Biography of Nikita Zverev

Childhood and the family of Nikita Zverev

Nikita's hometown is Moscow. He was born in a family where, besides him, there were still three children. His father was in charge of circus tours. Mom was a housewife, raised four children, although she had a theatrical education.
Nikita in childhood was very small. When he grew up a little, he became very worried about this, went in for sports. Over time, he matured and matured. At school, Zverev was very restless, which often turned out to be behind the door. The study was given to him easily, especially humanitarian subjects.
Since there were four children at home, they often staged performances. Mom, noticing his interest in the theater, took her son to the drama club. There the boy successfully played the role of a bully. At school, he also showed himself as a creative person, and in one of the school plays he played Fedot-Archer.
As a schoolboy, Zverev tried himself in a circus, as he often went there because of his father’s profession.He was a clown, an aerialist, and a lower gymnast, but these classes did not bring him satisfaction. In addition, he received several serious injuries.
Nikita Zverev worked well in theaterNikita Zverev worked well in theater
After graduation, the boy could not decide on a profession for a long time, so he went to a circus and worked there for a while. Later he worked at a construction site. He had an attempt to do business. But it was all wrong. The next step was enrollment in the Shchukin School. Study there lasted only a month. The way the training was delivered to the young man seemed frivolous. Therefore, Nikita finally stopped his choice on GITIS. Learning from Peter Fomenko, the student felt that it was this level and the acting school he was looking for. Pyotr Naumovich Nikita considers a great teacher, thanks to which he could become a real artist.

The first roles of Nikita Zverev, the beginning of filmography

During the graduation performance at GITIS, Oleg Tabakov drew attention to Nikita. He invited the graduate to his theater. It was the year 2001. In his theater Zverev played for five years.He was involved in the productions "From Thursday to Thursday", "At the bottom", "Long Christmas dinner", "Arcadia", "The Ideal Husband" and "Synchron". In such a short time, the young actor has become one of the leading actors of the Snuffbox. Surprising for many was his departure from Tabakov.
At the bottom of the episode 6 Vaska Ash - Nikita Zverev
According to the actor, the reason was that while playing in the theater, he was not free. Ask for shooting, failing many actors, to ask, he did not want, he considered it inconvenient. Because of this lack of freedom, Nikita sometimes had to give up very interesting film roles. Leaving the theater was a difficult step, but the actor did it with words of gratitude to Oleg Pavlovich.

Best films with Nikita Zverev

Due to the fact that Zverev left the theater, he began to often play in the cinema, the audience discovered a new talented film actor. Despite the fact that until 2005, the actor had very few movie roles, he was immediately invited to play a major role of Vasily Koltsov in the television series “Talisman of Love”. His hero was a kind, but sometimes very hot-tempered man.
In the TV series “Russian translation”, in which Alexander Pashutin, Sergey Selin, Sergey Veksler and others also played, the actor was offered the role of Andrey Obnorsky.Nikita believes that such a role is a great find for any actor, since the life of the hero is full of events. While there was an opportunity to use the services of a stuntman, he played his role completely by himself.
Nikita Zverev - the best actor in Russia ....
After two such interesting roles, the audience already knew Nikita Zverev, as he attracted the attention of many directors. This was followed by shooting in the pictures “Airport-2”, “The Return of Turkish”, “Love at the knife edge” and in “Relatives and friends”.

Nikita Zverev today

In 2008, the actor received the role of journalist Sergei Potapov in the television series "Lace." No less attractive hero was played in the series with the name "Blue Nights". The actor says he looks like many of the characters he played.
In the 2009th Zverev took part in the series "Territory of Beauty". In 2011, the audience saw two pictures with the participation of the actor, and in 2012 there were already three. He was offered a role in the popular TV series "Euphrosyne." There he played boxer Marat Lapin.
In 2013, Nikita also starred in three television series, this is “Andrejka”, “Second Chance” and “Late Repentance”.

The personal life of Nikita Zverev

Julia Zhigalina was Nikita's first wife. He married in that period when he left the theater and began to actively act. The couple was born a girl, but the marriage was unsuccessful for the actor.
Actor Nikita Zverev with his wife Julia Mavrina and daughterActor Nikita Zverev with his wife Julia Mavrina and daughter
After a while, he married Yulia Mavrina, whom he met on the set of “Territory of Love”. Nikita beautifully courted Julia. They traveled together to travel, he sang serenades to her and gave flowers. The wedding took place in Bali. Julia has a daughter Alice from her first marriage. The second spouse of the actor is eleven years younger.
In the 2011th year, the press began to appear from time to time that the relationship between the spouses is rapidly deteriorating and it is going to divorce. Nikita never takes part in a television show. He was asked more than once about why he should not become a member of the King of the Ring show. However, the actor is not at all interesting, although he would not have refused an invitation to the “Last Hero”.

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