The richest sportsman in the world. Top richest athletes

Everyone knows that professional sports are goodis paid. But how good is it? Who earns more than others? What amounts do athletes receive? Let's take a curious look together and look into their wallets.

The most expensive sport

Sport is work, excitement and considerable financial investments. In professional sports, the budget carries expenses for training, equipment, equipment, as well as a lot of other costs.

The most expensive sports are:

  • Third place: equestrian. Success in this sport directly depends on the steed. Thoroughbred horse is the main cost item. A lot of expenses will be required for keeping the animal and caring for it.
  • Second place: sailing. A huge yacht will require huge investments from fans of the wave and sea breeze. Personnel for caring for "darling", contributions to the club of yachtsmen and participation in competitions are truly expensive.
  • First place: Formula 1. Generously paid for everything you need for a loved one of many sports: construction of tracks, cars, personnel, team, racers. In racing, even the richest athlete each time really risks his life, so saving here is just a sin!

the richest sportsman

To less expensive, but still expensive, also include motorcycling, air sports and golf.

The most massive and spectacular sports

Even the richest sportsman in the world oncetook the first steps and only dreamed of achieving success, being famous and highly paid. But there will not be a single sport and a famous sportsman without fans, fans, adherents, ordinary spectators and home-grown amateur athletes.

The most spectacular and mass sports are those chosen by the majority of the population. Indicator of love for the sport will be filled stadiums, broadcast ratings, visiting sections.

The most popular, spectacular and accessible sports in Russia are:

  • football;

  • swimming;

  • Athletics;

  • Weightlifting;

  • acrobatics, gymnastics;

  • dancing;

  • yoga;

  • figure skating;

  • karate, boxing, Thai boxing;

  • tennis;

  • volleyball;

  • basketball.

To become famous and succeed inprofessional sports, you need to work hard, and preferably from the very childhood. Quite often well-known football players, figure skaters and other sportsmen tell how their parents brought them to the stadium, field or ice for the first time. And most often everything begins with the usual sections of the parent's house.

The richest sportsmen in the world are forced todevote all his time to training, and also largely deny himself to be always in good shape and show excellent results. This mainly affects their popularity, and only then they can warm up the public's interest with their personal life or with different "chips".

Rating of the "biggest wallets" of athletes

The sports industry, like much in the modern world, does not do without much money. The top richest sportsmen include such sports stars as:

  • Football player Lionel Messiah by 2015 became richer for 64.7 million dollars.
  • Golfer Tiger Woods - 61.2 million dollars.
  • Tennis player Roger Federer. 2014 brought him 56.2 million dollars.
  • Matt Ryan - American football player - in 2014 earned 43.8 million dollars.
  • Maria Sharapova last year in sports and advertising earned 24.4 million dollars.

top richest athletes

The list is compiled on the basis of data,provided by Forbes. This publication is known for its love of rating, it's very prestigious to get to the pages of the magazine. Regardless of the status of the participant in the rating - "the richest sportsman", "high-paid singer", "wealthy heir", "generous billionaire" - success and envy are ensured.

In our list, there are no three representatives of the Forbes rating. We believe that the richest athletes deserve more attention.

LeBron James

The third place in the ranking of Forbes is LeBron James. In 2014, he earned $ 72,300,000, so he gets the title of "the richest sportsman in 2014 in the world of basketball."

Of course, a two-meter-tall American (his height is 203cm) made his fortune not only by "hits in the basket". A considerable amount in his budget brought advertising campaigns and the sale of shares of the manufacturer of audio equipment.

the richest sportsmen

Fans of this sport follow his victories andmovements on the basketball line, and they had a lot of James. He won more than one championship, twice participated in the Olympic Games, he was repeatedly awarded the title of "NBA star".

The career of James from the very beginning was only in themountain, and even without being a star, he earned excellent money. But very few people know how hard it is to keep weight. LeBron James is famous for his amazing game on the basketball court, open emotions, constant struggle with weight and the title "the richest sportsman in basketball".

Cristiano Ronaldo

Second place in the ranking gets the Portuguese footballer Ronaldo thanks to 80 000 000 dollars, earned him last year.

 the richest sportsman in the world

Ronaldo refers to those "arguments", because ofwhich football began to look at the fairer sex. It was this factor that allowed Cristiano to get his extra millions from advertising campaigns. Although it is worth noting that the player he is excellent, and has the right to choose contracts that will allow him to live comfortably for many years.

The richest sportsman in the world of football could notto have a lady's heart. For a long time his companion was our compatriot Irina Sheik, but the wedding did not take place, but soon the pair broke up. In the summer of 2010, Cristiano became a father, his son was born to a surrogate mother.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

That's really who really has to earn their moneymoney sweat and blood, so it's the boxer Mayweather. In 2014, he earned 105 million dollars. Today, undefeated American boxer Floyd Mayweather is the richest sportsman in the world.

 the richest sportsmen of Russia

Floyd is a hereditary boxer, his father and uncles wereprofessionals in the ring. After not completing his studies, Mayweather left school and devoted himself entirely to boxing. In the youth the champion had to support the family, since the father served time for drugs. The boxer himself also has a criminal record for beating his girl in front of the children.

And although Floyd grew up in poverty and lawlessness, he achieved great success. His nickname is "Money", and it says a lot!

It is noteworthy that even the richest Russian athletes did not get on the Forbes list. Only one athlete - Maria Sharapova - once again named the most successful and ranks 26th in the list.

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