Biography of Ivan Dorn

Ivan Dorn is a Ukrainian singer with an interesting timbre of his voice and no less interesting songs. In 2010, he, a former member of the duo “Couple of Normal”, began a solo career and was instantly famous for the fiery hits “Do not be shy,” “Stytsamen”, “Curlers”, “Northern Lights” and many others.
Inimitable singer and showman Ivan DornInimitable singer and showman Ivan Dorn

Ivan Dorn's childhood

Ivan Dorn was born in October 1988 in Chelyabinsk. Ivan’s father, Alexander Eremin, is a nuclear technician by profession, he worked at the Chernoyl nuclear power plant. When Vanya was two years old, the family moved to the city of Slavutych, Kiev region. Ivan also has a younger brother for four years, Paul.
Children's photo of Ivan DornChildren's photo of Ivan Dorn
When the child went to school, the parents divorced, Ivan stayed with his mother, Lydia Dorn. Before the second class, Vanya bore the father’s last name, Eremin, after which he changed his last name, as the mother did not want her to remind her of her former husband.
Ivan did not see his father for about 20 years, and only in 2017 he reconciled with him.It turned out that the singer has a younger half-sister of Alexander.
Ivan Dorn at the school graduation
Back in school, Vanya impressed everyone with his vocal abilities. Vanya's first performance on the big stage took place when he was six years old. Then Dorn took part in the festival “Golden Autumn of Slavutych”. In addition to training in the vocal circle, Ivan was involved in sports and ballroom dancing.
So, back in school, the boy received the title of master of sports in sailing, candidate master of sports in ballroom dancing, had the second level in swimming and the third in athletics. The boy also achieved considerable success in the field of football, tennis and chess. Ivan also professionally played tennis, chess and football. All this was made possible thanks to the fact that Ivan’s stepfather was in charge of all the sports sections in the city of Slavutych.
Surprisingly, with such an impressive load, Ivan also graduated from a piano music school. During his school years, Dorn participated in numerous music competitions, became the winner of the competitions “Light Your Star” (Moscow), “Pearl of the Crimea”, “Black Sea Games”, and “Jurmala 2008”.
Little Ivan Dorn participated a lot in music competitions.Little Ivan Dorn participated a lot in music competitions.
In the eleventh grade, Ivan went to the casting of the “Star Factory”, but Konstantin Ernst was not impressed with the talent of the young man and refused to accept Dorn. Now Ivan recalls this episode of his creative biography with more joy, citing as an example Dmitry Koldun, to whom “Factory” gave only “bad producers and nothing more”.
After graduating from high school in 2006, Ivan entered the IK Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Cinema and Television. Despite a fairly large competition, the young man successfully passed the entrance exams and became a first-year student at the film faculty.
Studying at the university was for Ivan a rather complicated and cumbersome process, although he never gave bribes to teachers. After graduating from university, Ivan Dorn came to the TV presenter's casting on the M1 music channel. After watching Ivan, the commission unanimously chose him. Dorn for a while became the face of the channel. However, he soon decided that the presenter’s career was not what he wanted to do.Dorn chose the career of a pop singer and easily becomes him.

Ivan Dorn and "A Pair of Normal"

In 2007, at a concert in Kiev, Ivan met Anna Dobrydneva. After some time, Ivan and Anya began a close creative collaboration and soon created the duet “A pair of Normal”. Thanks to the energetic, purposeful image, the team of “Couple of Normal” soon became popular. In October 2008, the group presented its debut album “I will invent a happy end” to the audience. During the month, the disc ranked the first in the Ukrainian and Russian charts.
Ivan Dorn: A Pair of Normal - Scandal
However, the debut album was the first and last album, recorded by Ivan and Anya together. Despite the staggering success of the team, in the summer of 2010, Ivan decided to leave the “Couple of Normal” and continue his solo career. Ivan’s place in the group is taken by Artem Mekh, a graduate of the Ukrainian Star Factory. Ivan explains his action in the following way: “The contract ended, the contract expired, and I decided not to continue, because I felt I needed to take a step higher”. Now Dorn remembers his first team without nostalgia.

Solo career, Ivan Dorn now

The solo career of Ivan Dorn began in the fall of 2010 with the appearance of the song "Stytsamyen" in the rotation of radio stations. After that, Dorn released such hits as “Curlers”, “Northern Lights”, “Especially”, etc. In addition to writing songs for solo performance, Ivan collaborates with other stars of the domestic and foreign pop scene.
So, with Apollo Monkeys, Dorn records the song Blue, Yellow, Red. On Ivan’s account there are five video clips. The video was filmed on the hits "Shytsyamen", "So Much", "Northern Lights", "Blue, Yellow, Red" and "Idol". For two years, Dorn has been actively touring and working on the recording of his debut solo album.
In May 2012, the work on the record is finally over, and Ivan presents his first single “Co'N'Dorn” to the public. The album receives three nominations for the “Steppe Wolf-2012” award and is nominated for the “MuzTV-2012” award in the “Breakthrough of the Year” category. A month after the release of the album, Ivan Dorn appears on the cover of Billboard Russia. In the fall of 2012, Ivan recorded the soundtrack for the reality show "Top Model in Russian." The basis for the music was the theme from the old song Dorn "Curlers".Ivan is proud to work without producers - all the promotion of Dorn's creativity went and goes through the Internet and social networks. At the first concerts of Dorn in Moscow clubs it was impossible to get tickets, despite the fact that they were practically not advertised.
Ivan Dorn - Hair Curlers (Slider & Magnit Remix)

The personal life of Ivan Dorn

At the moment, Ivan Dorn has not yet met the love of his life. The performer says about himself: “Alone, but not gay”. It is recognized in numerous interviews that it does not work to combine career and personal life.
Now Ivan is betting on his career, so he looks down on all the flirtings of her friends. All that the singer shares with journalists is memories of his first love. Girl Irina from her native Slavutych. Sometimes it seems to Ivan that he still loves her.

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