The minimum wage in Russia in 2014

The minimum, or rather its size, is established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. This is necessary in order to regulate the financial aspect of labor relations. The value of this "minimum" is determined at the regional as well as federal levels.

Data for the year before last

So, it is worth telling about what the 2014 minimum wage was. Official figures say that at the beginning of January it was about 5,205 rubles a month (on average). But then an agreement was reached on the minimum wage, according to which this level should have been increased. Of course, the increase was very “generous” - as much as 349 rubles. It was gratifying that the actual amount of this minimum does not include incentive payments, bonuses and allowances.

minimal salary

By the way, for those who do not know, it is worth adding that the minimum wage is used to calculate salaries, benefits and other payments. They depend on the notorious minimum - so decided the legislation.And the indicator itself should be no less than the subsistence minimum for people who are able-bodied. It is difficult, of course, to imagine how in 2014 it was possible to live a month for 5554 rubles (per day, it turns out, expenses amounted to 185 rubles), but the minimum wage was just that. Although now no better. But first things first.

Indicators of 2014: Central Federal District

Now it is worthwhile to tell in more detail about the specific figures in which the minimum wage was expressed at that time. 2014 was a transitional year for Russia. Or rather, for the Crimea, which after the spring referendum returned safely to their homeland. But after that the crisis began and everything accompanying it. But the minimum set by citizens was and remains simply ridiculous.

minimum wage 2014

For example, in the Belgorod and Voronezh regions it amounted to 5554 rubles per month. In Bryansk - exactly six thousand, as well as in Vladimir. In the Ivanovo, Kaluga and Kostroma regions, the indicator increased from 5.2-5.8 thousand to 7800 rubles. The highest indicator of the Central Federal District was observed in the capital - it is 12,600 rubles a month. In the region - 600 p. less. More increased at least in Tula. There the figure was 10 500 rubles.

North, South and Caucasus

In the North-West Federal District, the most paid in the Murmansk region - 10,730 rubles per month. The most modest salaries were received by residents of the Komi Republic - as there were 5,205 rubles, it remained.

In the south of Russia, too, things were not very positive. The minimum wage in Adygea was 5554 p., In the Krasnodar Territory - about 8 thousand, in the Volgograd region - 9235 p., In the Rostov region - about 9 000 p.

minimum wage in Russia

The North Caucasus Federal District was the least secured. Everywhere, with the exception of the Stavropol Territory, the minimum wage was 5,554 rubles. Only there was about 7200 p. per month.

Other regions of the Russian Federation

Volga Federal District, too, could not boast in 2014 of high minimum wages. "Lucky" only residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region. There was a minimum of 7140 p. In other regions and republics - less. Is that in the Ulyanovsk region was approximately identical indicator - a little less than 7 000 p.

In the Ural Federal District, the situation was a little different - but there the corresponding working conditions were there. In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the minimum wage was 1,1171 rubles, in Khanty-Mansiysk - 13,885 rubles. Residents of the Kurgan region were paid at least 7321 rubles.The citizens of the Sverdlovsk region had the lowest figure - 7090 p.

The size of the minimum wage in the Siberian Federal District was also not what its inhabitants would like. 7005 rubles - in Altai; 6693 - in Buryatia; 5554 - in Tyva. In Khakassia, as it was 5205 rubles, it remains. Only in Kemerovo and Tomsk regions the minimum was 10-11 thousand.

minimum wage agreement

And finally, the Far Eastern Federal District is the last. It is believed that there is the highest minimum wage in Russia. In Yakutia, the figure was 12,515 rubles, in Kamchatka - 14,400. In the Khabarovsk Territory, the minimum was 8,114 rubles, in Primorsky, it was 5554 rubles. Most of all paid in Magadan - 14 550 rubles. And on Sakhalin, the minimum wage was 16,553 rubles at the end of 2014.

Important facts

Now the minimum wage in Russia is about 6 thousand rubles. And this is really not enough, given the current prices. But the most interesting thing is that over the past 16 years, the incredible dynamics of the minimum wage has passed. Indeed, in 2000 the minimum was 132 rubles! It's hard to believe today. 132 rubles - it's just 3 times a ride on the subway. But even then the prices were completely different - much lower. Then, in 2001, the minimum rose to 200 rubles, in 2002 - to 450, and in 2003 - to 600.Then the figure was 800, 1100, and from 2007 began a rapid increase in both prices and wages. 2300, 4330, 4611, 5205, 5554 and, finally, 5 965 - that’s what the minimum wage has grown to!

minimum wage Moscow 2014

But his attitude to the cost of living is very doubtful. However, it is interesting that many employers have the right to pay less! True, a reasonable question arises - where is it even less? And, by the way, in the current situation, the adoption of a new size of the notorious minimum is a direct violation of the law. If you believe the statistics of last year, then more than 13% of the inhabitants of our country receive wages below that established by the minimum wage.

European indicators

In general, in Russia, the s / n situation is the most sensitive, acute and topical. Everything is always compared to Europe. Well, this case is no exception. Therefore, it should be noted that in European countries there is a generally accepted and not changeable standard - the minimum salary is exactly 60% of the average salary in the country. Act this law in the Russian Federation - we would have a minimum of 16,000 rubles. But, unfortunately, they are not going to accept this provision in Russia. So living on 6000 rubles a month is supposedly the norm, according to the authorities.

And what about the capital?

Many Russians have an opinion that everything is better in Moscow - live, work, flourish.In principle, there is indeed a minimum wage above, as are real estate prices, products, cars and everything else. Everything increases proportionally - do not forget about it. But now about the other.

 minimum wage

The minimum wage in Moscow in 2014 from January 1 was 12,600 rubles. In 2013, this figure was less, but, of course, not by much - 12,200 r. Although at the beginning of 2013 he was equal to 11 700 p. In general, the capital minimum wage has increased by 900 rubles. Moscow survived financially in 2014 steadfastly, but those people who received an average salary were more fortunate. In the capital, its level was about 58.5 thousand rubles. In the Moscow region, the average s / n was less - 35-36 thousand. Based on all indicators in the Russian Federation, we managed to find out that the average monthly salary is 30,000 rubles. But, again, all regions, territories, and regions were taken into account.

Future projections

Naturally, all Russians, given the current situation, are worried about how things will continue. If now the minimum wage is less than 6 thousand rubles - what can we expect in 2017? Experts can say only one positive news - the fall of the economy will be softened.But this is not very comforting. It remains only to hope that the dollar will “return” to its initial level, and prices in Russia will finally fall.

At the same time, many experts predict the so-called brain drain - and this, again, because of obscenely low wages in Russia. Specialists of various profiles and ages are increasingly leaving the country in search of a better life and decent pay. And it can be understood. It remains only to hope for the best.

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