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Long gone are the times when man was forced toTo survive in severe climatic and technogenic conditions, implementing the principle of the strongest. Nevertheless, we are often confronted with potential dangers on our way. In this regard, the design of the security corner is particularly relevant. Its main goal is to give an answer to the question of how to behave in extreme situations, to communicate to the person the algorithm of actions. The theme of the corner differs according to age, since it is designed for children (schools, kindergartens, etc.), and for adults.

security corner design

Safety corner in children's institutions

Children due to age-specific featuresare deprived of a sense of danger, so to avoid unforeseen situations, 100% have not yet been possible for any parent or tutor in kindergarten, teachers in school. A certain experience that helps to avoid trouble comes with age. The task of parents and educational institutions is to enrich young minds with information about behavior in specific dangerous and extreme situations. To this end, a security corner is drawn up with an algorithm of actions for fire, flood, road crossing, avalanche (in the mountainous area), ice flow on rivers, a terrorist attack, work with electrical appliances, etc.

Periodically drawing the attention of the audience to a visual stand, adults contribute to the assimilation of material by children.

Requirements for the content of the security corner

To begin with, it should be said that there is nounified form or type of security corner. As a rule, it is a large thematic stand with constant content and a place for posting updated information (memos, statistical data, historical references, etc.). The security corner in the institution may not be one. The main thing in this case is not to combine two or three themes at once. For example, the rules of behavior in case of fire with the algorithm of actions during a flood. Submit information dosed, without excess "water".

road safety corner

Very often in educational institutions, a periodic briefing on the behavior on the roads is reinforced by a corner of road safety.

Algorithm of those or other actions in a dangerous situationshould be set out in a simple and accessible language, use words directly in their direct meaning, without complex speech turns. The main material can be supplemented with statistics, historical data, questions from the series "How is it right?". The basic principles of designing a safety corner for children are simplicity, brevity and brightness. The third point is especially relevant for young people. The thematic booklets are more suitable for the senior and middle link.

Corner of fire safety

security corner

Practically on any relatively largeThe enterprise (in the organization) has a specialist in charge of fire safety. It is his responsibility to train staff and conduct conversations, seminars, training alarms, etc. The most simple way to draw attention to the issue of fire safety is to create a thematic stand or special corner.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the placelocation of methodological material. The way it will be depends on the employer's capabilities. You can draw a corner of fire safety, supplementing the thematic posters with fire extinguishing means, individual protection. If only the stand is designed, then it should be placed in the most prominent place, where most often there are employees (near the personnel department, canteen, wardrobe, etc.). If there are several floors in the building, then it is best to do this on each of them, necessarily adding an evacuation plan.

corner of fire safety

It is recommended to split the stand into severalthematic sections. For example, the rules for the use of a fire extinguisher, handouts, respiratory protection in case of fire, etc. It is compulsory to indicate the telephone numbers of emergency services (large, noticeable and bright). Do not abuse text only. Many people are simply too lazy to read.

Cabinet or corner of labor protection?

Issues relating to safety and labor protection,strictly regulated by law. Therefore, it will be superfluous to first study the legal side of the issue. In accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation No. 7 of 17.01.2001, the Cabinet for protection, and not the corner of labor safety, is to be created in the organization if the number of its employees exceeds 100 people and (or) if, due to the specifics of activities with they have to spend a lot of methodical work, frequent training.

In the case when the collective of employees is less than the specified number, it is necessary to formalize the corner of labor protection. Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Execution of the corner for labor protection

Under the corner for labor protection, the employer canallocate a separate cabinet or part of a general purpose room, for example, in a corridor. The area of ​​fundamental importance in this case does not. As a rule, it is a stand for occupational safety and safety. For the registration and maintenance of it in the proper condition, updating and replenishment of the relevant information is the responsibility of the special service or specialist in the PA.

safety and health stand

The main goal of the corner for labor protection isinforming employees of duties and rights in this field, about working conditions in general for organization and workplace, about regulatory and legal acts on this issue. The more clear and understandable it will be, the better.

Corner or stand on occupational safety and safety is divided into two sections: general and special. Each of them should be given special attention.

General Section

The general section, as is clear from the title, givesbasic representation. First of all, it includes the regulatory and legal framework for labor protection (federal, regional legislation and local acts of the enterprise). Then the information on the organization of the OT in the institution (general information on the measures taken and planned), dangerous and (or) harmful factors in the workplace, the personal protective equipment used, the algorithm of the employees' actions in the event of an accident or emergency situation should be reflected.

Special section

Designing a corner of labor safety in a specialsection you can put the legal documents of the general plan. For example, the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law on SOUT, GOSTs, resolutions on the procedure for training, passing medical examinations, issuing milk and curative-prophylactic nutrition, accidents at work, norms for issuing PPE, etc.

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