The history of the emergence of nudist beaches in the USSR

23-02-2018, 10:00

The history of the emergence of nudist beaches in the USSR

The massive desire to completely naked on the beaches in the Soviet Union positioned as the norm from the first years of the formation of the USSR. Until now, the authors of numerous articles in the media cite the statement of V. I. Lenin, who allegedly both hands were in favor of such emancipation of the proletariat in spite of bourgeois values.
"Down with shame": in negligee and walked and swam
With the collapse of the former “bourgeois” value system by the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, Soviet Russia “went into a mess”: in the mid-20s, with the tacit patronage of the Bolshevik government, the “Down with shame” society was created. An active campaign began in the print media for the promotion of love free from “bourgeois prejudices” (the notorious “glass of water” theory, when sexual intercourse between longing, but not family, opposite-sex Soviet people was considered natural and even necessary). People's Commissar of State Charity Alexander Kollontai quickly became the banner of this movement.
In the capital and major cities of the country, naked demonstrators walked in crowds with placards "Down with shame!" This trend caused fierce controversy in the press (N. A. Semashko, People's Commissar for Health, was an active prostitute for nudism, and made his statements in the central Soviet press). Meanwhile, foreign representatives of foreign powers were shocked by what they saw.
Archival photos indicate that the first official (that is, not prohibited by anyone) nudist beach was set up right under the walls of the Moscow Kremlin, on the Moscow River in the 20s.
Was Voloshin the “father” of Soviet nudism?
According to Russian researchers of the Soviet history of nudism (naturism), after the mid-20s, this problem went into “nepotism”, having lost its nuclear ideological component: with the bare contemplation of the surrounding reality, subsequently, the “interest groups”, close friends. But it is not always and always has been.
But it is not always and always has been. Observations of the Pulitzer Prize winner H.R. Knicborgorger testified to the contrary.At one time Knickerborg was stunned by the numerous nudist beaches in the center of Moscow in the 1930s. In 1931, the banks of the Moscow River again acted as a place of deployment for Soviet naturists. In this case, there was no talk of the family nature of nudism - Knickerborg in his notes mentions various class, age and many other differences of the groups of thousands of Soviet nudists who occupied the Moscow River.
The author of the book “Dissidents of 1956-1990.” A. B. Shirokorad cites the version that the “father” of Russian-Soviet nudism was none other than the well-known Russian poet, prose writer and publicist Maximilian Voloshin. Voloshin even before the revolution came the "naturist" works with the unambiguous names "Glare of Nakedness" and "Glare. Masks. Nudity". The memoirs of contemporaries Maximilian Alexandrovich even mention an amusing episode with a certain colleague in the writing workshop, who found Voloshin in the company of heterosexual friends who talked in negligee on the seashore in Koktebel and called them “m ... article” (in fact, the term nudism comes from French nu - naked). Shirokorad informs the facts: M.A. Voloshin in the 20s indeed obtained the permission of the People's Commissariat of Education to call his home in the Crimea a free house of creativity,and gathered there in a variety of different public - he had such luminaries as Akhmatova and half-light ladies.
The most popular nudist beaches of the USSR
Since the mid-1930s, the topic of nudism in the Soviet Union has ceased to be massively relevant, partly because, in principle, legislation concerning “free love” has become tougher. And in principle, liberties as such, in any manifestation, Stalin stopped at the root, in all manifestations. And then a terrible war broke out, during and long after which there was no time for nudism at all.
However, just a few years before the 1930s and the beginning of the process of “enslaving the mind and body”, nudism in the USSR was not considered shameful. Judging by the multi-million dollar circulation of postcards officially released in the second half of the 20s, on which famous Soviet artists painted naked workers and their families, one can judge about the most central places of concentration of “family” nudists: Crimea, Chukurlar beach (Yalta), Gurzuf, Anapa. At the same time, one has to shoot a film of a nudist beach in Batum (after 1936 - Batumi) by American documentary filmmakers.
According to the Belarusian portal Sputnik, in 1921 in the Soviet Belarus a nudist beach was arranged right in the center of Minsk, in the city garden on the banks of the Svisloch.Policemen did not touch the naked Minsk dwellers. ... Starting from the 60s in the USSR, nudist beaches acquired a new life - those who were “in the subject”, knew “Dune” (Gulf of Finland near Leningrad), the Crimean “Fox Bay” and other places where you could have a rest free from clothing and prejudice. Veterans of nudism recall that they, of course, were driven by the police and perverted photographers took out. But they tried to eliminate these problems as civilized as possible, “in an amicable way.”

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The history of the emergence of nudist beaches in the USSR 62

The history of the emergence of nudist beaches in the USSR 98

The history of the emergence of nudist beaches in the USSR 87

The history of the emergence of nudist beaches in the USSR 67

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