The Magic Mandrake root

When it comes to mandrake, for some reasonMany people have thoughts about magic and witchcraft. Immediately recall stories of fantastic films and stories, which mention how the witches at night looking for this miraculous root, and after cooking from it a potion. And indeed, the name of this plant is very mesmerizing, magical. There is something supernatural and magical about him. What kind of plant is this? Is it really so magical, once in history so many references to the root of the mandrake.

What is this plant

Mandrake - the plant is really unique. She has a huge root. Its length sometimes reaches a meter in depth. It is straight and thick, has two or more branches. Outwardly, the root of the mandrake resembles the root of the parsnip. The upper part of the plant consists of large-sized leaves of dark green color. First they grow up, seeking to the sun. But, given that their size is more than 10 cm in diameter, under their weight the leaves cover the ground as they grow. Mandrake flowers have a beautiful soft-purple color with a purple tinge. As you grow from the flowers, a fruit resembles a small ripe yellow apple. For all its glory, the plant emits a fetid smell of hydrogen sulfide. But it is surprising that the ripe fruit of mandrake has a rich apple flavor.

Mandragora in medicine

The root of the mandrake, like the plant itself,really has healing properties. Mandragora is widely used in medicine. It helps to cope with diseases, and is also used as a sleeping pill. From mandrakes make sedatives, painkillers. It helps those who suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, have pain in the joints, muscles. Tinctures of mandrake attributed to those who have neuralgic pain.

The root of mandrake will help to overcome asthma andlung disease. Tincture from the plant is drunk to facilitate breathing, to release bronchi from mucus, which does not allow breathing freely. Also tincture of mandrake helps to remove liquid from pulmonary sacs.

It is widely used in folk medicineroot. Mandrake is one of the main ingredients of tinctures and oils. For example, the root of mandrake is crushed (100 grams), and then poured with alcohol (400 ml). To tincture has become curative, it is necessary to withstand 15 days. After it is filtered. This tincture is used for pain of a different nature, and is also the strongest hypnotic. Take the tincture you need very carefully. 3-10 drops is the norm. If you exceed this rate, then poisoning can not be avoided. Also, the obtained tincture is mixed with fat and the oil is prepared for external use.

Apply mandrake root for the preparation of ointments that help with swelling, swelling, skin diseases, eczema, scaling, abscesses.

Danger of misuse

Medications from mandrake not only bringbenefit, but can serve as a poison. It is enough only to take the wrong dose of medicine from the plant. The poisoning of the mandrake is serious, can even lead to a coma. When the maximum dose of the drug is exceeded, a person immediately feels lethargic, nauseous, and asleep. All this is accompanied by a constant vomiting reflex with painful spasms. There may be hallucinations, delusions and turbidity for some time of reason. That's why taking medicine from the mandrake should be very carefully, under medical supervision.

In general, having become acquainted with this plant, you canto draw one conclusion: the mandrake is really magical. Its juice is healing, and tinctures and oils from it help the sick and needy. But at the same time, one extra drop is enough to make the plant from the medicine turn into poison.

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