"The Big Red Robe" - Myths and Reality

Da Hong Pao - "The Great Redbathrobe "is a unique kind of tea that was known in ancient times.Chisches of this variety grow on steep cliffs in the territory of a unique nature reserve in Wuyi province.The 4" mother "plants from which all the others originated are even shown to tourists during an excursion to the reserve.

big Red robe

However, many experts believe that at the veryThe "big red robe" as a separate type of tea does not exist, and that in fact it is a trademark, under which lies a mixture of varieties quite common in Wishan. Having seen bushes, knowledgeable people usually say that it is impossible to remove a quality crop from them. In addition, the amount of tea presented under this brand in the market does not correspond to the legend that plantations almost do not exist. Too many secrets!

The technology of production of this tea is not differentFrom the procedure used for the manufacture of other varieties. It consists of 5 stages: collection of leaves, primary drying, then frying, crushing, another drying. At the fourth stage, selection and blending are carried out, and lastly - Hongpei, a special procedure used in the production of dark oolong tea. The essence of this process is the long burning of tea leaves on the coals at a fairly low temperature. For this purpose, special woven baskets with a double bottom are used.yes hyong pao big red robe

Any expert will say that the last twostages of processing leaves depends on the final result: the taste and aroma of tea. The degree of roasting also affects the saturation of the drink "Big red robe". Tea can be processed only a few hours, which will make it easy, and can go through several lengthy procedures, and then its aroma will acquire smoky notes, and taste - saturation.

Choose and buy this tea without sniffing it -criminal imprudence, because from one party to another it can significantly differ. A person should choose for himself whether he likes this smell. So any recommendations on this matter are meaningless.

Brew "Big red dressing gown" can not alonetime. Most of all like 3 or 5 welding. This is a matter of taste, however, it is not recommended to fill the same leaves more than 7 times. Usually a cup of boiling water spends a teaspoon of leaves, while the water temperature should reach 95-100 degrees. To insist a drink you need not more than a minute.

large red tea robe

"Big red robe" has a number of interestingand amazing effects. First, it has a beneficial effect on the health of the organism in general and all systems of organs in particular. Secondly, it helps to reduce weight to normal values, and also normalizes metabolism.

Third, there is an opinion that he is beautifulremoves a hangover, restoring water-salt metabolism in the body. Many believe that the "Big Red Robe" even prevents aging and has antioxidant properties. The legends surrounding this sort of tea are also credited with hallucinogenic effects similar to that of some drugs, however, there is no evidence of this.

To touch the ancient history with just a cup of tea - what could be more interesting? A rich and interesting story makes Da Hong Pao the drink that is worth trying at least once in life.

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