Stole money from the card of Sberbank

Well, here I am a victim of fraudsters and from my own experience I was convinced that plastic cards are by no means a guarantee of the safety of your money.
Tonight, while I was sleeping, someone started spending money from my card in supermarkets ... in the USA.
They managed to make one purchase for 504 dollars, the next bank, already 547, was rejected as suspicious. After that, the person checked whether the card was blocked by buying for $ 3.5, after which Sberbank blocked the card on suspicion of compromise.
In general, when I woke up, I found out that I spent 32 thousand rubles in a supermarket somewhere in Pennsylvania or Maryland, my card is blocked, I don’t have access to the remaining money, and today I will spend it in the offices of Sberbank ...
So, an exciting and instructive story about bank cards and security about the time of travel.

From communication with the Sberbank assistance service, it turned out that all operations were carried out in the United States, and in physical points, i.e. not shopping online.
It turns out that the card was used physically by bending it?
And here I remembered, the ONLY time when I passed the card into the wrong hands for the whole world tour. And it was just in the USA. At the reception at the Hilton!
Remember, quite recently I had a post where I was indignant about the red-cheek of 5-star hotels, which require card authorization when checking in and blocking a deposit as security for payment by the possible use of a mini-bar? So! In Sydney, I refused to provide a card, demanding simply to close the bar, made cash in Santiago and took them out at checkout, and in the New York Hilton Fashion District Hotel on 26th Street, they only asked me for a card and no cash. At the same time, without making a deposit in the amount of $ 50 for each night I was flatly refused to settle in a fully paid room! I had to give the employee behind the desk a card, the data from which she entered into the system and I was blocked by 150 dollars. All this was on August 19th. On August 23, I returned to Moscow, on the 24th, the blocked amount returned to the card, I safely used it in Moscow and today I “spent” 32 thousand in the USA. While asleep.
I am told that theoretically, these cards could have been removed at an ATM and at a ticket terminal, but ... in the USA, I calculated the card 6 times. Three times, applying it to the Pay Pass terminal and three times independently entering the card into the terminal in the store and entering the PIN code. ATM did not use.
Yes, it is interesting that all operations on this card come with a PIN code, even a 100-ruble one. Here the PIN code was not entered.
Of course, this is only an assumption about the hotel, I cannot say 100 percent that the employee copied the card data at the front desk, but I repeat, I did not give the card to anyone else and made all the payments on my own.
Now about how the story develops with the blocking of the card already here in Moscow.
First of all, I was left without cash and I needed to withdraw my money from a blocked card. Secondly, it is necessary to return the money that scammers have removed. If you didn’t understand the second one so quickly, then with the removal of the balance on the hotline, a Sberbank specialist assured me that there would be no problems. He was somewhat mistaken.
The withdrawal turned into a funny quest, in which, as in that joke, I wanted to attach two phones to each other, so that the customer service told the support service of tellers how to give money to the client.
I say - go to the office and shoot.In the department they say it is impossible. Point. Vicious circle.

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