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Development of technologies in the field of chemicalindustry invariably attracts the emergence of new products in various industries. The production of the office was no exception. Relatively recently in everyday life appeared such a notion as a permanent marker. What is it, what are its distinctive features or properties, how to choose correctly - let's try to generalize the available information.

permanent marker

In order to understand what is permanentmarker and "what it eats", it is reasonable to consider all representatives of this class. So, what are the markers per se? The marker, if you start from the very meaning of the word - the device for marking, marking. Many do not find in them any fundamental difference from all known markers. Probably, so it also is. The only difference is that the markers are not so diverse in color (controversial), they allow writing on different surfaces, they differ in the increased thickness of the line and are not used for drawing (the children disagree with the last statement).

Modern industry is ready to offer the consumer several types of these colored "taps":

  • Text (designed for marking on paper);
  • varnish;
  • Permanent (on water and alcohol basis);
  • markers-remouvers (allow to correct labels and labels);
  • erasable (chalk and markers for plastic boards);
  • markers for decorative works (liquid applications, creation of three-dimensional drawings on fabric, for example).

permanent marker isNumber of types and applicationssurprise. In this regard, the question arises: permanent marker - what is it? Let's figure it out. As can be removed from most sources, a permanent marker is a writing accessory that allows indelible inscriptions to be made on any surface. In this case, the line that the marker is applying does not spread (neither on paper, nor on wood, nor on metal), the paint is resistant to sunlight, high temperatures, to mechanical stress. The thickness of the tip can vary within a fairly wide range (from 0.6 mm to 1.5 - 2 cm). As you can see, the choice of permanent markers is wide enough, and everyone can find the most suitable for their needs.

what is a permanent marker

In conclusion, I would like to touch on the question of how to erase this highly resistant trace from the surface.

  • The first way is to buy a special tool simultaneously with the purchase of the marker, which will make it easy to remove all traces of the former presence of the colorful mark and will not destroy the surface.
  • If at hand there is nothing more suitable, andThe surface with which it is necessary to erase the traces of the marker is sufficiently resistant to mechanical action, you can use a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste (gel paste is useless, use usual).
  • Some car degreasers are quite successful in this task.
  • You can try alcohol or liquid used to remove varnish.
  • Sometimes it is possible to apply a hair spray (not experienced by experience). The varnish is sprayed onto the stain, after that it is washed off with cold water.

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