The senior lasso of the Tarot Chariot: meaning. Tarot, Chariot: interpretation in the layouts

The senior lasso of the Tarot Chariot is a very important and necessary card in any fortune-telling deck. Seventh, according to astrology, it is a connection between all seven planets (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon). She personifies movement, strength, power. Find out how does the value of the tarot change depending on the layouts and the accompanying cards?

Chariot: general characteristics

In the straight position, the map represents a very important stage in a person’s life. Perhaps he has already passed it, and it's time to move on. If the Ace of Wands falls next to it, it means that a person is just beginning a new and important stage in life. In order to fully explore the map, it is very important to pay attention to what is depicted on it. Consider, for example, the image of the Tarot card of the Toth Alister Crowley, which will help us to study the meaning of the Tarot in more detail.The "Chariot" here is depicted as a warrior, dressed in golden armor and sitting in a meditative pose in a wagon.

Looking carefully at the map, one can understand that despite the fact that the warrior is strong and big, he does not use physical strength, but resorts to spiritual practices. The wheels of the carriage are red, indicating a desire to act. Who harnessed to chariot? Four sphinx symbolize all 4 elements. They are depicted in pairs (2 black and 2 white) and represent harmony and balance. The warrior himself symbolizes an experienced and wise man who knows the solution of a necessary question. The card can also signify an internal “struggle of good and evil,” because everyone has contradictions in life. The chariot indicates the need to find a solution, so it is important to take into account the fact that it is necessary to use not physical force, but spiritual one.

tarot cards value and interpretation

An interesting interpretation also has in the love sphere Chariot (Tarot). The value in its relations is as follows: a person is in front of an important choice. On the one hand, he is moving forward without stopping, but at the same moment he does not control the situation. He lacks the strength and confidence to turn off the road in the right direction. This interpretation is evidenced by the fact that there is no reins on the image of the Chariot card in the cab driver.He is being driven by 4 sphinxes (in some tarot decks - horses, dogs, tigers, wolves) in different directions. Race animals are always depicted in two different colors, which means a certain struggle between two opposites (yin and yang).

What card can warn

We continue to study the meaning of the tarot. The chariot is a map that has a huge number of interpretations. It all depends on the layout and related arcana. For example, in the Celtic Cross fortune-telling, the ninth card shows the fears and fears of a person. If in this case this Chariot falls on this card, it means that a person is afraid to act and it is his hesitancy that can lead to bad consequences. Perhaps the lasso wants to give advice in this way, that by all means it is necessary to gather strength and move forward.

chariot tarot meaning in relationship

If the Chariot falls in fortune-telling, as a result of a situation, it means that a person should act immediately - no more waiting. In addition, it also means that in order to carry out our plans, intentions alone will not be enough. The fate of a person at this stage is completely at his disposal.All his actions in the present will give good results in the future.

Inverted value

Not all tarologi emphasize the position of the cards in the layout. However, the inverted position, as a rule, has a very important meaning, especially with regard to the Senior Arcana. Most often, the interpretation of such cards has the opposite meaning of Tarot. The chariot (inverted) means that a person misuses his power irrationally and irrationally. Perhaps he is busy resolving an issue that is not really so important. The Inverted Chariot warns that man is on the wrong path. He should stop and reconsider all his actions, perhaps he makes major mistakes.

power chariot tarot

Chariot and Suit of Wands: interpretation

Since the Rods is a suit that symbolizes a career, professional growth and business relationships, the Chariot, falling out with these younger harps, enhances their importance. For example, the Ace of Wands denotes decisiveness and willpower, and in combination with the Seventh Arkan, it can be interpreted as a willingness to go forward. Two of Rods, as a rule, indicates the need to act decisively, and in combination with the Chariot it symbolizes good luck in all undertakings.It is these two cards that may also indicate that soon all matters will be resolved successfully thanks to outside help. Tarot cards, the meaning and interpretation of which we are considering, may have the opposite meaning in an inverted position. For example, the Seven of the Rods, together with the inverted Chariot, can warn a person about the danger and the need to take a step back.

tarot chariot value

Perhaps it's time to temper ambition and lay low. Of course, the Seventh Senior Arcane in the straight position reinforces the good value of any card and indicates the need to take the initiative. Otherwise, for example, with the card of the Ten of Wands, denoting stress and recession, the Chariot indicates certain difficulties in the intended business. Perhaps your desire will not be fulfilled in the near future, but in this case, Senior Arkan indicates that it is impossible to stop and give up.

Chariot and Pentakley suit: interpretation

Tarot cards, the meaning and interpretation of which we are considering - this is a storehouse of the most ancient wisdom and knowledge. Money suit Pentacle has the element Earth, and therefore is associated with the finances and income of a person.The chariot next to such lasso will indicate that all financial transactions in the near future can not be allowed to drift. The Senior Seventh Arkan denotes a person’s personal achievements and moving forward, which means that, in combination with the Pentacles, he indicates that everything will have to be done only on his own.

tarot chariot with other cards

Consider some examples. Ace of Pentacles in conjunction with the Chariot represents wealth, profits and financial well-being. It is interesting to take into account the fact that the Ace itself is interpreted as a legacy or a gift, in other words, financial well-being “flows straight into the hands”. But if the Chariot card appears in the chart, then it indicates that in order to make a profit, a person must also take some action. He needs to “turn off the road he constantly goes through,” and find new, fresh ideas and solutions. If we talk about the love sphere, then, together with the Five of Pentacles, the Chariot (Tarot) has a meaning in relationships: there is a greedy and greedy person next to you, he brings you many disappointments and you cannot move on with your goals.

Chariot and Suit Swords

The most interesting interpretation has the Chariot, along with such a suit as Swords. This is due to the fact that these arcane are very similar to each other. The chariot is a map of spiritual movement, and Swords, in turn, belong to the Elements of Air, personifying free movement, insight, emotions. If these arcana falls out in the scenario, then it means that the emotional state of a person is very unstable. He doubts too much and acts little.

The chariot in conjunction with Swords points to the need to "understand yourself", in your feelings and emotions. Perhaps it is time to decide what is really important for a person and what is secondary. The cards also warn those who guess that they will not be able to move on without making an important decision for themselves. Knight and Queen of Swords, along with the lasso "Chariot" denote the search for solutions, resourcefulness, new features.

The Chariot - The senior lord of the Tarot, symbolizing spiritual development and movement, in combination with the Ace and the Two of Swords may indicate that a new period of achievements and successes begins in a person’s life, he is moving in the right direction and now all his plans are surely carried out. When interpreting cards, it is very important to pay attention to the situation in which they fall.For example, if the Chariot and Ace of Swords fall out in the future, then the above described value is absolutely true. But if they are in the position: “what led to a certain situation”, then here, their interpretation is completely different. In this scenario, the Chariot and Ace of Swords denote that at the time when it was necessary to act, a person did nothing and missed his chance.

What else can we tell the layouts of the Tarot? The Chariot and the Junior Arcana of Swords in the hands of love relationships means that the partner doubts the correctness of their choice. He is not sure about his feelings and actions. These cards symbolize the need to evaluate your feelings and emotions and structure them.

Seventh Arcana Card and Suit Cups

Color Cups belong to the element Water, which means they mean calm, moderation, intuition. In hands with the lasso "Chariot" they symbolize good luck in all endeavors. If we talk about the position of the "future", then these cards mean that despite the fact that in the past, not everything worked out smoothly, now the situation will change dramatically. It is very important to note that all changes will occur thanks to you.That is, the person had a chance to decide his own destiny, and he used it correctly.

layouts tarot chariot

The Queen, Knight, Princess and Prince of Cups, along with the lasso Chariot, signify new strong relationships, perhaps even marriage or the birth of a child. The senior lasso of the Tarot Chariot with other cards of the Suit of the Cups also does not bode well for anything bad. A person will have a good period of luck and luck: with Ace - victory, Deuce - winning, Three - world, Four - happy company, Five - new and very important acquaintance, Six - raising at work, Seven - love explanations, Eight - trip or journey , Nine is a win, Ten is a delight.

Chariot in combination with the Elder lasso

If in the chart the Chariot card falls with other Elder lasso, then this is a very important sign of fate that cannot be missed. Of course, the interpretation will depend on the positions that the cards occupy. Some divinations involve the use of only Major Arcana (22 cards), in which case their interpretation is simpler and less meaningful.

With some Tarot cards, the Arcane Chariot enhances their meaning, and with others it is a strong and important combination.For example, a pair of cards Priestess - Chariot indicates support, Mag - Chariot - triumph or victory, Strength - Chariot (Tarot) - loss of self-control. No less interesting combination is the Senior Seventh Arkan with the Moon card - this is a secret that should not be revealed and found out, or a question to which there is no need to search for an answer. The fact that a person can learn will greatly change his life and those around him. The Hanged Man card in combination with the Chariot symbolizes a weak and soft character, perhaps someone uses a person for his own purposes.

Personality characteristics

Older arcana Tarot can tell a lot about the personality of the person. In order to know your identity card, you must turn to numerology. The number of the individual can be obtained by folding the date, month and year of birth. For example, a person was born on August 3, 1985. We add 3 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 5. If the resulting number is less than or equal to 22, then it is necessary to find the Senior Arcane with the given number. This will be the identity card. If the number is greater, then it should be subtracted from it. 22. The resulting number will be the identity card. If, by these calculations, the seven falls out, then this means that the card of the person’s personality is the Chariot. What kind of character traits do these people have?

chariot elder lasso tarot

Tarot Chariot Card symbolizes mobility and self-confidence. Such people love risk and various adventures. They are not devoid of a sense of humor, charming and attractive. Sometimes a person has delusions of grandeur, then he becomes a hermit, people avoid him and hate him. People who have the Chariot personality card should listen to their conscience and intuition, since they themselves are a bit arrogant. Often they get into bad company and get involved in various adventures. A person with such a personality card should engage in psychoanalysis and self-knowledge as much as possible, and then he will live a long and happy life.

The most dangerous values

The most negative interpretation has the chariot inverted. Tarot cards that do not fall in a straight position always indicate certain difficulties. Depending on the various combinations, they can mean envy, hate, anger. However, in the direct position with some lassoes, the Chariot card can warn of various troubles and dangers. One of these combinations is Chariot-Tower. If the given cards fall out, then this does not promise anything good.A person may have an accident or risk being humiliated. Such a combination may signify a blow from a loved one, betrayal, the collapse of all hopes and illusions. With the map, the Death of the Seventh Arcanum symbolizes bad forebodings, sadness, longing and sadness. The Five of Swords can also promise disappointment, catastrophe, and trouble if the Chariot (Tarot) is located nearby. Combination with the Ten of Wands may mean that a person has exhausted his vitality. He should not start new affairs.

It is very important to pay attention to both the sequence of maps and their interaction. Certain cards can enhance interaction and vice versa. Of course, if we talk about the Elders and Junior Arkans, then when interpreting, it is necessary to pay attention to the first, and the Younger will only characterize them. For example, the Chariot in combination with the Four Dinar means that a person seeks wealth and fame and, most likely, he will succeed. If the Major Arcana are standing next to them, then their meaning should be interpreted depending on their position: the first map describes the problem, and the subsequent ways and ways to solve it.The chariot in the love story (Tarot) can also be interpreted in different ways. For example, the Princess of the Cups with her symbolizes warm tender feelings, romance, meetings, conversations. But if in the layouts on relationships, the card of the Force and the Chariot falls, then this means a break in relations, a loss of interest in each other. Of course, it is difficult to remember all the interpretations with this card, therefore, in order to make it easier to remember them, you can record all the fortune telling in a special notebook and look at them from time to time.

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