The Prophets of Islam and their names in the Quran

The prophets of Islam are the people chosen by Allah from among the best representatives of a certain tribe or nation. They represent the greatest gift and benefit from Almighty Allah, since without them it would have been extremely difficult for mere mortals to find their own way and determine their spiritual choice. The prophets of Islam, explaining the Truth indicated to them by the Almighty, saved people from idolatry and polytheism. They gave people faith in the power of the Scriptures.

the prophets of Islam

First prophet

The first prophet is considered Adam Alayhisalam (he is also the first man). It is for this reason that the Muslim faith rejects the Darwinian ideas that man descended from a monkey. Believers believe that Adam and Eve, lowered into the Garden of Eden from Paradise, are our common ancestors.

how many prophets in islam

Gifts of allah

The prophets of Islam were rewarded with specific abilities (subkhana vaal). They could perform actions impossible for ordinary people. However, it must be said that all the prophets of Islam have five immutable qualities:

  1. They say only the truth - sdk (truthfulness).
  2. People of honor - amanat (loyalty, devotion).
  3. Able to transmit the prohibitions and regulations of Great Allah, despite all sorts of difficulties - tablig.
  4. Mind, intelligence, wisdom, intellect - fanatics.
  5. Pure-minded, sinless, as far as possible from sin - ismat.

The Messenger of Allah - Muhammad

The prophets of Islam are numerous, but the last and most greatest is the Chosen One of Allah, Muhammad. He was granted five more subhanas of tal (qualities) to elevate him among the rest of the envoys.

  1. He is higher and more important than all the prophets.
  2. Muhammad is revealed to all the jinn of the world and all people.
  3. It is the "seal of the prophets" (meib) - the last and best in the series.
  4. Muhammad is revealed as goodness for everyone and everything.
  5. Religious laws (Sharia), which he told believers, will be valid until the very Day of Judgment. These laws declare all other laws sent down to Muhammad to be inactive.the names of the prophets in islam

Names of the Prophets in Islam

In the text of the Holy Scriptures only twenty-five prophets are mentioned. However, there were others whose names are not called. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to answer the question of how many prophets are in Islam.Many people were honored to receive knowledge through angels, but not all became prophets and messiahs. It is necessary to list the names of these twenty-five Messiahs (in brackets are the names in the Quran, without brackets in the Bible):

  1. The prophets in Islam began with Adam.
  2. The following is Enoch (Idris).
  3. Then comes the familiar Noah (Nuh) in the Bible.
  4. Hood
  5. Salih.
  6. The famous Abraham (Ibraham).
  7. Loot (aka Lot).
  8. Ismail (or Ishmael).
  9. The Prophet Isaac (Iskak).
  10. Jacob (Yakub).
  11. Joseph (Yusuf).
  12. Job (Ayub).
  13. Shuayb.
  14. The prophets of Islam include in their list and the Old Testament Moses, but under the name of Musa.
  15. Aaron (Harun).
  16. David (Daoud).
  17. The famous King Solomon (Suleiman).
  18. Jonah (Yunus).
  19. Ilya (aka Ilias).
  20. Elisha (Al-Isa).
  21. Zulkifl.
  22. The Prophet Zechariah (Zakaria).
  23. John the Baptist (Yahya).
  24. The prophets of Islam also include Jesus Christ, but already under the name of Isa.
  25. And finally, Muhammad.

To strengthen the faith in the prophets, Allah rewarded them with the ability to perform miracles.

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The Prophets of Islam and their names in the Quran 57

The Prophets of Islam and their names in the Quran 96

The Prophets of Islam and their names in the Quran 2

The Prophets of Islam and their names in the Quran 5