The flagship airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain Gulf Air: reviews, aircraft

In this article we will look at how it feels to fly with Gulf Air. You will find reviews on the air park, onboard services and other useful information below. We will also briefly describe the history of the airline. Many travelers who are going to get to their destination by air transport are also interested in the difference between services in the general salon and the first class. Is it worth overpaying? We will also try to reveal this topic in our article. And where do the Gulf Air liners fly? Guest reviews inform us that with the help of this airline it is advantageous to get to Thailand and other resort places.Gulf air reviews

Carrier history

Gulf Air originates in 1950. It was the first airline of Bahrain. We can say that she became the pioneer of the ballooning of this country. Therefore, it is often called the flagship airline of the Kingdom of Bahrain.And she deserved this name not only the primacy of birth. The airline now has the largest and most powerful air fleet in the country. The name of this ambitious carrier in the Arabic language sounds like "Tayaran al-Khalig." Gulf Air is the name given to the airline as a call sign on international flights. The logo that flaunts on the tails of all the aircraft of the company is the golden falcon. ICAO company - GFA. Gulf Air has sponsored many charity events, in particular the Bahrain Grand Prix.First class on the plane

Directions for which the company's airplanes fly

Airline Gulf Air sends its ships to Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East. Including they fly to Russia. The company's headquarters is located in the city of Manama (Bahrain). But the company has opened its offices in the capitals of many countries of the world. For example, in Moscow, the company's office is located at the following address: 40/2 Prechistenka Street, Building 1, Office 34 (sixth floor).

In total, the carrier operates flights to 43 destinations. Most often, he sends his liners to world resorts. From Moscow, its planes are sent to Bangkok and Phuket (Thailand), Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc (Vietnam), Dubai (UAE), Goa and Mumbai (India), Colombo (Sri Lanka).But also with the help of the airline, you can get to Yerevan, Dushanbe, Bishkek, Paris, London, Frankfurt am Main and other cities of Europe and Asia. A native of Gulf Air is Bahrain International Airport. But the airline's planes start and land far from home. They fly to and from major cities in Russia - St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and others. Mostly the carrier delivers tourists to the resorts of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.Airbus A320-200

Air fleet

Currently, the airline owns 28 liners. The lion's share of the air fleet consists of Airbus A320-200 aircraft. They are used sixteen pieces. The rest of the fleet consists of Airbus A321-200 and Airbus A330-200 (six cars each). The plans of the airline include the expansion of the fleet to seventy aircraft. Already ordered and expected by 2018, 42 cars of various designs. The airline remained loyal to the Airbus model. But she ordered not Airbus A320-200, but a newer release - “A 320 neo” (16 cars).

The same number of aircraft is expected from the supplier of "Boeing". This will be the model Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. The airline also decided to diversify its air fleet and made an order for the supply of "Bombardier." Next year, ten narrow-body jet machines of the CS100 will enter service.Due to the replenishment of the air fleet, the company plans to increase not only the passenger turnover, but also the number of destinations. So, the geography of flights includes Johannesburg, Rome and Amsterdam. It is also said that the company plans to open a budget subsidiary.

Gulf Air liners salon

Reviews mention that Airbus A320-200 aircraft are served for short and medium distances. Their salon is divided into two compartments - economy and business class. Long-haul flights are provided by Airbus A330-200 series liners. Even in the economy class, the seats for passengers are very comfortable, the seats are not some distance apart, and the space between the rows is wider. Tourists in the reviews claim that there was space in order to properly put the legs. The first class in the plane is generally similar to an air hotel. All seats are located only at the window. If in economy class you can only fold back the seat, then in the "business" the latter are transformed into a full-fledged soft bed. The passenger sleeps in a horizontal position. And if you do not want to lie, then in the chair there is a special stand for the legs of the legs.Passengers of both classes on long-haul flights are given travel kits (rugs, earplugs, sleep masks). Meal is also provided. But for privileged passengers, it is like in an à la carte restaurant.Airline Gulf Air

Baggage rules

Reviews indicate that Gulf Air strictly monitors flight safety and, in particular, the normal filling of the cargo hold. Therefore, the weight of checked-in baggage during check-in for a flight should not exceed thirty kilograms. This applies to passengers older than two years. And if you take with you a baby who has not reached this age, you can grab another ten kilograms of unaccompanied baggage. In this case, you can carry a carry-on baggage with a size of no more than 30 x 40 x 45 centimeters. And by weight it should not exceed six kilograms.

But first class passengers in the plane and here have privileges. The baggage they pass into the cargo hold may be 40 kg, and carry-on baggage may be up to nine kilograms. At the same time, the case may be larger - with parameters of 30 x 40 x 55 centimeters. Children under two years old can carry carry-on baggage weighing up to three kilograms into the cabin of any compartment.Bahrain International Airport

Prices and Services

Gulf Air reviews are often referred to as one of the cheapest low-cost airlines. If you look for tickets at the lowest price, then quite often the system issues offers from Gulf Air. And this concerns quite popular destinations, such as Moscow - Bangkok (with connection in Bahrain), Goa, Manila or the Emirates. Often it turns out that flying with a transfer will be cheaper than a direct flight from Aeroflot. The service is just great. In flights with docking at Bahrain International Airport, the airline provides passengers with a variety of services for little money. So, if you book a hotel when buying tickets, then a room in a five-star hotel costs only $ 40, which is about 2,400 rubles. (in place it will cost twice as much). With a long wait for an adjacent flight they feed you. At Domodedovo Airport, Gulf Air has a special desk where you can check in without any fuss or queues.Manama bahrain

Promotions and loyalty program

Like other carriers, the airline Gulf Air regularly announces season discounts. Usually the cheapest flights come next month. For example, on the route Moscow - Bangkok - Moscow, you can fly for 22 thousand rubles.On the company's website, you can register and join the Gulf Air Frequent Flyer Program loyalty program. This is a real find for frequent travelers. Miles are accumulated on each customer’s personal flight. Thus, a passenger can rise from the initial level (“Blue”) to silver (“Silver”) and even gold (“Gold”). He can spend his savings on additional services. For example, fly in business class for the price of economy. And sometimes the whole trip can be free due to the accumulated miles.The flagship airline of the kingdom of Bahrain

Gulf Air: reviews

Tourists do not skimp on the praise of the airline. Her airplanes are clean, comfortable. Flights are made on schedule. Flight attendants are cute and caring. Food is good even in economy class. You can choose one dish from two offers, there is a halal menu. But at the same time, flight attendants treat passengers with alcoholic beverages - there is no prohibition in Bahrain. Especially a lot of enthusiastic reviews leave passengers on long-haul flights: to Manila, to Bangkok. The chairs are comfortable, there is something to do on board - on the front seat panel there is a panel with new films dubbed into Russian, with music or video games.With a long transit, you can book a hotel for $ 40. This price includes transfer to and from, food, Bahrain transit visa. Many passengers admitted that they would be happy to continue to fly Gulf Air liners.

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