The feeling of training fights. Pregnancy and childbirth

While carrying a baby, the future mother may be disturbed by many phenomena. In the first half of pregnancy, the most common problem with which women go to a gynecologist is pulling pain in the abdomen. After 20 weeks, other symptoms may occur. This article will describe the feeling of training bouts. You will find out what it is and when they appear. It is also worth saying about how to distinguish between contractions and training.

feeling of training fights

Pregnancy and childbirth

Both of these processes are interrelated. So, after conception, the attachment of the ovum to the wall of the reproductive organ occurs. Here he will be in the coming months. Very soon, from a microscopic collection of cells, a man will be formed, ready to live outside the womb of the mother.

Most pregnancies end in childbirth. The only exceptions are some cases. These include unwanted conception and, as a result, abortion.Also, some women experience miscarriage and missed abortion. Deliveries can also occur from 28 to 42 weeks gestation. If the baby appears earlier than the specified period, then it is a miscarriage. It is worth noting that a baby who was in the mother’s tummy for at least 36 weeks is considered to be full-term and ready for birth.

Deliveries can be urgent and planned. The second option is chosen during post-term pregnancy, when at the right time there is no labor. In addition, the process can be natural or carried out by caesarean section.

training bouts when they start

The feeling of training fights

With this phenomenon is facing most of the future moms. This process is called Braxton-Hicks contractions. It was this physician who first discovered this process.

The feeling of training fights is not the same as at the beginning of labor activity. Every future mother should be aware of this. Often women confuse these processes and prematurely go to the walls of the maternity hospital. However, doctors, having examined the future mother, establish that the birth has not yet begun. What is the feeling of training bouts?

frequent training fights

Feelings of the future mother

Most often, the woman experiences stress in the uterus, sometimes it becomes noticeable to the naked eye. The stomach becomes as if irregular or even square. The kid for this time calms down and ceases to move.

If you touch the anterior abdominal wall of the future mother, it can be noted that she looks like a stone. The abdomen becomes very hard and presses on neighboring organs. Often, during this period, the woman takes her breath and wants to empty her bladder. Sometimes there may be urge to defecate. All this is explained by the fact that the tense uterus puts pressure on the pelvic organs.

Why do training bouts arise?

Such a phenomenon arises from the fact that the uterus is a muscular organ. It tends to shrink periodically. If in earlier periods you did not notice this phenomenon due to the fact that the baby was deep in the pelvis, then in the second half of pregnancy, you can quite clearly feel this process. At this time, the uterus is preparing for childbirth. However, this does not mean that the process will begin in the coming days or weeks.

It should be noted that not all future mothers feel such a manifestation.Some representatives of the weaker sex simply do not notice such tension in the uterus.

When does Braxton Hicks fight?

Training fights when they start? This question is often asked the representatives of the weaker sex, preparing to become moms.

Doctors say that for the first time such feelings may appear as early as 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, this is quite rare. Usually, the first preparatory contractions of the uterus occur after 30 weeks of carrying the child. During this period, the tummy is already quite impressive in size, and a woman can clearly feel its tension.

There are also ladies who do not feel such contractions at all until delivery. This is completely normal.

how to distinguish contractions from training

How long do training bouts last and at what intervals?

If a woman notes such reductions in the reproductive organ, then it is quite logical to ask how long they can last. Experts say that everything depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the duration of the pregnancy and what the phenomenon is provoked.

Most often, these feelings do not last more than a few seconds.In this case, the woman clearly marks the beginning of the tension of the abdomen, but cannot clearly determine when it ended. The next fight may appear after 20 minutes or a few hours. There is no defined interval between stresses. This is what distinguishes preparatory fights from true ones.

painful training fights

What should I do when the tension of the abdomen?

If you are concerned about frequent training contractions, then you should contact this gynecologist with your problem. Most likely, the doctor will examine you on the chair and find out the condition of the cervix. If the tension of the abdomen does not affect the size and width of the cervical canal, then the woman is not given treatment. However, physicians strongly recommend avoiding factors that cause painful training contractions. These include:

  • sexual intercourse;
  • nipple stimulation;
  • car ride;
  • physical exercise;
  • psychological stress and stress.

If preparatory contractions of the uterus lead to the fact that the cervical canal begins to shorten, then a certain treatment is prescribed. Most often it is carried out in the hospital.In this case, the expectant mother is recommended to take sedatives and drugs that relieve spasm. Be sure to comply with bed rest.

childbirth and training bouts

Training bouts and childbirth

So, you know what training fights are: when they start, how long they last and how they appear. Many women ask if they can be confused with the onset of labor.

Doctors say the following: training fights practically do not bring discomfort. A woman feels the tension of the anterior abdominal wall. However, there is no pain and regular sensations. If such stresses began to appear at regular intervals or were noted more than four times in one hour, you should immediately call emergency care and go to the maternity ward.

With the appearance of bloody discharge during such stresses, it is worthwhile to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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The feeling of training fights. Pregnancy and childbirth 47

The feeling of training fights. Pregnancy and childbirth 28

The feeling of training fights. Pregnancy and childbirth 84

The feeling of training fights. Pregnancy and childbirth 52