfer of funds takes place is sufficient.
  2. Compose and write text receipts. The rules that must be followed will be discussed later.
  3. Come to the notary and confirm the fact of transfer of funds.The employee of the notary office will put his signature as proof of the authenticity of the document.
  4. Transfer the receipt to the buyer / borrower.

No more recommendations on the design of the document there. In fact, everything is easier than it seems.example of a cash receipt

About the structure and content

Each correct example of a receipt for cash must have its own structure. Fortunately, laws established in Russia do not regulate how exactly the documentation under study is presented. It may be submitted in free written form.

However, the unspoken rules still apply to the content. Legal literacy has not been canceled. Accordingly, each example of a receipt should have the following structure:

  • Title of the document;
  • personal data of the creditor or seller (recipient of money);
  • information about the buyer (about who transfers the money);
  • information about the document, according to which there is a need to transfer money;
  • passport details of the parties;
  • the amount transferred to the citizen (indicating the currency in which funds are transferred);
  • date of issue.

At the very end, a mandatory creditor or seller must put his signature.If the document is issued in the presence of a notary, the authorized person stamps and also signs the receipt.example of cash receipt

How best to make out

It has already been said that there are several paper design options. You can issue a receipt in simple written form, and you can contact the notary. Which scenario is better?

It all depends on the preferences of citizens. As a rule, a visit to a notary is a guarantee of the security and reliability of the issued document. In addition, if a citizen does not know how to make a paper, an authorized person can offer a ready-made example of a receipt for receiving money. But such a process takes a lot of time and requires expenses - you have to pay for the notary services.

Simple writing is usually considered a formality. Proving the authenticity of such a receipt will have in court. And the main problem is the provision of irrefutable facts indicating the transfer of money to the recipient.

Accordingly, if there are any risks of the proceedings, it is recommended to contact the notary. Otherwise, you can prefer the simple form.

Tips and tricks

Now a little about how the correct example of receipt of money should look. There are a number of recommendations that can help citizens secure a transaction and protect their rights.example of receipt of money

When writing receipts is recommended:

  1. Create a document, following the previously specified structure. So he will be literate.
  2. Consider that a receipt can be created on any piece of paper, but it is best to use a separate sheet for this purpose.
  3. Always provide a handwritten document. This technique will help prove the validity of the paper.
  4. The transferred sums of money to write and in words, and numbers. This rule applies to any business letter.
  5. Prescribe a mandatory timeline for a refund. Especially when working with a loan agreement.
  6. Write a document with a ballpoint pen. This rule is due to the fact that in this case it will be possible to conduct an independent examination a maximum of 3 years after the issuance of the receipt. If you use a gel pen, then the test can not be carried out after 10 months.
  7. Have witnesses when issuing paper. As already mentioned, the most appropriate option for the development of events is an appeal to a notary.

The listed rules are optional. But they are recommended to take into account. After all, if it becomes necessary to prove the transfer of funds, then these points will contribute to this. They will greatly facilitate the task.example of writing receipts

Sample at loan

Now you can see how an example of a debt receipt will look. This document is a small template that may vary depending on the situation. Therefore, it cannot be said that it is in this form that it is necessary to provide the relevant evidence of the transfer of money.

Here is the most correct example of receipts for the issue of money:

"I, (data on the borrower - F. I. O., date of birth, information from the passport), confirm with this document that the citizen (information about the lender) gave me money in the amount of 14,500 rubles (fourteen thousand five hundred rubles). Interest is charged on the loan in the amount of 15% (fifteen percent) per annum. I undertake to return the full amount of the loan together with interest no later than February 14, 2018. "

Sample of the receipt of money

Now it’s a little about how an example of a receipt for money, transmitted, for example, when selling an apartment will look like. This option is common in practice. The paper will somehow resemble the previously proposed sample.But he still has its differences.

Thus, the receipt for the money for an apartment looks like this:

"I, (information about the seller along with passport data), this receipt confirms that I received money in the amount of 2,000,000 rubles (two million rubles) under the contract of sale of apartment No. (number of agreement) by a citizen (data about the buyer) "Cash received in full. Claims to the buyer do not have."example of IOU

Nothing difficult, special or incomprehensible. Before the proposed samples on the receipt must be in the center of the sheet to write the word "Receipt". And at the end - put the date and signature. In the same place witnesses or the notary sign.

Instead of conclusion

We have considered an example of writing receipts. This document is not so difficult to make. Following the proposed tips and recommendations, even a person without legal education will cope with the task.

It is important to remember that a receipt is issued only in the original. Copies are not accepted as evidence of the transfer of money to the citizen. Therefore, in court proceedings will have to submit the original paper or its notarized copy.

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