The fate of black prostitutes in Russia.

Immediately two girls of easy virtue were found dead for a week in different parts of Moscow. The first Uzbek prostitute was killed by a former PFUR student, and the second, confused from Africa, could not be kept on the window sill during extreme sex.
As it became known, on August 31, a 19-year-old Chechen by the name of Islam took off for 27 hours a 27-year old confused from Uzbekistan. He decided to have sex with her in a rented apartment in the Orekhovo-Borisovo North area.

The guy, by the way, after the summer session, was expelled from the first year of PFUR, he went home, and in August he returned to Moscow, having lied to his parents that he was going to study again. Apparently, the Chechen did not agree with the girl in the price. In a fit of rage, he stabbed the prostitute four times with a knife; she died on the spot. The corpse was discovered by the hostess of the dwelling, which came for the money.
The villain himself also received cuts, because he did not know how to handle cold arms, he was forced to go to the hospital. The operatives got on the trail of the killer, and on September 5 they detained him in the hospital.
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And on the Leningrad highway during sex from the window of the 6th floor the African confused fell out (her identity and citizenship have not yet been established). Three men Ivan, Anatoly and Konstantin ordered a night butterfly for two hours. Previously, the men did not know each other; they met on September 2 in a queue for an interview in order to get a job at a construction site on the territory of the former ZIL plant.
Ivan wanted to get a job as a gas welder, and Anatoly wanted a security guard. They talked and decided to pass the time together while the queue was on. The men went to the construction trailer, drank a 0.7 liter bottle of vodka.
After that, they decided not to appear on this day in front of a potential employer, but to relax and remove a prostitute. For Ivan it was the first experience, and Anatoly, a family man, repeatedly resorted to intimate services on the side - he ordered a black young lady on the Internet for 5 thousand rubles for two hours.
The party was joined by Konstantin, a friend of Anatolia, also a married man. The men rented an apartment on the Leningradskoye shosse for a day, bought another bottle of vodka and waited for the girl. An African woman appeared at the appointed hour, she spoke Russian with an accent, but she understood basic sex terms from a half-word.
Having learned that the number of clients has increased, she raised the price by one and a half thousand. Ivan and Konstantin went to the bedroom, Anatoly continued to drink vodka in the kitchen. According to Ivan, at some point he left the room, leaving his friend alone with the confused. And Constantine in a fit of feelings sat the African on the window sill of an open window. He did not calculate his capabilities, and the lady fell out. She broke to death.
Seeing what happened, the men simply ran away from the apartment. In a hurry, they left their belongings (Ivan, for example, forgot cowards). Citizens were detained after a short time - Ivan and Anatoly in the construction site trailer, Konstantin - at home. Konstantin confessed. A criminal case under article of the Criminal Code "Murder".


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