Fruit basket as a gift - the best way to surprise a loved one

How many holidays in the year! Unfortunately, because of the lack of time, people give each other something trivial. And sometimes you want to surprise your close friend, relative or colleague. The most summer, colorful and pleasant presentation for any occasion will be a fruit basket as a gift.

Gift Features

Fruit basket as a gift will please anyrights. First of all, this is a very beautiful, refined and romantic creative work that can replace the most chic bouquet of flowers. It is worth noting that it also has an incredibly pleasant aroma.

fruit basket as a gift

Secondly, it is a very useful gift filled with vitamins. The easiest way to collect it in the summer. But it will be much more pleasant to get a basket of fresh fruits for New Year, Christmas or March 8.

It is easy enough to do it yourself, for this the main thing is to show imagination.


fruit basket with your own hands as a gift

The first stage of the work is the decoration of the fruit basket as a gift. It consists of several basic steps:

  1. It is required to buy or weave from a straw basket. It is important that it has a deep bottom.
  2. The inside of the container should be covered with paper. It is recommended to wrap glossy foil over it.
  3. At the bottom of the basket you need to put a thin layer of soft sponge or foam.
  4. In addition, you can decorate it with various bows, rhinestones or artificial flowers.

The basis for the fruit basket, with your own hands as a gift made, ready. Now it is necessary to fill it with juicy vitamins.

New Year's edition

Any person will be pleased to receive a Newyear most fragrant gift. To create a decorated basket should be filled with mandarins and pineapple. If desired, you can also put a few apples or pears into it.

Fruit basket decoration as a gift

Be sure to complement the fruit assortment with a bottle of sparkling champagne, without which no New Year's table can do.

Decorate such a basket can be tinsel, cones or branches from the trees.

Gift for March 8

Every man should think about howcollect a fruit basket as a gift to your beloved woman. Such an original greeting simply can not leave her indifferent. It is necessary to create an edible bouquet of flowers. All this creative process can be divided into several basic stages:

  1. You should take a solid kind of fruit: apples or pears.
  2. Fruits should be washed thoroughly.
  3. Of these, with a knife you need to carefully cut flowers and thread each of them on a long straw.
  4. If desired, you can make a stalk of small berries or grapes.
  5. Each received flower should be carefully inserted into a soft sponge attached to the bottom of the basket.

Fruit basket as a gift is ready. Now it can be supplemented with soft buds of roses. Sometimes candies or chocolates are also used for such presents.

Gentlemen's set

Such a gift will please not only the girl, but alsorepresentative of the male sex. To decorate a basket for a man is recommended in black and bright red. Such an exquisite design will certainly please the eye. The main gift in this basket should be brandy of high quality. It is recommended to additionally decorate it with shiny foil and satin ribbon. As the main fruits can be used oranges, tangerines, lemons, bergamot or ripe pineapple.


how to collect a fruit basket as a gift

When creating such a masterpiece, several features should be considered:

  • Fruits should be juicy and tasty. Without fail, each species should taste beforehand.
  • It is necessary that they are all clean and neat.
  • The gift should be compact. Otherwise, the birthday will not have time to eat all the contents, as it will deteriorate. For the same reason, a tasty present should not be made earlier than one day before it is given to the birthday boy.
  • Preliminary it is necessary to find out if the culprit has a celebration of an allergy to a certain product.
  • In the basket is also recommended to put a card with the most sincere wishes.

If you follow all of the above rules, then such a gift will certainly please any person.

What could be better than a fruit basket ingift? Most likely, nothing can compare with this fragrant, romantic and tasty creative work. It will suit absolutely any person and for a wide variety of reasons.

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