The most famous bards of Russia: list, brief

Since 1992, Russian performers have created their own association. It became the first creative union of people united by the idea of ​​forming a public consciousness. The Association of Bards of Russia (ARBA) at that time was represented by 30 authors. Today they are much more. In the proposed article will be named the most famous bards of Russia, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Gone representatives of the great era

At the root of the bard movement are masters, many of whom died during the times when Russia was still part of the Soviet Union. Among them:

  • Yuri Vizbor. He left our world in 1984 at the age of 50 years. A Lithuanian-Ukrainian roots singer-songwriter has been associated with Moscow all his life and considered himself Russian. Even he chose a specialty special - a teacher of Russian literature. Known as a journalist, screenwriter and actor Yuri Vizbor, moreover, he was a mountain climber who had conquered more than one peak.He wrote more than three hundred songs that still remain popular: "Serega Sanin", "Dombai Waltz", "My dear".
  • Vladimir Vysotsky. He passed away in the 1980s. The legendary singer, who created more than 800 works, was only 42 years old. Its popularity among the people does not diminish with time. He created a number of unforgettable images both on stage and in cinema. Among his best songs are "Mass graves", "Horses choosy", "Song about a friend".
  • Bulat Okudzhava. Born in an Armenian-Georgian family, Bulat Shalvovich lived to be 73 years old. He passed away in 1997. A former front-line soldier, he is rightly considered the founder of the author's song. Bards of Russia recognize his authority and still perform the best works: "Georgian Song", "Your Honor", "Union of Friends".
Bards of Russia: Bulat Okudzhava

Unquestioned Authorities

The deceased Russian bards, a list of which will be presented below, are the pride of the national culture:

  • Victor Berkovsky. A native of Ukraine, he lived to his 73rd birthday. A professional scientist, Victor was an outstanding composer and became famous not only as an independent author, but also a member of the creative team, which included Sergei Nikitin and Dmitry Sukharev.Among his most popular songs are Grenada, To the Music of Vivaldi, To the Far Amazon.
  • Novella Matveeva. Poet and songwriter died in 2016, she was 81 years old. She left behind a huge legacy, and among her songs, the Girl from the Tavern is particularly popular.
  • Ada Yakushev. A native of Leningrad lived a long life. She died at the age of 78 in 2012 and is well known as a distinctive and interesting poetess. Many Russian bards perform her works. For example, Varvara Vizbor presented a new life to the song “You are my breath”.
  • Yuri Kukin. The songwriter died in 2011, he was 78. A native of the Leningrad region began his career as an athlete, but later became a professional artist of Lenconcert. The most famous songs of the author are "Ropewalker", "Behind the Fog", "Spring Song".
Novella Matveeva

Nowadays live masters

The best Russian bards take part in author’s song rallies as members of the jury. In August in the Samara region was the 50th festival. V. Grushin, who gathered the elite from among the members of ARBA. Among them a special place is occupied by Alexander Gorodnitsky, who in March celebrated his 85th anniversary.The author is still in service and pleases the audience with his best works. These are "Rolls", "Atlants" and others.

The 60-year-old Alexei Ivashchenko played a duet with G. Vasiliev (Glafira, The Ninth Wave) for a long time, but in the two thousand years their creative union disintegrated. However, the author and performer are still in the ranks of the best bards of Russia, he pleases listeners with new songs, including "Stainless Steel" and "The Best Me in the World."

Many are fans of the 65-year-old Leonid Sergeyev, the author of Road, the Old House and the History, as well as the 74-year-old Sergey Nikitin, whose songs adorned the favorite films of the Russians - “The Irony of Fate”, “Almost Funny Story”, "Still Waters".

Alexander Gorodnitsky

The author of the song "How cool," which became the anthem of the majority of festivals of art song, is 62-year-old Oleg Mityaev. Bards of Russia consider it an indisputable authority, which, as a rule, completes concert programs. He is easily recognized by his favorite works: "Neighbor", "Summer is a little life."

The authors of the performers include Alexander Rosenbaum, who has achieved significant success on the national stage. His "Waltz-Boston", "Duck Hunt", "Homeless Room" and other works are included in the golden fund of national culture.

Top Russian bards - women

Veronica Valley

62-year-old Veronika Dolina should be added to the list of the best authors. Mother of four children, she created a unique collection of very female works, the number of which reaches five hundred. Veronica Dolina published 19 collections of poems, she is the winner of many literary awards.

In the author's song there are bright performers who represent the works of other authors. One of these talented singers is 58-year-old Galina Homchik, who B. Okudzhava attributed to the "missionaries of sound poetry."

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