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Indian actress Hema Malini became for residentsthe former USSR symbol of the era of the 1970-80s. It happened after the whole country saw Zita and Gita, where Hema played two girls, separated from childhood. Fun, bright dances and songs - that's what her biography consists of. Hema Malini today is a well-known producer and director, who opens new talents for Indian cinema.

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Hema Malini debuted at the cinema in 1968,playing a small role in the movie "The Seller of Dreams." Even then, she starred with eminent actors, including Raj Kapoor. During her long career as an actress, she managed to work with Shashi Kapur, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna and many other talented actors. Almost in all her films Hema Malini played a loving and kind girl, a devoted mother and wife.

Movies with Hema Malini became a real classiccommercial cinema. The very same actress long enough suffered criticism in her address, many called her an actress only one image. However, everything was not so bad, the girl with the help of the directors she worked with was fully revealed in her roles.

In 1971, the actress managed to impress everyone with herrole in the film "Scarlet Stones", where she first played the role of a negative character. In the same year, Hema Malini, whose biography is now known to almost all fans of Indian cinema, appeared in the film "Act", playing the role of a widow, which other actresses preferred to refuse. The actress admits that at that time she wanted to test herself for strength.

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However, if not for the director Sampuran SinghGulzar, her biography would not have been so colorful. Hema Malini owes his actor's growth to him. Together they managed to work four times, but their last work, "Devdas", was never finished for certain reasons.

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In the late 1980s, Hema Malini practically did notappeared on the screen. This is quite easy to explain - in Indian cinema there are very few roles for women over 40 years of age. They are already old and can not play young girls, but they are also young enough to play their mothers. Hema did not despair, but she left the set for a few years, as her biography shows. Hema Malini returned to the big screen only in 2003, and not alone, but with another, no less legendary actor - Amitabh Bachchan. Together they played immediately in two films, and the actress distinguished herself with her characters, which were not similar to the heroines she had played before.

Acting skills for the legend of Indian cinemathere is no single path, this is confirmed by her biography. Hema Malini is currently engaged in directing and producing films. The most famous projects of the new-born producer were the television series "The Dancer" and the feature-length film "Heart-Friend".

However, in the profession of director Hema Malini alsodisappointed, that's why now she is mostly in the series. The last one is "Amrapali". The actress admits that in this multi-part feature film she finally managed to play the role of her dream.

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