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Biography of Little Richard

Little Richard is a famous American singer, pianist and composer, who has long been rightfully called one of the founders of rock and roll. His fiery dance compositions “Tutti Frutti”, “Lucille”, “Long Tall Sally”, as well as many, many others, have long since become a true classic of this musical style. These songs are forever. That is why the name of our today's hero will forever remain among the best musicians of that glorious generation.

The early years, childhood and the family of Little Richard

Richard Wayne Penniman, later known as Little Richard, was born on December 5, 1932 in the small town of Macon (Georgia). His parents, as well as numerous brothers and sisters were among the most ardent supporters of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and therefore religion has always been an important part of the life of this family. I enjoyed attending church masses and our today's hero. During such performances of the local religious choir, he certainly was in the forefront, and therefore he always sang along with the local music team.So, the passion for music of the great black musician began with the church masses and songs of the parish choir. He loved gospel music (gospel music), boogie-woogie, rhythm and blues. Outside the church walls, his favorite musicians were Billy Wright and Roy Brown.
Singer Little Richard in his youthSinger Little Richard in his youth
Equal to them, our today's hero began to study music for the first time. At first, with the help of his friends and acquaintances, he mastered the piano, and then began to sing along with his whole voice to himself. Similar successes of the young guy were noted by the ministers of the local church, who very soon invited him to perform in the parish choir. Richard agreed, and therefore already rather quickly began to appear often in front of the parishioners. Its importance for the church music group was constantly growing, however, one should not think that everything in the guy’s life was rosy.
Because of the rather disastrous situation of the family, the parents of Little Richard have always been against his passion for music. Insisting that the guy chose a more mundane profession for themselves, they did not deny themselves any means. But the pressure of parents in the end did not bring tangible fruits.Our today's hero was not able to give up music lessons, and therefore at one fine moment, because of the pressure of his parents, he simply left his native home.
So, at thirteen, Little Richard was on the street, however, despite this, his wanderings were short-lived. One day, he was picked up by a childless white couple, who gave him shelter and hope for the future. By a happy coincidence, the new parents of Little Richard owned a music club, and therefore, along with the new family, the musician also received a platform for performances.
Little Richard - Tutti-frutti
As a result, over the next years, our today's hero had complete creative freedom. He constantly improved his skills, wrote songs, and at one point decided to amaze everyone by going to a music contest in faraway Atlanta. As a result, performance at a music competition was very successful. Richard Penniman managed to take the first place, and therefore he soon signed a contract to record eight songs with one of America’s record labels. From this moment in the life of the musician began a new chapter.

Star Trek singer Little Richard

In the early fifties, our today's hero performed with various musical groups. As a rule, these were blues ensembles, and therefore Little Richard's rock and roll compositions did not enjoy great success with the public. The guy usually spoke during intermissions and warming up, and therefore remained little known to the general public.
That all changed in 1955, when the black musician managed to interest the Los Angeles record company Specialty Records in his services. On their technical base the first single of the musician was recorded - “Tutti Frutti”. As a result, it was this composition that brought Little Richard a huge success. He began touring frequently, performing and working in the studio. The first hit was followed by others, and therefore soon the fiery and a little weird songs of the artist were sung by the whole huge country.
In 1957, our today's hero released his first album “Here’s Little Richard”, which instantly became a real hit. Many of the compositions presented on this disc, in a matter of days, reached the first lines of the American, English and Australian charts. However, surprisingly, it was at this moment that the talented musician decided to leave the stage.
Little Richard - Good Golly Miss Molly
Returning to America from a long tour, he entered Oakwood College, after which he received the rank of priest and began to speak exclusively to the congregation of the Pentecostal church. In this capacity, he spent several years, during which he managed to present to the audience several vivid compositions in the style of gospel music (church music).
Little Richard decided to return to the world of popular music only in 1962. At this point, he took part in a concert tour of Europe, and then also began recording new albums. He never left the music again.
During his career, our today's hero recorded material for fifteen studio albums, which were subsequently sold worldwide in millions of copies. In 1986, his name was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Subsequently, a film about the artist’s life was made (2000 onwards) and a book was written.

Little Richard today

The legend of rock and roll Little Richard continues to perform until nowThe legend of rock and roll Little Richard continues to perform until now
Currently, despite his advanced age, Little Richard continues to perform as well, delighting his fans with fiery rhythms. However, new compositions in the repertoire of an eighty-year-old singer appear rarely. As a rule, in recent years, the artist performs only old hits.In the twilight of Little Richard's career, he also often works as a priest, speaking at various celebrity weddings (Bruce Springsteen). In the life of the artist was only one marriage - with a woman named Ernestina Campbell. As part of this union, their common child was born. However, the couple later broke up.

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