The best directors of the world - who are these brilliant people?

Every person likes this or that actor,politician, musician, presenter, etc. All of them became famous for their talent, charisma, charm and other qualities. Today we will tell about those who made a huge contribution to the cinema industry, namely, we will consider the list of the best directors of the world, whose names will be associated with remarkable films for more than one year. Their paintings broke at one time all stereotypes and principles, changed the understanding of the reality of what is happening among millions of people. So who are they, the best directors of the world?

Alfred Hitchcock

"Window to the yard", "The tenant", "Mary", "Rebecca", ""The person who knew too much" are the films that brought Hitchcock not only world-wide recognition, but also the nickname "King of Terror". And all because the director mainly specialized in thrillers. Hitchcock used the sound very skillfully, he applied an unexpected effect to emphasize what is happening on the screen. Favorite heroes of the director are those people who have got in a network of circumstances. The result of the genius's life was 55 films, most of which are classics of world cinema.

Steven Spielberg

list of the best directors of the world

If we talk about which are the best directorsof the world, it can not be said about Spielberg. This is the man, thanks to which the concept of "blockbuster" appeared in the world cinema. The meaning of this word is perfectly revealed in the film "Jaws". His films such as "Indiana Jones", "Schindler's List", "Jurassic Park" were recognized as the most successful paintings and have repeatedly received awards. The director is recognized as one of the most successful figures of this art in the world, and his films are the highest-grossing.

James Cameron

the best directors of the world

The list of "Best directors of the world" is simply impossiblewithout the creator of the Oscar-winning "Titanic" and no less sensational "Terminator." The filmography of this famous man includes other cash films, which are also called financial records. This is "Avatar" and "Aliens." An interesting fact is that even in his youth, when trying to enter the film school, which was at the university, Spielberg was refused, because, according to the commission, he was "too mediocre."

Stanley Kubrick

Continuing our list of "Best Directors of the World", it is necessarysay a few wordsabout one of the most innovative and influentialcinematographers of the second half of the 20th century. In his films, Kubrick demonstrates a new approach to presenting the narrative, to technical mastery. The director tries to saturate each of his films with a huge range of emotions. The viewer is sometimes able to both laugh and cry over the same story. Take, for example, such films as "Clockwork Orange", "Lolita", "With wide eyes closed", "All-metal shell" and others.

Eldar Ryazanov

the best directors of the world

How can you make a list of "Bestdirectors of the world "to bypass our pride, and not to say about a man whose films are loved by many generations, and he himself was awarded numerous prizes? The filmography of this genius is enormous, everything is simply impossible to enumerate. Someone is delighted with the tapes "Carnival Night" and "Beware of the Car!", Someone revises with delight "Cruel Romance" and "Zigzag of Fortune". And of course, it's impossible not to mention his "The Irony of Fate, or With Easy Steam!" - a tape, whose name is invariably present in every New Year's TV program for almost 4 decades. The work of this director was found by millions of fans.

This list of the best directors can be continued for a long time.

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