Biography of Alexander Druz

Alexander Druz is a man whom everyone knew in the nineties, probably. This outstanding scholar was a living legend of the club “What? Where? When? ”And the undisputed leader of this intellectual casino. Today, the popularity of this character has slowly begun to decline. It can be seen less and less in various TV shows, it rarely appears with performances in Russian cities and villages. Looking at this state of affairs, one might think that Alexander Druz had long been lost somewhere in the past. However, it is not.
Alexander Druz is dancing after the wrong answer of the Blinov team
The player continues to play everything in the “What? Where? When? ”, Promising to leave the intellectual casino, just playing his hundredth game in this place. Yes, today the speeches of the “experts” no longer cause such a furore as before. But despite this, Alexander Druz is still interesting to hundreds of people. After all, he was and remains a kind of hero of his time. Living legend of the distant nineties.

Childhood and family of Alexander Druzya

Alexander Druz was born in an ordinary Leningrad family. Both of his parents were Jewish by nationality, and therefore (as it is not trivial) already from early childhood Sasha grew up surrounded by books and weighty folios. Although one cannot say that this state of affairs somehow interfered with the young guy. While still in elementary school, he began to avidly read various literary works, to study encyclopedias, greedily absorbing a variety of interesting knowledge. Despite the fact that in many biographical texts dedicated to Alexander Druzu you can find reports that at an early age, the future “expert” dreamed of the profession of a sailor and a firefighter, the facts indicate a completely different state of affairs.
Throughout his life the legendary erudite knowledge remained his main passion. Thus, while still a student of primary classes at Leningrad secondary school No. 47, Alexander began to participate in various competitions and reviews. In particular, it is known for certain that at the age of nine (!) Our today's hero won his first prize - the book of Vladimir Maximov, presented to him as a reward for winning the evening of entertaining questions in the Ukrainian holiday home.
Legend “What? Where? When? ”Alexander Friends by nationality JewLegend “What? Where? When? ”Alexander Friends by nationality Jew
After that victory, others followed. So, Alexander repeatedly won contests in his own school, and in the tenth grade he even became the winner of the prestigious quiz “You are a Leningrad citizen”, in which adolescents were tested for knowledge of their hometown.
In one of his interviews, Alexander Druz quite succinctly explained such a large number of different contests and intellectual quizzes left behind him. “I was never afraid to seem silly,” the legendary scholar answered, answering the question of how he was able to achieve so many victories in various forums. And here it is difficult to add something else.

Star Trek Alexandra Druzya

Having received a diploma of higher education, Alexander Druz began working as a systems engineer. However, pretty soon the real work for him was the performances in the program “What? Where? When? ”, Which was broadcast on the Central Television of the USSR. As part of this television show (if you can call it that), the legendary scholar first appeared in 1981, leaving behind many other participants in the preliminary selection.As the “expert” himself recalls, he sent an application for getting into this television project as early as April 1980, but only a year later the program editors invited Alexander to participate in the selection of participants. Druz passed a rigorous selection. And soon he became a full participant in the telecast.
It is noteworthy that a year later, Alexander recorded one more achievement in his asset, becoming the first participant in the project to be removed for tips from the audience.
Alexander Druz did not answer questions saleswoman honey
However, this little "feat", of course, is not the only significant achievement of this legendary connoisseur. During his long career at the “What? Where? When? ”Our today's hero won in 46 games (out of 74 programs), and was also recognized as the best expert on the results of 1990, 1992, 1995, 2000, 2006 and 2012. In 1995, the player became the first "expert" awarded the title of Master of the intellectual casino. In 2011, Alexander also won the honorary prize “Diamond Owl”, awarded to the best players of the program.
But, despite such a dizzying success, Alexander Druzh was always eager for more.In fact, having made such speeches as its main source of income, the “expert” began to actively participate in other projects of the intellectual profile. So, in the asset of our today's hero appear appearances on such prestigious projects as “Brain Ring” (victories in 1990, 1991, 1994 and 2010) “Own game”. In addition, in different years, Alexander Druz also participated in various projects outside Russia. In particular, the famous erudite was noted in the intellectual projects carried out in Uzbekistan, Israel and Ukraine. Looking at the full list of victories of the famous “connoisseur”, it seems that it is simply impossible to list them all.

Business Alexander Friends

In addition to participating in the designated projects for a long time, Alexander Druz was also involved in business and owned two companies - Trans-Agio and Stroy-Agios. Both of these organizations have long been significant players in the market of building materials. Alexander was forced to sell the company only in 2012 due to the crisis in the industry.
Currently, Alexander Druz is the head of the St. Petersburg office of “What? Where? When? ”, As well as the most titled participant in the history of games.

The personal life of Alexander Friends

Almost all his life Alexander Friends was married to a woman named Elena. In marriage with her, the famous “connoisseur” had two daughters - Inna and Marina. Each of them in different years, as well as the father, successfully acted in the project “What? Where? When? "(In the assets of each of them there is a" Crystal Owl ").
Alexander Friends with his wife Elena in his youthAlexander Friends with his wife Elena in his youth
In 2008 and 2011, the eldest daughter Inna presented Alexander with two granddaughters - Alisa and Alina. Thus, at the moment Druze Sr. is already a grandfather.

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