STORIES ABOUT RODAX The most expensive gift (the story of childbirth (Katya)

Since childhood, I thought that May is the best month to be born: in May, my beloved lilac blooms, in May school ends and the holidays almost start, May is still spring, but summer seems to be like that ...

That is why I always wanted my baby, like me, to be born in May. It was not some kind of installation, just such a subconscious desire.
Strange as it may seem, everything turned out :), and even the PRD was put exactly for me on the day of my 25th birthday. I really wanted a girl, but I was firmly convinced that a boy would be born. :))).

Perhaps the biggest problem of my pregnancy was weight gain - for all the time, plus 20 kg to my 56-year-olds with a height of 1.6 ... Well, my stomach was also surprising in size - as if it were twins :). Therefore, the closer to the date of birth, the more difficult it was for me to sleep: not only was insomnia, I could not even lay a tum ... I didn’t care that I couldn’t reach my birthday, I wanted to give birth quickly and sleep on my stomach: ).

On May 17, she came to the doctor for an examination, he was encouraged that I would go for a week.Since we lived in Brovary, and I was going to give birth in Kiev, I temporarily had to move in with my parents.

On May 20, everyone went to work, and I stayed at home alone. At about 10 o'clock in the morning, I began to sip my stomach and the cork went away (thanks to the Internet and books, I was very savvy, and at the forum everything was painted in such detail that it was impossible to make a mistake :) and the contractions began at intervals of 20 minutes. For three hours I walked around the apartment and decided to take a nap. When I woke up, the fights ended :). Remembering that there was still not enough disposable nappies in the “suitcase for the maternity hospital”, I got together and went around four more pharmacies, for which I then listened for a long time, “Ay-ah, what if I would have taken it on the street ...” :).
The night passed without incident, only the loin was very sore.

On the morning of May 21, the whole family again wandered off to work, and I decided, just in case, to call my doctor (somewhere in 10 chasks). I described the whole situation to him and heard: “What are you still at home ?! Call an ambulance and to the hospital! ”

In order not to bring myself out of a complacently peaceful state, I didn’t call an ambulance (for some reason these cars cast fear on me), called a taxi, told the girls from work that the X hour had arrived, and went to meet my "Surprise" :).

When I arrived at the maternity hospital without fights, I naturally didn’t hurry anywhere, went to chat with the doctor I had, then went to a neonatologist I knew, then told the manager that I had already arrived :))) and only bypassing everyone I went to surrender to the sanitary inspection room: ).

They filled out all the papers, brought me to the ward. There are three more girls who have already given birth (I gave birth in the 4th, unfortunately, there are no separate chambers there). I met all of them and went to the examination, as now I remember - with my head held high :))), after the examination (the opening - 2 fingers) hardly slipped from the chair and did not come back, but stuck :)))).
After the necessary hygienic procedure, immediately began fighting (now I understand why it is not possible for a pregnant woman to purge).
It was already 12 noon. Having pledged to the neighbors that I would not shout (they just laughed :))), she walked around the ward, clasping her teeth and moaning during the fight. I wanted to sleep terribly, my eyes were stuck together, I even tried to lie down, but what was the dream ...

At 16.00, I was pierced with a bubble and I saw water of green color: (((. I was immediately laid on the bed and put oxytocin ... Right here I burst :)). I probably heard all of Obolon. My doctor came and said: “Well don't scream like that, you scare all the girls. ”I vaguely remember what was happening to me, I just remember minutes of endless pain and seconds when the pain let go, and it was as if I was falling off somewhere.
About six o'clock in the evening I asked the midwife if it was too long. She said that not for long, an hour and a half :)))) And then salvation came: the attempts began. :)) We quickly practiced how to push and went to the gym. And with the third attempt at me it turned out :))). At 18.15 on May 21, 2003 my little red-haired princess was born!

While Alyonushka was being measured, weighed and examined, her mother was sewn with outer cracks (oh, oh, this is a hundred times more painful than contractions, especially when they pour green paint :).
At 18.30, Alenka’s father was allowed into the birth room, the midwife let him hold the dotsu (as his hands shook :))) and we concluded that my daughter was spilled :))) Then we tried to eat - I skillfully tried to put my daughter on my left breast, The midwife quickly shifted to the right :) (but now we draw and eat with both the right and left pen. And then don’t believe in signs :).
The next day I was ready to give birth to a second :))))!

My sun will soon be two years old. And I thank God every day for giving me such a miracle.

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