The perfect figure for the girl through the eyes of men

Every man in the subconscious has a certain picture, and she is a portrait of an ideal lady, of course, in full growth and with a minimum of clothes. Everything in life is based on the mutual attraction of two sexes, because otherwise human life would cease. Simply put, the ideal figure for a girl is her powerful weapon in the fight for the best male. Only here, for some, some parameters are ideal, for others - others, and, of course, they do not argue about tastes. But, whatever you say, there are standard canons of female beauty in the world, defined by the male half of humanity.

The magic ratio of 0.7 waist and hip is not just a figure. Sociologists have shown that the vast majority of men stop their gaze on the ladies with precisely such proportions of the body. Let us try more specifically to answer the question of what kind of ideal figure for a girl will unconditionally attract male attention.

perfect figure for a girl


If a stereotype flourishes in your heads,that men are crazy about big breasts, that a lady should remind Burenka or Zorka from a local farm, try to get rid of this cliche and not think about increasing the bust. Men admire only the elasticity of the most exciting part of the female body, and its size should be natural. The picture shows, in general, the ideal figure for a girl - the photo, however, shows a not very big bust. Do not be sad if the breasts are small - buy bras of a special form, the benefit now there are a huge number of options with silicone fillers and inserts.

Ah, those legs ...

A man can forgive a woman a lot (but not betrayal, lies and dislike), if the lady is a happy owner of long legs. Therefore, even if the hourglass figure is not your trump card, but the legs are long and slender - it does not matter, because the ideal figure of a girl for men should be characterized by legs of decent length. Among the stronger sex there is an opinion that stocky and short legs are a direct sign that a woman has not yet been formed, and is essentially a teenager, and therefore she cannot represent interest for a man. In general, how long ladies' legs should be - this concept is purely individual.Men who adore female legs growing "from ears" are common, but if a guy is not tall, this option is excluded.

Girls, remember: even if a man swears by all the saints that he has on earth, claiming that your height compared to him is not a hindrance, do not believe him - this is deception. He lies to himself, convincing himself that it’s okay that you look over his head.

 perfect figure for a girl photoSuppose you have a perfect figure, but growth is important for a girl: the guy will never accept and will not forgive a lady, taller than him, to leave men's pride alone. Strict rule about the legs concerns only two things: they should never be cellulite and hair. It is unshakable.


perfect girl figure for menAbsolutely without fat is impossible, so the ideal figure for a girl, according to men, may have a small neat tummy. Guys absolutely do not like sticking ribs, Russian fairy tales lucidly told that Koschey the Immortal is a negative character, and men, most likely, are simply afraid of skeletons with rattling bones. The time of anorexics has passed, girls, do not starve, do not exhaust yourself with cruel diets and take care of your health!


The ideal figure for a girl through the eyes of men is the win-win when the lady walks straight and knows how to keep herself. Smooth back rivets the attention of people of any age. Recall Scarlett O’Hara or characters in historical series. Pleasure to look at the royal posture and the ladies and gentlemen.

what a perfect figure for a girl


Here the rule works: a bulge is better than thinness. But the fat on the buttocks is not very attractive for the stronger sex. Anyway, the ideal figure for a girl should contain a taut muscular ass, but the drooping ass will not please anyone, and the girl herself too. Forget about the fact that if you got married, then you can give up on yourself. This is a misconception that leads to discord in the family, and in some cases comes to divorces. It is necessary to train the buttocks both at home and in the sports club: different types of exercises, strength exercises, yoga, Pilates, stretching will help to tighten what seems hopeless to you.


what a perfect figure for a girl photo

This is the perfect female figure, according to many opinion polls. This type is the most harmonious and symmetrical, causes pleasant associations in men. In general, guys need only 10 minutes to evaluate a female figure.A lady with an hourglass figure can be both skinny and lush. The main thing is to keep the body proportions. On the pictures in the article you can see that - this is a way to emphasize what a perfect figure for a girl. A photo not only in a bathing suit can highlight its beauty.

Today we love to share our secret pictures with the world, forgetting that photography is a document and a weapon that can be used against us. Nevertheless, the hourglass figure is pleasant to the male gaze at the subconscious level: such a lady will easily continue the race, this type of figure seems to carry the message of femininity and promise to bear and give birth to the baby (wide hips contribute to this). Therefore, the guy at a subconscious level reads information from the female body, and not just gets visual satisfaction. Why do some of the stronger sex like skinny? Slimness - a sign of a young body, this stereotype is in the male subconscious. As a rule, young hardy and strong. This is how the choice of a life partner is made.

perfect figure for a girl through the eyes of men

Fruit - are they sweet and desirable?

The figure "pear" - massive hips and fragile shoulders - not all men like it. Some prefer rectangular, adolescent figures inherent in many ladies, and with skillfully selected clothes such a body can play with new colors. The figure "apple", in which there is no waist - is an annoying circumstance, and in men such a lady is unlikely to cause desire and delight. But with this you can fight if you use the right physical activity.

Whatever your figure, the unchallenged rule is one: men love figures that are fit. Therefore, exercise, give yourself any physical activity and eat properly.

Some research and advice for ladies

Researchers from Britain found that the beloved body of a woman in the male mind is Beyonce. The ideal figure for a girl is important in conjunction with the other qualities of her owner. Companion-dream should be a blue-eyed blonde, with an apartment and work, although it does not matter what she is mistress. The main thing is that it should be kind, loving, not indifferent to nature and animals, possess mystery and magnetism. The companion cannot smoke in any case, alcohol is sometimes admissible.But should have a good appetite and love meat. And most importantly, to earn less than her man.

Lose weight or get crazy?

If you are overweight, you consulted a doctor and decided to go on a diet in the name of beauty and self-confidence, remember not so much about the coveted knees and elbows, but about the proportions of your slimming body. Skinny handles and the absence of breasts with fat hips and buttocks look funny. Remember that a diet without exercise is ineffective and does not bring quick results, which still need to try to fix. Talk to a competent fitness trainer, he will help to adjust your figure to your taste.

The ideal parameters of the female figure

perfect figure for girl options

Each person has his own body build, but nature has arranged everything so that when looking at a woman, a man immediately determines its constitution, and clearly sees how it corresponds to the parameters of her body size. And here are the standards by which the ideal figure for a girl can be calculated: the parameters of the main body types are given below.

If the bone is wide

For girls of medium height, the following circles are ideal parameters.Waist - from 70 to 75 cm, hips - from 95 to 105 cm. If we talk about the circumference of the chest, it should be half the height plus 10 cm, which is actually equal to about 90 cm, and breast volume - about 100 cm. As for the length of the legs, the calculation here is also based on height, and, considering the different types of shapes, the legs should be more than half the height by about 4 cm and be about 87 cm.

Medium Bonded Madame

If you take a woman with an average bone width, then the ideal, from a male point of view, will be the one that meets these parameters: waist and hips - 65 and 95 cm, respectively, the chest circumference should exceed half the height by 5 cm and be about 92 cm. The chest girth is 8 cm more than the chest and about 100 cm in length. The legs should be about 90 cm in length - more than half the height by 5 centimeters.

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